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  1. Had the front diff checked out today by the Dealership and as mentioned in the above post the greyish coloured fluid is completely normal. They flushed the diff and refilled with new fluid. Thanks to all who posted.
  2. Just had a service done on my '15 Sierra, 58,000 klm's and the fluid in the front diff was a grey milky colour. Have a appointment Monday at the dealer to have it checked out. Has anyway seen this on their trucks?
  3. Most contacts sync but not all, everyday there seems to be 3 or 4 missing. This is using bluetooth only, no carplay. Thanks in advance Rick
  4. Has anyone had trouble getting all their contacts to sync via bluetooth from a Iphone 7plus to the '15 GMC Intellilink? It seems like a daily occurance with one or more contacts not syncing. The phone pairs just fine. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Rick
  5. Phil Gamboa the harnesses I used were from a '16 gmc all terrain were as follows; 23342731 LH and 23342721 RH. Mirror fold switch #23154702 This can't be used as a direct quote of part numbers as there is always a chance the #'s may have been incorrectly recorded. Hope this helps Rick
  6. I converted my '15 sle from dl8 to dl3. I used the harnesses out of a '16 All Terrain and bought a fold switch. Power fold worked, signals worked and puddle lights work, although the puddle lights only come on when I unlock using the fob. Auto dim doesn't work as I haven't upgraded the rear view mirror. Everything was plug and play no additional wiring needed. Rick08
  7. The only time I've noticed mine is when I unlock the door.
  8. Pgamboa, ok, so how is the puddle light supposed to work, just curious. Thanks
  9. For those of you that have bed rails could you post a pic and manufacturer. Thanks
  10. Has anyone been successful at getting the "flash" done to enable curb tilt etc on the dl8 to dl3 mirror swap?
  11. rpsixeight68 That is correct, no additional wiring at all. Though i should have mentioned that of course the auto dim and curb tilt features do not work. I haven't tried the fold with the remote yet either, i'm guessing it wont work. The only other thing not checked is the heat, feeling like it will work seeing as the other main features work. pgamboa I had to have my friend, who is a Tech do the work as the weather here in Canada is not favourable. So, at this time I will not be taking it apart. Maybe when the warmer weather comes back.. Sorry!
  12. Hey All, just completed the DL8 to DL3 mirror swap on my '15 GMC Sierra SLE. The magical door harness from the All Terrain exists. I bought a set of dl3 mirrors and door harness from a guy with a '16 GMC All Terrain without memory seats. The mirrors AND harnesses were plug and play, No flashing required. No splicing of any wires. No running new wires. I also bought the powerfold switch to complete the mod. mirror part #'s 23180074 and 23499472 harness part #'s 23342729 and 23342715 powerfold switch # 23154702 This worked on my truck (dec/14 build), can't say it will work on everyone elses. Hope this helps.
  13. I have a '15 Sierra with approx 30,000 klm's. I have twice noticed what looks like steam coming from the front of the hood and grille area. Nothing feels hot, nothing leaking and engine temp stays normal. Has anyone one else noticed this? Also had the headlights done with the bulb replacement in March 2015 and have already replaced the two headlight bulbs due to them blowing out. Anyone else had this problem. Thanks
  14. So yesterday I was washing my '15 Sierra when i noticed a dime size dent on the top of the hood right about where the hood latches. Seems way to perfect to be a stone form the highway, no chipped paint either.Are these aluminum hoods really that easy to dent. Anyone else notice this? Thanks Rick
  15. I have a '15 Sierra SLE that came with the io5 intellilink with 8" screen. I had the io5 to io6 navigation upgrade done. First XM said that i couldn't get the travel link because i was on a promotional plan, then they said my truck wasn't compatable for the travel link. What radio do i need to be able to get travel link? If anyone could shed some light on this it would be appreciated. Thanks Rick

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