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  1. Anyone that has added the full front console in a 19-21 Sierra/Silverado. Did your truck already have the card reader and usb and c on the dash? If so, did it still work after the install? Were you able to get the card reader and usb and c in the new installed console to work? Thanks for your time
  2. Has anyone had much luck finding a floor console for the 19-21 Siverado's or Sierra's in Canada?
  3. I think my statement was misunderstood. I realize sport mode has nothing to do with the autostop. My question was, if there is technology to work the autostop could there be something done to keep the sport mode active all the time.
  4. With the different ideas folks have for eliminating or controling autostop on the 19-21 Silverados/Sierras has anyone come up with a solution to keep sport mode turned on?
  5. Has anyone been able to successfully add the full floor console to a '19 sierra without error codes etc?
  6. Has anyone been able to successfully add the full floor console to a '19 sierra without error codes etc?
  7. Thanks for the reply’s. Did you guys bu the “dealerpak” or custom package?
  8. Does anyone have an opinion on the quality of the Katzkins Dealer Pak Leather? How it compares to factory leather etc. Thanks
  9. No, I have'nt. My local dealer said it was'nt available on the sle and the SLT chrome ones appear to be a little different.
  10. As stated above the seal on the cover on the passenger side of the truck that runs the length of the bed along the box rail is peeling back about 4 inches. Less than a year old, dealer installed. Anyone have any experience with Rev and their warranties? Thanks
  11. What trim level displays the idle hours? i have a ‘19 Sierra that does not. It shows in the owners manual that it displays idle hours.
  12. I got my rear window leak repaired a couple weeks ago by having the roof spoiler removed and resealed. So far after one truck wash and one rain storm, no leaks. Fingers crossed.
  13. I had the putco pop up locker bed rails on my '15 sierra cc,sb and would like to put them on my '19 sierra cc sb. They appear to need a little modification to work on the 19. Has anyone tried this yet? Thanks
  14. Has anyone had the factory fog lights installed on their '19 Sierra sle with the chrome trim rather than the black?
  15. Thanks for all the responses. If connected via car play would that give you the wifi hotspot to run the weather app.?
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