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  1. auto/AWD was designed to be run full time if wanted, but I am thinking front half shafts arent at a happy angle bds only sold a 6" kit and thats too much. It does not, only 2.5" leveling spacer over the strut and a .5" spring preload spacer. does someone make a 1-2" diff drop kit?
  2. The other day I installed a 3" Fabtech lift on my dads 19 denali 6.2 with ARC. lift install went smoothly for the most part, one bad piece of hardware and poor instructions for a few things. interestingly enough the ones on the website differed from the printed ones in the kit. Anyway my issue is now it has a vibration when over 55 mph while in Auto 4WD/AWD setting. soon as you hit the button for 2wd only it goes away. Im hoping this just isnt an issue from the increased ride height and he can no longer run awd at speed. actually hoping i possibly did something wrong that caused the issue. but front halfshafts look good and not really at any extreme angle, there are no odd noises or clunking. lift just consisted of 2.5" strut spacer and .5" spring preload spacer with new upper A arms. alignment came out pretty good no issues there. Tires are balanced correctly. 90+ in 2wd and not the slightest shake, but in auto it starts just about 55 and gets worse the faster you go. any insight? diff drop kit to fix angles required? Something I may have blown it on with half shafts on install? (they didnt even come out just removed the hub nut to let them slide out of the hub a little to pull the knuckle out of the way. Any one else have same lift on the same truck?
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