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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Actually joined the group a couple months ago, but my computer was givin' me fits. Was born and raised in Austin ( long before it was "weird"). Now living in Bastrop, abour 30 miles east of Austin. Currently driving a silver '18 LT Texas Edition, mostly stock for now. I have always owned Chevy trucks.
  3. Scott, Here!!!! Just got in the group and just joined the page/website. Lived in Texas most all my Life aside couple other places for work. Out in the West Texas/New Mexico border area worked Oil/gas most my Life. glad to be a part of the Proud Texans group which this family has been Chevy family brothers sisters cousins etc etc
  4. I ended up with an extra transfer case skid plate from my 17 V6 Z71. Free to anyone in DFW area that wants it
  5. Couple new upgrades I’ve done to my 2014 Silverado LT CrewCab 9” McGaughy lift powder coated glossy black XM wheels 24x14 with 37s RBP
  6. Got the new frontend installed love the look now 2014 Silverado LT CrewCab
  7. howdy ive been lurking here for years also on a few other forums im in DFW area
  8. I appreciate that man! I’ve had it about a year and 1/2 I’ve loved it so far. I wasn’t fond of the newer body styles but this one grew on me pretty good!
  9. Damn that’s a nice looking truck, how I wanna make mine look once I upgrade my front end
  10. What’s going on everybody! My name is Hunter I am from Deep East Texas. Born and raised in the oldest town in Texas! You may see TheSilverBullet2.0 around Texas as I travel all across the state for work she is a 18’ Silverado 1500 LT Texas Edition!
  11. 2014 Silverado LT CrewCab For now (got the newer 2016-18 LTZ frontend)
  12. My name is Jay. Have been in Texas most my life in the DFW area. Have a 2019 Silverado RST Z71 Crew Cab and also a 1984 C-10 Short Bed both blue. Haven’t done much yet to the 19 besides put a shorty antenna on it lol. Plan on leveling it out and putting some more aggressive looking tires. Then Cold Air Intake and Exhaust like I had on my 17.
  13. Anybody wanna buy a Denali cluster local pickup HMU for gas truck,
  14. Hi everyone, my name is Landry. I grew up in the DFW area and moved back here a few years ago for work. I'm now located in Ft. Worth. Picked up a 2018 Sierra 1500 SLT after being rear ended and totaling my jeep. I didn't anticipate getting a truck guy but man I love this thing. So far I've just leveled it, but will get some bigger, all terrain tires in the future. Good to be here.
  15. I'm out of the way from most places. Halfway between I10and I20. 30 miles North of Ft Stockton, 60 miles from Odessa. I can't do much on my own now. Mostly small stuff. I have a shifter to install, so I can have more than [R]everse and [D]rive.Missing 2 or 3 screws,not sure if my junkbox has any that will fit the bill. And trying to get two tires installed. Vehicle is not on the road at this time, need to get the tries on and get it inspected. It has a nice Aluminium tool box,but alas, I need to remove it,, as I need to haul round bales,and the box is around 6 ',not long enough for both. My Ram has a toolbox that was no problem, because it has an 8'+ box. On the other hand,I have that space behind the front seats that will hold what I used to put in the box. Used to be,I could do most things on my own,and even help others,LOL. COPD and other things have reversed that. Wayne WA2YNE
  16. My name is Wayne, AKA WA2YNE. I'm an 80 yr old Ham radio operator, hence the vanity call sign. I was born in WA, back in 1938, and wound up moving east during WW II. Was raised mostly in NY state, but also a bit in WA, D.C., VA, Texas and Germany. Germany was as a dependant, as y dad was in the army for 20 years. First was in Texas in 1952-53, and we lived on base at Ft Bliss. Was also in Texas two other times in the 1950's. Moved here for good about 14 years ago. Live in a small rural community called Imperial, in Pecos County. My truck is an extended cab 1997 Silverado RWD. Bought, with donations, to replace an 83 Ram250 that burned up April 3rd. Will post more about it as time goes by.
  17. Born and raised in Texas (Denton County). My truck is a Cardinal Red 2016 Sierra CC SLT Z71 4x4. Bought 4 weeks ago 29000 miles. Think i'm about to replace the tires. Thinking about going with Falken Wildpeaks OEM size on my 20" wheels. Ya'll have any experiance with those?
  18. Nope, and I have spent hours looking for stuff online and cant find anything. I figured by now someone could hack it or something.
  19. Anyone in Houston know or recommend a reputable shop to do a transmission fluid and filter change?
  20. Did you ever find out how to get it? My wife's 16 Malibu is the same way. It has Carplay but didn't get the update for AA.
  21. My name is Frankie I live in Dallas TX born and raised, I drive a 2014 Silverado crew cab LT TEXAS EDITION, been doings little things to my truck really enjoy messing with it when I have time and money. Bought it with the lift and wheels 20s with 33s, I’ve done a dash swap on it to a black leather with stitching swapped it my self. Did a dod/afm delete with a non afm cam and tune,
  22. I'll double check but I am pretty sure that according to Chevy...it doesn't work like that.

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