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  1. There is a harness on the Leer, inside driver side rear of topper. There are fuses there. My 3rd light was failing due to poor connection at the harness. There is a set of “mini fuses” under a cover. Remove, clean and lube then recheck
  2. What does 'refreshed' truck mean? Mid-year changes?
  3. 2017 2500HD L5P where do we find the modules and electrical connector locations and schematics
  4. My PA worked irregularly from new… service instructed “normal”. Not! installed new Software, started acting up even at highway speeds would alert proximity!! Service said..”huh-interesting- working as designed- not our problem because system is not intended to warm in all situations “ when winter temps got to 50 F they started working almost perfectly. GM has a problem…
  5. Cut a block of wood to fit squarely in the dash tray. Mount your radio head there.
  6. Can you tell us where to figure this out for ourselves?? Thanks!!
  7. Oh… use a white paper towel to sponge up some of the dampness… what color? If a leaking heater core, that could be engine coolant..
  8. So.. the condensation comes from the Evaporator. Not the condenser. Put a shop vac on the CONDENSATION tube… any junk come out?
  9. Here: Gmpartsdirect.com lookup by VIN. Wiring harness can be fixed… not hard unless it is by the main connector into a module or thru the body. This will be a “raiders of the lost ark” trip..
  10. GM did an update on my truck. This problem started. Removed front grille guard, error goes away. Reinstalled guard, problem back. I betcha they fixed the sensitivity and “blocked “ failures from new
  11. A new “crate” motor can be cheaper.. a junkyard one, rebuilt would be a much cheaper option. Dealer work is expensive.. MIGHT be guaranteed across the US. there isn’t enough info about the problem to help. I.E.; was it “tuned”. Did the spark plug break inside the engine?, what is causing the one cylinder issue, is it a bent valve or lifter? Did something get dropped into the intake during recent work? At minimum a borescope of the suspect cylinder is in order. Too much to type…
  12. engine, transmission, rear gearing, .. miles, etc. The prudent action is to restore to stock and try to replicate the problem. What happens if you dial back / remove the “tune”? See, the computers watch lots of sensors.. torque is one.. if torque out of spec with speed, etc..larger tires, more drag, etc.. next step yours..
  13. Awesomeness... but, the grid in most neighborhoods can’t handle everyone plugging in. If it could, the “charging station” instal is well “north” of the fees listed (speaking to electricians we know...)... for instance, to “set a pan” can cost over $1500 alone. The “price” of electricity is one thing, the charges for the “delivery” is additional. There are more “unexpected costs” coming. To trench underground for new lines is around $50/ foot.. and through rock where many of us live, more. and who wants or can afford to spend “hours” waiting to recharge? For millions, sitting on crowded roads, why not take the bus... you know you can trust the government to keep that cheap.. and safe, just ask folks after Hurricane Katrina... where so many only had “public transportation”... and were abandoned.. So, this shouldn’t be an either/or edict. If someone wants an electronic transport, great, pay the bill and when the systems are in place, offer it. But we as a people cannot foot the bill anymore.
  14. This is a nonstarter. My 2500HD has nearly 1000 FT pounds torque... all day long under 2000rpm. Pulling a 9000# 34’ airstream at average of 62 MPH and full gear in back of trucks under the bonnet I am getting up to 16MPG and as low as0-2MPG. From Dallas to central Louisiana the 11-15mpg was good. Figuring the cost I spent, $150 in fuel, let people pass, even hit the brakes to help them pass. It would be a 3 day trip. Each way. recall, there was a group creating commercial electric, self driving rigs. Some genius finally got attention of “management “ and pointed out there was no place to plug in, much less have power to put in the outlets. Non starter. now we have a online toy store ravaging our economy.... and are going to deplete the electrical power needed to run the toys.. Management. Mmm ok...
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