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Powered Bass Tube or Cabinet?

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Gents, looking to add a little bass to my new 21 GMC Sierra.  This is a non Bose system and works fairly good to be honest. Just need some of the lows to come through.  Has anyone any experience with a powered sub unit that fit nicely under seat, behind rears anything like that?



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I Put in the Rockford Fosgate P300-10T, comes with a wired controller. Love it, really woke up the stock stereo, non-bose. Only run the thing a quarter of power. I can adjust power as need for certain songs, have never even come close to using half of its potential. I will change out stock door speakers and add another amp to run them eventually. But super happy with this set up, Crutchfield had it on sale, great deal. 

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On 5/19/2021 at 7:53 AM, yzinger said:

Jeff, where did you place this in your truck?

I know it’s a week later but I’ll chime in too. The Punch 300-10T I think is a little different dimensions than the -10 or -12” ones. I think it’s less “tall” so it fits under seat better. Just measure for yourself. 

I have the same model for a year now and it’s perfect. While it won’t rattle the neighbors, it’s more than enough for the hip hop/rap/electronic/dubstep I enjoy. I also replaced the door and dash speakers. I hooked up the subwoofer with wire taps on the speaker wire bundle under the steering wheel before it goes into the front door. 

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Did you ever make any progress with this?  I just ordered a Kicker Mono amp 400.1 and 10" Downfire CVT Sub enclosure.  I spoke to kicker and they said it appears to be the same sub in the gm accessory kit but the one I ordered has more range and volume.  I'll try to update after install.


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