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  1. I have a place that I go to in the Cloverleaf area on the eastside of Houston. The name of the shop is Intex Paint and Body. I took some fender flares there and got them painted white to match my truck. They should be able to do what you're looking for a decent price. It's not a fancy shop and it's not in a great part of Houston but they do a really good job and do it quickly. If you'd like I can send you a picture of the guy's business card.
  2. I put a level kit on my 2012 2500HD and you can't beat how much better it makes the truck look. The bad part is how rough the truck rides now. Any bump in the road you hit feels like a rodeo in the cab. Can't be good for the truck I'm sure. The level was relatively cheap paid about $450 for install and everything. I put the new Nitto Ridge Grapplers on and I think that may have made it worse. Truck looks better than ever but looks like i'll have to install new shocks or something more drastic.
  3. i have a 2012 2500 with a 6.0 and I replaced the stock muffler with a magnaflow exhaust and on a cold start it sounds really good and when i accelerate its a deep rumble..... kinda wish it was a bit louder but i might try out a cherry bomb after a few months.
  4. Yea send some when you get a chance. I wish my truck had more spots to mount things like this
  5. I like the setup. Unfortunately I just realized that we have a different dash. I have the one where the console goes all the way under the radio
  6. If you could send a pics of the install later I would appreciate it. thanks
  7. Awesome thank you for the reply I'm gonna look in a bit and see if that would work. being able to plug it into the cigarette lighter is a whole lot easier than having to wire it elsewhere. thanks again
  8. I have a 2012 2500 LTZ and I'm thinking about putting in a cb but I have no idea where id put it. Do y'all have any ideas? Also does anyone have any experience installing these that could give me an idea on the difficulty level of this project? Thanks
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