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  1. So I had a micrometer put in the exhaust pipe today. O.D. of main pipe was 3.55 and O.D. of pipe where flappers are were 3.12. As far as using a full 3.5 delete pipe goes, the hanger behind the muffler is a problem because there is only about an inch of joint overlap for a clamp. Not sure how well that joint would seal and not have a leak. Welding the joint wouldn't be a problem but was trying to avoid that for ease of changing it out later on if I wanted. Haven't found a pre made delete kit that is full 3.5 anywhere. Anyone know of one?
  2. 2019 6.2 stock with 2 flappers. Wanting to do a muffler and flapper delete. Is the main pipe diameter 3.5 inch and then necks down to 3 inch for the flappers and muffler? Are most people connecting to the 3.5 or the necked down pipe? I've seen delete kits from magnaflow and aFe. They both appear to connect to the necked down pipe. I'd like to have the full 3.5 to the split at rear axle. Probably very minor difference but I don't see the point of the exhaust flowing from 3.5 to 3 back to 3.5
  3. Been eyeing up some boost and exhaust options. Now looking at a meth kit as well. Who has done one and where are you mounting the tank? Does the 1 gallon AEM tank fit on the passenger side open fender area and is it too high? I'd rather not mount it in the bed.
  4. I have talked to elite engineering. They admitted that some cans do it and others don't and they don't really know why. Which is concerning. They suggested trying to hook the lines together to pinpoint if it was a side effect of the lines or the can but I'm not going out and buying new fittings to hook them together. They then suggested taping them together. Ummmm. Ok. They also suggested shortening the hoses as much as possible, which I am going to do. But they have offered a refund if I'm not satisfied. So we will see. Haven't had time to mess with it the past few days.
  5. It's difficult to tell exactly where the sound is coming from. I initially thought it was at the pcv connection point. I even took the can out of the mount while still hooked up to check it and it didn't seem to be coming from the can. After doing some searches this is apparently "normal" even though the consensus is that it comes from the can. I think it's really loud. Can hear it from 10 ft away. I don't like it at all. Will be calling elite engineering Monday and will see how good their customer service is.
  6. Installed an Elite E2000 catch can on my 2019 6.2 today. Everything was pretty straight forward until I thought I was done and started it up. I can hear A LOT of vacuum sucking at the pcv/valve cover. The lines have a factory style snap on fitting at the pcv port and it is completely snapped on and seated. Anyone have any ideas of why I'm hearing this? I'm 99.9% sure it is installed correctly.
  7. 2019 6.2, extended cab, max tow 3.42 gears, 18" Michelin tires, completely stock. I average 18.5 mpg. Have seen it over 23 on flat highway driving at 70mph.
  8. I have yet to get this issue straightened out. Dealer recalibrated the actuators but didn't help it. Haven't really played with my rear vents to see if that changes it.
  9. All I wanted to know was if anyone has headers on a T1 and if they are the same as the K2's. Suddenly they leak, bolts come loose, make no power, are a pain, etc. Thanks for all the unwanted info.
  10. Definitely not cost friendly. Not sure I can pull the trigger on my wish list. Especially with the uncertainty right now. Just wanted to know if anyone had experience. And the cost difference between the speed engineering headers and stainless works would pay for the ECM exchange.
  11. Anyone install headers yet? I'm guessing not many due to the cost of tuning these trucks. I know some of the bigger names have headers/y advertised for our trucks like stainless works, kooks, American racing. Does anyone know if there is anything actually different from the 2018 headers and y to the 2019 headers and y? Some of the more affordable headers like speed engineering and Texas speed don't advertise as 2019 but have 2018 setups.
  12. https://whipplesuperchargers.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=522 All new 3.0 Whipple. No price advertised as of yet and does not include the computer swap from HPT. I've never had a supercharger put on any of my trucks but I think this might be in my future.
  13. Try turning on and off the recirculation for the climate control. Mine has a wind noise that I can make go away with the climate control settings
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