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  1. The positive outcome is getting most of your transmission fluid replaced. Troubleshooting the Chevy shake can drive a man insane. So many possibilities. One of my finds, was a twisted front passengers side axle. Replaced under warranty. I showed them a video of the truck on stands with the vehicle in 4wd spinning. I was also able to spin the wheel by hand and watch the axle against the horizon and it would go up and down, but it was still tight.
  2. I have the 2015 as well, I'm assuming you have the 6.2? When mine was acting up, from a cold start I could watch the tans temp on the driver's display be erratic and even dash out. It should only increase not up and down. I had wheel hop with my 6.2 and adding the road master active suspension fixes it, but everyday driving overall makes the backend feel like the front when going over bumps/ curbs. Plus it helps with towing.
  3. Well shoot, you're set. Please let us know what they find. Diagnosing this problem wrong can be a pain in the backside.
  4. At cold start is the tans temp accurate? Regardless, purchasing a TCM online will be a lot cheaper than through a dealer. Then my next question is what made it go bad, a shorted harness?
  5. They should be able to ohm out the harness to test it. It sounds like you have a bad harness. It will fix your shifting problem.
  6. I had my fluid flush at the end of 2018 and it worked well, but this past week had my transmission temp sensor harness replaced for P0711 under the powertrain warranty(inside the transmission) . My point is I had a code but the light never came on. By the time it hard failed I probably would have been out of warranty and driven on an erratic transmission for months. They misdiagnosed the problem and I paid for a new TCM. After too many bad experiences with Chevy dealerships, I now only take my truck to GMC. Better customer support and they appropriately diagnosed and fixed my transmission under warranty. Keep an eye on your trans temp while warming up. It should only increase. Mine was jumping all over and occasionally dash out.
  7. Yes, I had the same problem with a leveling kit using 33"tires. It was really bad when towing. The dealership recalibrated all sensors which helped, but the final fix was purchasing rough country's tire size calibrator $150. I have the edge programmer which fixes speedo but not the stability control. RC programmer does both computers(speedo & stability) . Yes it will work if you stack both programmers but first do edge then RC. Edge will over write RC and then it will feel like nothing helped. Unprogram in reverse order and it will go back to stock, but with most programmers the dealership can see traces. They can always reprogram back to stock for .5 hours of labor.
  8. You can fight the dealership or upgrade your suspension which will not only get rid of the noise but help every facet of driving. Had them for years and forgot about this problem. Roadmaster active suspension. Noise gone, wheel hop gone, that annoying squirrely backend when going over bumps/ curbs. Drives like a caddy. Look all over the net only 5 star reviews for a reason. 2015 ltz 6.2 By the way the noise is from leaf movement during axle wrap. I'm sure there are cheaper solutions, but these are worth every penny. No drilling required.
  9. Get a copy of the service bulletin and ask your local guy how close he can get to accomplishing it. Early on GM didn't realize the importance of flushing the cooling lines and were chasing their tails when the problem showed back up soon after.... it must be a bad TC....
  10. If it feels like you're going over rumble sticks/ rpm flutter at constant speed. Look up torque converter shudder. There is a service bulletin that can be applied under your drivetrain warranty. I believe mine started the same way until it was a consistent failure on the highway. Don't change anything for a an other 10,000 miles or until it gets worse. The RPM flutter will get more pronounced and then you know it's the torque converter shudder.
  11. I've only put a couple of thousand miles on the truck since my first flush. Before the flush. I put road master springs on(love them) drives like a caddy the shudder went away for a couple of years and when i programmed the truck it went away for a long time. I deprogrammed it and the problem started showing up so I could bring it in under warranty. It became constant and I tried programming. It didn't keep the shudder away for more than a month.
  12. I have the same truck and it started the same way. It will get progressively worse until it's always happening during highway driving. I tried multiple upgrades to the truck and it seemed to get rid of the problem, but over time came back. The dealer did the flush under the powertrain warranty and finally i have a flawless truck.
  13. 16-NA-175 they updated the service bulletin in October. It says they will come out with a fix first quarter 2019. They flushed my transmission and replaced the fluid 12/2018. Fixed my shudder.
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