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  1. Can you guys tell me what you are actually getting for gas mileage on the 6.2 engine. I have heard some pretty good numbers but an wondering what most people say.
  2. Does anyone own or have driven a 2020 Sierra with a 5.3 engine with the 10 speed Transmission. If so what was the performance and the response. Any change in performance and MPG from the 8 speed.
  3. I am looking for a new 2020 Sierra SLT, 4x4 with 6.2 engine, with a Premium Plus Package. I am particular about color as I like red or even Tintcoat red. I have looked on lots and online inventory for 2000 mile radius and no luck. Most of the trucks that come close will have the Off Road Package added to it which have added suspension . My question is how much rougher ride is the Off Road than the SLT without that package. Will both trucks in 2121 have the indepentant suspension and how will that effect both. I would gladly order a truck but I understand GM may not honor any insentives when ordering. If so you don't know what they will be until arrival. Some say insentives are only on trucks in stock. I have a brother who ordered another brand and they would honor the best insentives from the time he ordered the truck until he took delivery. Now that is Customer Service.
  4. I have dealers tell me no-way they will trade rims and tires and my last truck at a different dealer said it was not a problem Glad to do it for the customer. Some dealers act like they are doing you a favor by selling you a vehicle and don't do anything for you while other dealers will bend over backwards for you. Guess which one I will use next time again. I am assuming when you trade a 22" for a 20" and the tire numbers or profile is the same that the tire height and speedometer will match.
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