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  1. I am running the Ray Bestos police pads and rotors on my 14. It’s nice and quiet and stops on a dime, my only complaint is the brake dust is sort of excessive.
  2. For those that have updated to the 2.5 hmi with factory navigation, what is the map update procedure? Can you just order the map update off the navigation.com site and use model year 2016-2018 with your vin instead of 2014-2015?
  3. Anyone else with a 14 and the full CarPlay upgrade done notice their off road screen does not change. On mine it stays at 45 degrees and does not change, not really a big deal just curious if anyone else noticed this.
  4. Ordered from shop Chevy parts yesterday 3/24, got an email today saying part is on backorder from GM for 10-15 days, just an FYI.
  5. Thats what i figured, so pretty pricey I assume? Is it possible to do a later Denali or Tahoe cluster in blue with this programming?
  6. Out of curiosity, what is needed to get the cluster to recognize siri on a 14-15 that was retrofitted. That has been the one thing that has been bugging me since I completed mine.
  7. It has to be programmed to your vin otherwise it won’t work. Digital dash Solutions is where I got my CarPlay HMI.
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