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  1. Look up PIP5570. My steering shaft seal was loose. I tightened mine and the ticking is basically gone. I seriously couldn’t believe it. Direct message me for details.
  2. Thanks for the grease trick it ACTUALLY worked for me! I grabbed a socket and tightened everything around the boot where it meets the firewall. Surprisingly everything was not tight. Next I did my best to get stp hi temp grease inside the boot from under the hood. I then greased the exposed steering shaft hole from inside the truck. So after doing this combination I took it for a 30 min test drive (hills, highway, side streets) and I couldnt hear anything. I’m shocked and I hope it holds up. i think the combination of what I did contributed to less sound entering the cab. 2018 silverado crew cab Z71
  3. Same issue on my 2018 Z71 with 4,000 miles. Dealership heard the noise but doesn’t have a fix. I still think it’s exhaust related near the drivers seat. I’m going to hit that cat tomorrow to see if it stops. Very frustrating since my buddies truck sounds perfect. Any solutions please hit me up. The random ticking/rattlesnake sound can’t me normal!

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