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  1. it sits under rear seat, driver side, lose storage on that side of rear . it came with Velcro strips that have worked great.
  2. I Put in the Rockford Fosgate P300-10T, comes with a wired controller. Love it, really woke up the stock stereo, non-bose. Only run the thing a quarter of power. I can adjust power as need for certain songs, have never even come close to using half of its potential. I will change out stock door speakers and add another amp to run them eventually. But super happy with this set up, Crutchfield had it on sale, great deal.
  3. Sorry can't remember if I needed or didn't need to reuse any other parts?. Do know it helps to have extra set of hands available, especially getting new struts installed. Needed to raise and lower floor jack on axle to get strut bolts in. Coming up on 2000 miles on truck since installation, love the way truck handles. Good luck. Go on YouTube and watch some videos before you start.
  4. 2020 Trail Boss , Eibach pro lift (Level) , 275/65/20 Ridge Grappler , Fuel Rage 20 x 10
  5. Good luck on the hunt, looking forward to some more pictures.
  6. I can hear the elk bulging, great pictures. Spent time in Montana, Air Force. Some day I will get back out there. So envious.
  7. Only had to replace gasket on 1 of 3 Blazers I owned. Tops would be off every time it was nice. Easy to replace gasket. Probably did more damage to gasket by taking off and on so much. I would think yours is probably dry rotted, buy a replacement and have it on hand for end of season. Really nice looking Blazer, guess Alaska doesn't salt roads. Good luck with it.
  8. Exactly why I got rid of the Rancho's, "floating across the road". With only 100 miles on mine, they are stiff, not jarring, but stiff feel the road. Haven't had it off road yet, bow season just started here. Very happy with ride and kit. I expect ride will change when I get taller heavier tires. I have had many lifted trucks, this doesn't feel like any of them.
  9. The ride is much better than stock. If your going to use the spring setting to lift the truck , than you can't look for a factory ride. I am sure you can search form to see trucks with lower settings that ride closer to factory. I have mine set on 2nd stiffest setting and it rides hard on back roads I travel at 40 and 50 mph. Haven't ran highway speeds. Only 100 miles on kit, still just breaking it in. But I highly recommend it if your looking to level front or lift truck, cant see using the Rancho's with spacer blocks.
  10. Thanks, its a work in progress. 2nd from top, 1 1/4" to 1 3/8", slope of driveway messes with measurement's. Only 100 miles since install, still really stiff. Thinking it will soften up when bigger tires go on. Have 8" springs in my Blazer, that's a stiff ride, the Eibach's are much better than the Rancho's. But people looking for factory ride should stick with factory suspension.
  11. Installed Eibach pro lift, like Ryan stated much better "planted feel" , 3000 miles on Rancho's, got soft. Still has rake, looking at new wheels and tires next. Couldn't space Trail Boss shocks just to level. Angles on UCA are not bad, but I will replace soon. Thanks Ryan.
  12. Ryan are you still happy with stock UCA's? Just ordered Eibach kit, just broke thru 3k mile on truck, Rancho's have gotten soft. I am probably going to order new UCA's within a few months. Thanks for all the great info. Great community on here.
  13. Spliced into rear speakers, sub has speaker level input options. Wiring harness under driver and passenger door sills. If your not comfortable cutting and splicing, search forms, there is a guy on here who will make you a harness to add subs, amp, loc .
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