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  1. What's new in this club
  2. John here. 2017 Silverado LT KF5ZMD
  3. Born and raised. DFW (Garland) resident. 1990 C1500 with an LQ9 swap and a 2017 Silverado Z71 Texas edition.
  4. hey i live in spring tx could use some help with this 95 k1500 4l60e shift issue
  5. hey everyone im in spring, tx have a 95 k1500 4x4.
  6. Infotainment

    I know this has been brought up a million times but nothing recent from what I could see. I have one of the 2016's that did not receive the update for android auto and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to get it. I have contacted GM a few times they are usually confused or want me to take it to the dealer and pay for an update. I recently took a trip to New Orleans and my brother hooked up to Apple Car Play and it was pretty bad ass made me want Andriod Auto to work. any suggestions?
  7. Wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could! Moved to Abilene in 1993 and have had my whole life moved to the Republic. Been military for almost 30 years now, and am currently assigned in a foreign state. (Illinois) I've owned nothing but GM products, but I am now down to a 1984 K10 SWB and a 2017 Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab 4x4 SWB. When I finally retire, I will be going back to my beloved Texas!!! Rob
  8. Seems like no one has posted on here for a while so I will go ahead and get this train movin!!! My name is Anthony and I was born and raised in the greatest country on this planet, Texas. After high school I left for a few years to be a bubblehead but once my obligation was done I got back as soon as I could. Went back to school got me a shiny ring and now I work for a bad ass outdoor company. I have been a Bow Tie fan all of my life my 1st car was a 2006 Impala that I still own and just a few months back I bought a Summit White 2016 Z71 Silverado CC with the looooong bed. I've done a few mods and also have a few waiting to be installed. I said for over 10 years once my Impala gave up I was going to buy that exact truck but that damn car just kept on going and still has no check engine lights lol!!!!!
  9. Our Camaro club did/does this sort of thing helping each other out. Works out well. Ryan B.
  10. Did you ever get any upgrades going? I'm here in San Antonio and a first time Silverado owner. Just curious.
  11. Might have some time after work on Friday. Sent you a PM.
  12. Hi Guys, well GM bought back my problematic 2017 and gave me a 2019 Sierra 1500 Denali. I could use some help, I want to add the front leveling kit and rear blocks. I bought everything from Suspension Maxx but I cant find information on the Torque specs, could also use a hand or two. I live in Leander, any takers? Thanks, Steve
  13. Hi Guys, well GM bought back my problematic 2017 and gave me a 2019 Sierra 1500 Denali. I could use some help, I want to add the front leveling kit and rear blocks. I bought everything from Suspension Maxx but I cant find information on the Torque specs, could also use a hand or two. I live in Leander, any takers? Thanks, Steve
  14. Gear swap

    Where in Tx are you?
  15. Gear swap

    Does anyone recommend a shop in Texas that specializes in swapping out front and rear differential gears? I have 3:08 gears and would like to change to 3:55. If I understand correctly, there also has to be some reprogramming done. Would prefer if the shop can change gears and do all the reprogramming.
  16. I'm in San Antonio and like to work on upgrades... willing to help, learn and share!
  17. I know this is an old thread but I live in the Austin area and all my family is in Houston so I make my way down there often. If hands or tools are needed, I'm down to show up and turn some wrenches. 👍
  18. Welcome to the Texas Owner's Group

    New to the forum and this group. Just purchased a 2018 Silverado 3500 HD (Isn't HD redundant when listing a 3500?) to replace my 2002 Dodge 3500 DRW. Lots of new tech gizmos in this vehicle I've never had in a truck. Don't like the requirement to use a touchscreen to operate the radio. Too much time looking at the screen instead of keeping your eyes on the road where they should be. I am enjoying the Allison trans instead of shifting the NV5600. Been in and out of Texas for decades. My dad was also military, so we moved around a lot. First arrived in Texas in 1953. Attended NTSU in the 60's, and graduated with an invitation to join in the Southeast Asia war games. Stayed in the military for a full career, retiring in 1991 after the first Southwest asia war game. I live N of Ft. Worth in cow country, so duallys are a very common sight. Mike
  19. Welcome to the Texas Owner's Group

    What up fellow Texans? My name is Mike. I've lived in Texas my entire life, Houston area. I drive a 2017 Silverado LT Texas Edition. My first new truck I have ever purchased new. Slowly but surely making it mine.
  20. Just noticed this group, figured I'll do an intro. I grew up in central texas and currently live north of austin. I drive a summit white '14 CC standard bed, lowered 2-3, gibson exhaust, air raid intake, and a canned tune. Nothing major planned for the truck since I have my real toy in the garage. Possibly making some big changes soon that may require to me to trade in for a 3/4 or 1 ton diesel. Most of my free time i spend fishing all over central texas and beyond on occasion.
  21. I live in Marblefalls, TX which is about 45 miles NW of Austin. If someone needs some help let me know, I commute to Austin everyday for work.
  22. So I thought this might be a cool topic to bring up. Unless you live in Texas you don’t really realize how far it is from Austin to Dallas Or Dallas to Houston. We get into projects where you need more than one set of hands. It would be nice to know people were willing to travel a little to help the form number.
  23. Hey guys. New to the forum. Took a few years off but I’m back. Truck is getting where I want it! Lots going on right now!
  24. What's up everyone I'm Raymond and I've lived about 30 minutes south of Corpus Christi where hurricane Harvey hit, I drive a 2013 Silverado and my future plans are to drop my truck and race eventually
  25. Just saw this post, I will go ahead and introduce next. Name is Chris, and I have lived in Texas since I was born. Besides a short stint at UNT for college, I have lived around the Rockwall area (about 30 minutes east of Dallas). I drive a 2015 Crew Cab 4x4 Texas Edition. As most Texans are I am proud of being from Texas, so I just ordered Matte Black Texas Edition logos so that I can keep it on my truck and remove the chrome. Was my first truck to buy new, and it is a slow build to where I hope to get it eventually.
  26. Hello Everyone, I am excited to welcome you all the the new Texas Owner's Group!! We may be only a few members right now but this group will sureley grow quickly as Texas visits GM-Trucks.com more than any other state! Couple of quick notes before we get started. I have opened up a few new features for our group, such as this topics category for people to post in. Please note that this forum should be for regional/group/meetup related posts only, and that normal tech questions should still be posted in their applicable forum category. I have also added an event calendar for members to post group events and meetups. As this group grows the intent is that meetups will be held. I am looking for a Texas Owner's Group LEADER that will spearhead this group and hold at least one meetup a year(hopefully more as the group grows .) You will effectively be a moderator in charge of this group and the direction it goes. If you think this may be you, please post here or send me a PM. Now, let's start the introductions. Please post where you are located, what you drive, and any interesting details about you and your truck, how long you've been in texas, etc. I'll get us started. I am Josh and while I may not be a full time resident of Texas, my girlfriend recently moved to Austin for a work assignment. I have been here a few days and am having a great time exploring. I will be coming and going from my home in New Hampshire and look forward to attending some of this group's get togethers and meeting you all. Ok, who's next!?! Anybody else in the Austin area?

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