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  1. I can't see it being transmission related because of the audible change that occurs in V8 versus V4 mode. My tick is 10 times worse and more noticeable in V4 mode. Its almost like the some of the valves are of activating when they should be shut down? I also get the noise when pulling hard with a trailer sometimes in V8. i might try a heavier weight oil next oil change.
  2. Mines been happening since month 8 of ownership. I’ve had all my AFM collapsible lifters replaced. Sorry guys but it didn’t change a thing. i have 70,000km on it now and it’s 2.5 years old. It’ll be driven til it’s sold like this. It’s not worth wasting anymore time.
  3. that sounds like a head gasket to throw on the list of problems. my truck has never left me stranded yet... but it sure has a lot of issues. i guess we're all experiencing the same things.
  4. Yep, Last spring 2017 this happened to my 2015 sierra z71 4wd. Dealer replaced steering angle sensor and something else in the column. fixed it for a few days and then i got a steering and stability control error. I took it to another dealer because i was unsatisfied and they replaced the body control module under the seat and fixed it... until now. I drove home tonight with no error messages, but same symptoms. heavy steering and the battery charging over 15 volts on the gauge burning smell from outside the vehicle when i parked it were my first clues something was up. i expect another code to come soon. of course now i'm over warranty but hope the parts still carry a 1 year warranty. what a pain in the ass. good luck.
  5. My truck has had a tick since 18,000 km and is getting worse. I have it going to the dealer tomrrow for a manifold. They already have replaced lifters, fuel pump. If the Vacuum Pump has it's own belt, Can i disconnect it and drive the truck safely to diagnose?
  6. Are you still satisfied with the steering shaft seal repair to solve the ticking V4 noise? I've had mine in multiple times and it's getting very frustrating! New fuel pump, new AFM lifters, and nothing fixes it.
  7. You did exactly what I did in 2015. Went looking for a colorado CCLB and ended up with a DCSB Sierra. it was the cheaper vehicle. Some days i regret it because of the weird issues i'm having.
  8. I am also thinking about going from a 2015 sierra double cab to a crew cab colorado/canyon. I think there looks to be a lot more room in the back of the crew cab colorado compared to my full size double cab. Has anyone noticed payload or towing differences with there colorado? I mean, we all know the sierra can tow and carry more, but in everyday home owner towing, can the colorado keep up? I have a 16' boat I tow a few miles, a few times a year, a skidoo I sometimes haul and some odd farm chores once or twice a year (haul seed etc)
  9. Thanks for the advice. I have tried premium once of twice and did not notice a difference.
  10. could this vacuum pump failure be the ticking noise a lot of us are hearing? http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/193570-2014-chevrolet-silverado-1500-engine-failure/page-4
  11. this vacuum pump failure has me wondering that this has been my V4 tick all along. I had some serious motor work done already and nothing. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/188701-engine-tick-2015-gmc-sierra-53/?do=findComment&comment=1825622 i'm at 45,000 km of my 60,000 total warranty and 160,000 powertrain
  12. Here are the scratches. Pics are poor quality as I had to compress them. They aren't huge scratches, but they weren't there before.
  13. Lets play nice, Boys. I just wanted some info on repairing rims and what others have experienced. Lets keep the name calling to a minimum. It is the holiday season after all.
  14. I did this last week and love it. unlock the doors with the fob now and the bed lights up! so easy. how did GM not have this option available in the vehicle settings. literally night and day difference!
  15. I don't want to give it to the guy. I just wanted my truck back the way i sent it in for a very simple service, changing 4 tires. The scratches aren't really bad, i've seen worse, but they are scratched. The worst part is they did 3 of the 4. If it was just one and they told me about it, I could understand. Who continues to wreck 3 rims and not tell me? I'm glad I looked. I can't figure out how to upload photos. Any tips?
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