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  1. Thanks for the reply mine never leaves the pavement just getting some feedback
  2. That’s the size I’m lookin for looks good how’s the ride never had BFGoodrich before I have the 285/55/20 Hankooks that came with mine.
  3. Are those 275/55/20 how they holding up for you ride,comfort etc
  4. I just bought a new one cause my Corsa is on back order so when the time comes I won’t worry about using the original one
  5. It should fit Frankie the muffler clamps are the same size for the 6.2 and 5.3
  6. Looks good, how you like them so far are they noisey on the highway?just asking cause I’m ready to replace my Hankook atm on mine been thinking of putting Michelin defenders on since mine is a pavement princess ?
  7. I use Pennzoil Platinum with the Puralatior Boss filter change twice a year only have 36000kms on mine
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