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  2. Howdy DB Austin in Willis. I just joined. This is GaryR in Bryan; just down the road, or up, depending on your altitude. I have a white 2022 Chevy 2500HD extended cab. Sorry, I can't help find a good body shop. There used to be a great one just south of downtown Bryan. The last time I was in there was almost 20 years ago, and he'd been there 'forever'.
  3. Hi y'all. I live in Willis Texas. I own a 02 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 4WD extended cab. I have hail damage and I'm looking to replace the whole body. Please let me know if you can help me. Have a blessed day, thank you.
  4. Got hail damage. Looking for a complete body in good condition.
  5. I'm in South Texas and have a 2015 GMC Sierra SLE Coca/Dune interior with a bench seat. I really want a center console. Anyone want to trade?
  6. My buddy had his installed at speedy in mesquite, not sure what he paid but turned out nice. I had mine installed at Gz customs in garland, they even had my lift sandblasted and powder coated for good price (was a take off got for hood price).
  7. Viper Tire and Auto off Camp Bowie West Fort Worth. They have done some work for me in the past and they are pretty good and quick
  8. Can anyone in DFW recommend someone to install the readylift level kit or the SST kit?
  9. Hey there all. I'm in Gordonville bout 60 miles north of Dallas and if I can get there by honda in 3 hours or less I'm down to help as long as you got tools. (Kinda hard to carry a snap on toolbox on a bike) also I also I got a 1998 z71 project and a half...maybe I'll schedule a BBQ and beer fest for anyone that wants to spend a day turning wrenches with me...we will see
  10. Hello everyone. Just joined because I’m not getting any luck using Google. I want to add anchor points using d rings. I have 4 points already but my tool box makes the front ones hard to reach. I did put two in the top middle holes of the truck bed. Their the husky ones you’ll find at Home Depot. They’re only rated at 333 work load. That’s not going to cut it and I rather have my anchor points lower. Has anyone added these to their bed floor? Some YouTube videos say use self tapping screws. I rather use a nut and washer if possible. Thank you in advance
  11. Todd here, live out in the country in Hockley County. Drive a 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 with the 6.2 gas. Traded in a 2019 Ram 3500 Limited DRW 6.7 Cummins. Before that had a 2016 Ford F250 King Ranch 6.7 Powerstroke, 2015 Ford F150 King Ranch Ecoboost, 2009 Ford F150 Lariat, and a 1990 Chevrolet Silverado. And many others prior to those in younger years. Just enjoy trucks and adding things to make them “mine”. Here for advice, guidance and ideas. Retired teacher/ coach and i now Raise horses and ranch in the quiet country life.
  12. What's the word everyone. Full disclosure, this post will officially mark my first ever post on any forum board. Over the last 20 years give or take, I've utilized the forum boards in research efforts to gain knowledge. Subsequently stumbled upon case studies that were valuable bits of knowledge that happened to be very handy long after i had read them. And on certain rainy days forums have even been an outlet of entertainment! However, it wasn't until earlier this year that i ever took the time to register an account and devuldge deeper into the community of a forums page and I honestly couldn't tell you why that is. I joined a page for info on a Saturn Vue that i've had since 2005 and though i had browsed the posting from this webpage countless hours over the years i had never been so completely stump by an issue (be it motor cars 0r any other type of forum) that i was ready to invest time into creating an account. If you think this sounds bizarre and silly you should put yourself in my shoes and kick your own tail for withholding yourself from the community and vast resources that come with joining. I am now registered to a few boards and todays the day i make a post. BLAhBLAHbLAH BLAH BLAhBLAHbLAH BLAHBLAhBLAHbLAH BLAH 1999/2000 4.3L looking @ rolling 310 k. I've owned the truck since 2003 when she still had less than 30K racked up on the OD. I recently pulled her out of the stable to get