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  1. I run a 2 piece conversion from Performance Driveline. Great kit and better quality than OEM
  2. True. Definitely have to go to 2 piece conversion.
  3. I'm at 10" in rear static. What crossmember issues?
  4. https://navtv.com/products/NTV-KIT629/gm-uni-cam-8-or-4-screen.html This unit from NAV-TV allows you to add cameras and or force rear cam.
  5. I ordered the kit from Performance Driveline in Cali. The kit was about 700 shipped. They also offer a high HP version for another 100. Really nice quality pieces. I'm very happy with it. http://www.alldrivelines.com/2piece
  6. Thank you. Sorry. I keep forgetting to get pics of it. Will try and do it after I get off work tonight.
  7. Wasn't bad. Definitely need a lift or some really tall ramps or stands. And some really good drill bits to drill the holes for the crossmember. Took me about 2 hours.
  8. I can't wait to hear what you think of this. Ordering one soon.
  9. Isn't this one supposed to have the sequential turn signals?
  10. Here is the tech tip from Alpine about making this work. Tech Tip - 2014-2017 GM Truck Camera Retention (1).pdf
  11. I'm at 30 " all the way around. Probably not what you were looking for but I had to chime in. LOL
  12. This is just an emblem package designed for dealerships to make trucks look special and or charge a premium. This company and similar like it have been around for years. Just email them. I'm sure they'll be happy to sell you the badges.
  13. Yeah. A simpler interface would be nice. Someone needs to make a cable that interrupts the input to the screen via a trigger and offers a composite input. That's how we used to add video inputs to BMWs and the such several years ago. There was a company called NAV-TV that made them. But apparently since it's a truck they want to make more complicated towing options instead.
  14. Here's the link to the piece. It is made by Echomaster and the instructions PDF is under Downloads. Looks pretty simple. Just press and hold the BACK button on the radio to activate. https://echomaster.com/catalog/all-products/fc-gmoeff-hd
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