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  1. Oh they do. And they constantly gave my case to different people. I feel like every week I was dealing with someone else.
  2. Their first offer was $3000. Went back and forth with several different people. Took a while.
  3. Gm would not buy mine back. But did cut me a check for $8000. Took 3 months. Did it all myself. I actually came out ahead on the deal, paid $44k for the truck. Got $40k for trade in. Bought a 3/4 instead.
  4. I’ve only been dealing with 1 so far but they sure do like to drag things on. My guess is they hope people will give up.
  5. They are going to have a lot of buybacks and upset customers if they don’t think of something soon. Mine seems to be getting louder I was actually able to record it last night.
  6. Any luck with the buyback? I have a 19 Rst same issues, trans, front end, as well as rear window leak, paint problems. I was offered money so far but no buyback yet.
  7. Currently dealing with the same problem. However gm claims it isn’t a safety issue. But they don’t know what’s causing the sound. Well how do they know it’s not a safety issue then? I told them if they can’t figure something out soon, lemon law time. 30+days at dealer. Multiple issues.
  8. Opposite for me, I had Gm’s fixed done, didn’t fix a thing. And as the miles go up, it seems to be getting louder.
  9. How do you reset this light? Does anyone know? I’ve tried to reset it but doesn’t allow me. I had the fix done to mine but they never reset it.
  10. Mine does it too, I had a brand new rental with 40 miles on it, did it as well. I figured it was normal.
  11. What exactly is the new fix for the noise? Does anyone know? Just read this after picking mine up today from having the latest fix done, which did nothing.
  12. Has anyone tried to switch their rear view mirror to the kind that has the camera? I have a Rst without the trailer camera package and just a base mirror. I do have the wiring to make the auto dim upgrade work, just curious if I got one with a camera if it would work. My wife has a 18 traverse with one I thought about taking it out of hers and trying it in mine before buying but the mirrors look different. I did find one out of a 19 High Country. Thanks!
  13. Couldn’t agree more. Called Gm customer care last week and they claim they know nothing about this issue.
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