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  1. I tried to no avail, deleting both the phone from my truck and my truck from my phone
  2. Nothing happens. I can look up my contacts and select a person to call but when I push call nothing happens.
  3. For some reason I can't make phone calls anymore through my trucks bluetooth. It still connects and I can play audio though the truck but no calls. I have tried turning off/on the bluetooth on my phone, unpaired and paired on both phone and truck, and checked my phone's security permissions. Anyone have any idea what's going on?
  4. I'm pretty sure you can add HDMI to the alpine so that you can mirror your phone
  5. So what would be the cheapest option to add phone mirroring? I don't care if it is android auto or just mirrors my phone. I just think its ridiculous to spend $600 on a dang module.
  6. Hey yall, I'm wanting to find someone within reasonable distance of DFW that wants to trade some parts. I have a chrome SLT grille and chrome window sills but am looking for a black A/T grille and black window sills. Anyone interested?
  7. For yall who don't mind drilling there is this option. I must admit, although pricey, it seems very well built and worth the money if I were to fly a flag all the time. http://www.speedpole.com/truck-flagpoles.html
  8. I have been following these guys on Instagram for a while. I'm going to see how much they would charge for an all black unit
  9. I love the way your truck came out. I'm pretty much sold on Zone but I can't decide between 4.5" and 6". My fiancée is also short and we will be having kids in the (far) future. What was your MGP drop? I also have to think about my 70 mile round trip to work every day. Also, what shop did you use? I'm in the Dallas area too
  10. I have considered a 4" especially since I have a 70 mile round trip to work every day. Probably would be less wear and tare on the truck
  11. I can see your point. I just want to be able to take out any chances of future failure so that I'm not throwing $$$ after only 5K miles. There is a good size difference between a 2.5" lift and a 6" that I'm wanting.
  12. Depends on how much you want to spend. There's a company here in Dallas called earmark that specializes in aftermarket alarms and stereos. They do good work, but it'll cost ya
  13. How long did yours last? I've only had mine in for 2 months but no problems
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