her back on the road after 2.5 years. Also just to note, this is not the first time i stored the truck for lengthy period of time. With that being said i am knowledgeable to enough to know that i dont know $h!T outside of what i know has worked for me and what has not worked over the years. While being put up or stored, depending on the reason she got parked i would make the effort to start and let run every 8-12 weeks on average and try to maintain the integrity of components that would fall victim to these situations IE- brake lines, rubbers hosing and such, fuel systems,.... In doing so i have always been able to bring her back to life after minimal post storage tinkering. Nothing a little carb cleaner and high octane fuel wasnt able to cure for her to run like she had never been stored. In all honesty, after sitting for close to 48 months ( stabil mixed in half tank of gas or more and then circulated through the motor / tires pulled / harnesses seperated and or protected from critters / cabin vented to help against mold and condensation) I aired tires up and connected the same red top optima that had been with the truck for 9 years, she started on the third key turn. Not being one to hide behind allure and taking things for whst ther are. I would have no hard feelings about how sluggish or tired she would feel in any part of the power curve as i understand this is what you will encounter on any motor that has seen milage of that sort. (ESP with me driving like I do/ OR DID WHEN I WAS A YOUNGer lol) Last time i revived the truck it was parked with a toasted 4l60e. fast forward the tranny installed and truck on the road was running but not nearly as efficient as previous revivals in the sense that she seemed to bog off the bottom and not want to accelerate/build rpm's unless i were to command WOT. At that point the 262 would scream and rev out. I had started gathering parts for a basic tune-up and aimed at completing this a few weeks before i took it the the Inspection house but all things considered it was running / idling / shifting / exchanging heat / and burning fuel / and holding fluids as good as i could of wanted. I working with a scanner on my Saturn Vue (2003, 3.0L v6 dohc 5-Speed auto "NON CVT" unicorn) and the scanner suddenly refused to display anything when plugged in. tried to reconnect an few times. key on, off, on ect. and still nothing. Strange being i had it reading code and fuel trips only 45minutes before hand. Puzzeled i decide to function test the scanner on my 1500. It worked as designed on the truck, pulled P0453 and cleared. I turned key to off position unplugged scan and went back to the Saturn. Hours later i hit the ignition in the truck and got a healthy cranking effort with no start. I didnt think too much of it i figured fuse or maybe fuel clog somewhere. after checking every thing i could with DMM @ midnight on Sunday with Monday approaching rapidly i accepted defeat and took an uber to home and then work. Further diagnosis that Monday evening determined i had no spark. No spark at the plugs, coil, cap, but the cranckshaft pos sensor was rotating @ around 200-210 so i assumed it was in the operating. Jiggled some wires around after replacing the distributer/CAP/ROTOR/COIL/TBS/ MAF, AND PLUGD ANF WIRES STILL NO SPARK. I then jiggled the wire harnesses and replaced the MAP and bingo we had spark. a few bumps on the ignition later we were running but struggling to communicate and fluXuating from low to high idle missing and choking on i belief air, but wasnt sure. I drove around from home an work a few days and logged 100miles hoping it would smooth out an i didnt. I verified connectors were in operating condition and established they were get power, scratching my head and getting SES light only for the evap P0453.. From there i checked fuel pressure (55-58psi with 15min hold time give or take, had nice 5Psi jump when key was turned off). Sprayed a entire can of carb clean around all upper intake and swapped ignition parts that were replaced out with the newly installed ones to rule out any dUds. I decided i was bored and needed to look inside the intake. My research suggested i was dealing with a fuel issue after the fuel pressure regulator. Pulled upper intake and verified injector were