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  1. I've been back to the dealer since they wanted to replace the windshield. After my last post I noticed the dealer broke some trim pieces and glued them back into place. I went in and flipped shit. Plastic breaks, and stuff happens, but to hide it and glue it back together is inexcusable. Went to another dealer afterwards. They will not work on it until what was broke from the first dealer is fixed. Waiting on parts during the strike. I will say that I have played with the HVAC settings some more and my problem has specific requirements on the settings to replicate the sound and that kinda tells me the whole windshield stuff the first dealer told me was a bunch of bull. So far I have no answers.
  2. So I finally made it to an appointment to have this checked out. They told me that they took to cowl off and checked the flapper and also took some inside dash trim off and used a stethoscope and determined that the noise is not from the HVAC system. They said there was a lot of wind noise at the bottom passenger corner of the windshield. And that changing the recirculate function is just changing the pressure in the cabin. So now they want to take the windshield out, inspect the area, and reseal the original windshield back.
  3. Yes it is. I wasn't sure if it was just a cover or had the airbag in it so I called the parts counter and it does have the airbag in it. I can live with the gold bowtie. Might try vinyl one of these days.
  4. Ok. That makes sense. I will look into the swap.
  5. I've seen where some have vinyl wrapped the gold bowtie in the steering wheel to black. Is there a trim level or option that comes factory with the black bowtie? Was in a 2019 blazer today and it had a black bowtie. Looks like the same steering wheel. Could the horn/cover be swapped?
  6. Truxedo ProX15 tonneau. I like it so far. The rails seemed to be just a bit short without a spray in liner. I adjusted them to the tailgate and put in a rubber/foam piece to take up the gap in the front to seal out water. Gaining like 2 mpg.
  7. Agreed. Had the same issue. I still used the clips on the underneath drilled holes but I think it will be ok just used as a nut. I bought some longer stainless bolts in place of the rivets.
  8. I think they're supposed to be 5 1/2 inches wide. I just stuck a 4 ft level up to them and the door is about an inch wider than the step at the body line. They visually are in line with the gm accessories mud flaps looking down the side. The installation was easy. Did it without a jack or lift. Pop out the plastic plugs in factory mount holes. Only thing I did differently than the install video was on the brackets. I only put the top bolt in loose before the step because they sit so close to the body that you won't be able to get the step in the bracket slots.
  9. Not retractable. They are made in all black too. Ionic 41 series. Really nice for 250$
  10. Tell me why your system is better at $499.95 than K&N at $435.99 that claims higher gains?
  11. I see a lot of brake threads but haven't came across one about the electronic parking brake randomly being applied. I've had mine do this several times and don't see a reason or pattern. A few days ago I opened and closed the tailgate a few times within a few minutes and the parking brake applied. Today I stopped at the bank and walked in and when I came back out 5 minutes later the parking brake was on. It did it one other time not long after I got the truck but can't remember what I was doing, just remember getting in and the parking brake was on for no reason.
  12. Look at the upr catch can installation instructions. The PCV valve is in the driver side valve cover. Nothing under engine cover. Nothing in the valleys. 2019+ 6.2 must be different than yours and you assumed it was the same.
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