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  1. Try rockauto that’s where I got mine from
  2. This came off my 2015 GMC Sierra with the radio controls everything works comes with the clockspring leather has no marks
  3. Got me stumped sorry not much help too you hopefully someone will chime in on here
  4. Where did u purchase your lights at are the bulbs good maybe try moving the relays around to see if you have a bad one maybe another member has any idea
  5. Huh that’s weird everything worked when I did my harness and lights,Have u sent a email or give them a call to why it’s not working properly
  6. Which harness you get from gen5 does it have a wire with fuse to power the led drl
  7. Mark where you wanna drill into the box just make your you don’t drill thru the outer box their is a bit of a gap between the two just careful
  8. Sorry don’t have any pics did this a few yrs ago now but your new set of lights came with screws I just took one into my local auto place match the screw to a clip route the wire loom under the rails with clips so everything looked factory
  9. When I put a second set in I just measured a good distance between the two drilled some holes put some plastic clips for the screws bolted them up
  10. I purchased it from gm dealer in Canada I went all new
  11. Installed my heated steering wheel yesterday thanks too Tinkering fox and PGamboa detailed videos
  12. Phil your the man are you making a express up harness for the passenger side
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