cycling but could use an upgrade to revised CFI system so i ordered that fine piece of monkey madness engineering and popped the lower manifold off. the coolant ports seemed to blanketed by carbons-grime-and other trash stuck to the gasket from last install, which covered approximately 60-80% of the port opening. This was the case on both front and the back of the of the intake orientation. I expected to see worse if i had to bet on it before hand (not that they good) and was surprised. Made the mistake of pulling valve covers before assessing the condition of intake/head mating. What appeared to be dust turned to coolant - oil soaked debris that had collected in the valley of heads and plenum was in fact just that. ALONG WITH PINE NEEDLES, LEAVES, AN ASSORTMENT OF ANTHROPODS NOW DECEASED, 2-HIDE N SEEK WORLD CHAMPION 10MM X 1/4" SOCKETS AND ALL THE OTHER THINGS CYLINDER WALLS JUST CANT GET ENOUGH OF LOL. MY QUESTION IS IN REGARDS TO FINDING ENTHUSIEST IN THE HOUSTON AREA THAT ARE WELL VERSED AND PROVEN IN DOING FLASH WORK FOR THE NEW AGE COMPUTERS. THIS 99/00 IS MY BEAT UP BABY THAT WAS AVERAGING 21-23MPG SINCE THE DAY I GOT IT. SHE STARTED RUNNING AWEFUL AFTER ALMOST ALL IGNITION SYSTEM BEING UPGRADED/REPLACED. Found small coolant leak in plenum along with three poppit valves in poor working condition. I will reassemble sometime this week after i rework some ports in the intake. i WANT TO DELETE DOWNSTREAM o2'S AND EGR. CAN I ALSO DELETE PCV? Need someone in Houston who can flash these off my ecu!!! i have two other motors for projects and im eager to start setting things in motion for some builds as well as being educated by guys or gals that have a good grasp on the electrical side of these things. i truly believe you are able to learn something for every single person you meet in life. IF I CANT HELP YOU, I WONT HURT YOU !!! _________ 99/00 GMC 1500 swb 4.3L vortec W(vin), 310k on OD
  13. Anyone in DFW interested in a set of MAXTRAC drop shackles for a 2019+ Silverado? Ran them for a few months but they weren’t for me. PM me and we can work something out. Want a few bucks for the - maybe $25? I ordered them here: https://maxtracstore.com/2019-2021-chevy-silverado-gmc-sierra-1500-2wd-4wd-2-rear-drop-shackles-maxtrac-712120/ Holler at me if you’re interested These are what they used in this video
  14. Hey man -;just saw you're reply from 5 months ago. Still have it if you want it! Dm me if you're interested and we'll work out details
  15. what are you talking about "body modem? This is a major issues with chevy info centers.
  16. May be the body modem? If not, your truck is haunted!! LOL
  17. Has any one found the solution to radio / info systems going crazy? My radio started changing stations about a month ago. it also started making phone calls, the Nav started acting up as well. My truck is a 2018 Chevy Silverado LTZ is has 47K in mileage. Need some help.
  18. Actually joined the group a couple months ago, but my computer was givin' me fits. Was born and raised in Austin ( long before it was "weird"). Now living in Bastrop, abour 30 miles east of Austin. Currently driving a silver '18 LT Texas Edition, mostly stock for now. I have always owned Chevy trucks.
  19. Scott, Here!!!! Just got in the group and just joined the page/website. Lived in Texas most all my Life aside couple other places for work. Out in the West Texas/New Mexico border area worked Oil/gas most my Life. glad to be a part of the Proud Texans group which this family has been Chevy family brothers sisters cousins etc etc
  20. I ended up with an extra transfer case skid plate from my 17 V6 Z71. Free to anyone in DFW area that wants it
  21. Couple new upgrades I’ve done to my 2014 Silverado LT CrewCab 9” McGaughy lift powder coated glossy black XM wheels 24x14 with 37s RBP
  22. Got the new frontend installed love the look now 2014 Silverado LT CrewCab
  23. howdy ive been lurking here for years ? also on a few other forums im in DFW area
  24. I appreciate that man! I’ve had it about a year and 1/2 I’ve loved it so far. I wasn’t fond of the newer body styles but this one grew on me pretty good!
  25. Damn that’s a nice looking truck, how I wanna make mine look once I upgrade my front end

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