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  1. Has anyone found a fix for the new AWD/4wd vibration after installing front end lift or level?
  2. I've been lurking on this thread as well as others and am considering Bilstein 5100s to level the front of my 2019 HC 6.2 and a 1" block to keep a small rake for towing. Has anyone that's installed a front level or a rear block noticed a vibration front or rear after install? Other threads discuss vibrations after installations of blocks, perhaps because pinion angles have changed. Would a 2" front level create a need for different UCAs or axles? What's the difference between standard front axles and AT4 front axles?
  3. This looks great! I have a High Country with 6.2 and plan to set the fronts at max which is 1.5”. What are the stock specs on your truck, 5.3? I’m trying to determine if I’ll need a 1” rear block to maintain the stock rake. I use my truck primarily for towing and hate the squat when my trailers are connected.
  4. The rear dif cover has developed a leak on my 2007.5 5.3 4wd Silverado. I thought I'd replace the old corroded cover with a new cover and gasket but after a bit of world wide web searching I don't know what I have for a rear end. The aftermarket companies ask for size (7.5", 8.5" ...) and bolt pattern. Bolt pattern should be easy enough but how do I find out what rear end I have?
  5. So now the trailer brakes and lights works just fine but the truck doesn't recognize the trailer. It indicates that there is no trailer connected. It must recognize it, right? The brakes are activating.
  6. I’ve got a brand new Silverado High Country 6.2L with the trailering package. Unfortunately, it doesn’t recognize my trailer. The lights on the trailer do function normally but I have no trailer brakes. The trailer brakes work normally on my 2007 Silverado and my 2006 4Runner. Any thoughts?
  7. I just picked up a new 2019 High Country 6.2 and I noticed that there are several suspension settings available by using the turn dial to the left of the steering wheel. Is this magnaride or is some other system employed to change the suspension. I think the settings are TOURING, SPORT, and TOW/HAUL.
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