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  1. Wheels look great! Thinking about doing the same with mine on my white AT4. I’ve been quoted $750.
  2. Just to update this thread, I went with the Western. They have the best plow mount in my opinion and you don’t lose any ground clearance with it.
  3. I love auto 4wd during our Michigan winters. I’d rather have it over a level. But if there is a level that works with the auto 4wd I’d like to know.
  4. On my '20 AT4, pulling into the garage, once I got close to the wall my forward camera came on allowing me to see how close I was. Great feature!
  5. None at all. Made no difference in the ride. And I never felt them or heard them during normal driving or when I was hauling.
  6. Don't know but I'd be interested to find out as well for my '20 AT4.
  7. I just put a Du-ha in my AT4 last week. The box doesn't interfere with the ridge - it fits perfectly. I pulled out the oem storage box and installed the Du-ha for about twice or more the storage capacity. Do it, you'll be happy.
  8. I had ko2's on my last truck, and have duratracs on this one. The duratracs are definitely louder. I really liked the k02s.
  9. I put sumo springs on my '18 for the occasional hay hauling and tractor towing. They worked great! Limited the squat and weren't in play in normal driving. I'll probably add them to my '20 AT4 in the spring.
  10. Not sure, but I installed mine today. It’s a nice addition.
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