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  1. For the guys with reflector housings, a quality pair of OEM projectors are too hard to find, especially if we’re talking about color-matched.
  2. Bumping with pictures I found on IG. Post pictures of your truck if you have these headlights!
  3. Seemed a little weird when I realized that all 4 lights are always on, and the bottom aren't the (dedicated) high-beams. But they look great on your truck! The only reason I want these is because I have LED bulbs in stock housings and despite being adjusted all the way down, they still shine light way too high. I was hoping these would have a sharp cut-off line. Also the black bezel option is a huge plus.
  4. Not much talk about these right now. Has anyone scooped these up? I don't know if they've even started shipping out yet, but I figured I'd ask. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtO0cfwkymE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cKLsH-N35w
  5. Bump. Happened again the next day. Talked to a mechanic who suggested that it could possibly be the bcm. Any info would be appreciated.
  6. Hey guys, Here's the rundown: 2014 Silverado, 5.3L, 105k miles, battery replaced about 1.5 years ago, roughly 20k miles since battery was replaced. I've had plenty of grounding issues in the past - stabilitrack, power-steering whipping the steering wheel around, etc. Those problems are heavily documented. I have not found any info on the issue I had to deal with today. Truck started without hesitation, drove to work without issue. An hour or two later - for absolutely no apparent reason - the truck was completely dead. No headlights, no radio, no dash illumination and the remote didn't even work. Battery showed 12.9 volts. No fuses were blown. Ground connections were intact. On the advice of a coworker, I disconnected the positive and negative leads from the battery and shorted them together - keeping them wired together for 10 minutes. This fixed the truck. If someone could offer their opinion on what might have gone wrong, I would be very appreciative. Thanks
  7. Can you post a picture of the position of the top spring seat? I’m curious how far down it is spun to gain 1-3/8” of height on the truck. I’m guessing there are about 1/2” of thread showing at the top? edit: I can just barely see it in your top pic. Looks like it’s spun roughly 3/4” down on the shock body
  8. Very nice. Waiting for my Kings to be delivered. How much lift did they give you out of the box? I see in your picture the top spring seat is spun down roughly 1/4"? Did you get standard travel or extended travel?
  9. Calling all members with body lifts - does anyone have an aftermarket front bumper installed with their body lift? Did you have any trouble with installation? If not, has anyone seen a body-lifted truck with an aftermarket front bumper who can point me in that direction? Thanks in advance
  10. I'm in the same situation. I currently have a body lift and level, but I want ~4" of lift. The zone kit with my body lift is too tall. I wonder if you could install the zone kit but instead of using the 4.5" spacers, use 3" leveling spacers?
  11. Thanks for the response. I meant a picture of the wheel well, sorry. Looks like you took out plenty of the liner, and some metal. Did you completely remove the sway bar, or just the links?
  12. Awesome truck. Can you share any pictures of the material you cut out in the wheel well?
  13. Thanks for the info about the battery cables, Realmc. Let us know if you ever experience problems again.
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