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  1. mine has been updated since the fall, it fix it 100%. have about 7000 mines on it since the update
  2. Its not a Jake break. Its an exhaust brake. It works by closing off the exhaust at the turbo. A jake brake works by dumping engine compression which is why they sound cool. Even the 2500's across the board do it the same way
  3. Warm weather will fix it. my 3.0 averages 22mpg per tank in the winter and 26-27 per tank once its like 40 deg or above out. Those warm averages include towing a 6500lb boat a few times per tank as well. its a CC GMC X31 4x4
  4. Damn i wish mine blew hard on the remote start like all of my other GM trucks.. the auto climate control doesnt do crap!! literally blower speed is off
  5. right.. however you state: DUAL ZONE AUTO CLIMATE OPERATION DURING REMOTE START: Cold ambient temperature that is below 50°F (10°C): Mode = Defrost Temperature = Full Hot Blower = Six bars Recirculation = Fresh Air A/C compressor = Only commanded on if conditions allow compressor engagement. my blower is not on at all with the system set in auto
  6. Same with the 3.0. I actually just came on here to look and this post was right at the top. 2021, fan is literally off in a remote start. My 2018 would be blowing on high defrost until i turned the key on, then it would revert to the "auto" setting. I get the water temp isnt up but as stated, it onlt needs to be 35 deg to start melting the ice. You could remote start the diesel for 2 full 15 min cycles and its not going to be at operating temp
  7. Its not trolling "wontstart", its legit a stupid question. If the average crank time pre update was lets say 3.5 seconds and post update is 4.25 that gives us a change on .75 seconds. Mind you these are rough numbers. The Bendix engagement into the ring gear and the bendix itself once turning, that is negligible because once turning there is essentially no wear at all. Its the initial engagement that is the peak stressors. This will be the same if it cranks for 1 second or 15 seconds. So that brings us to what will be the weak link with the additional .75 seconds of cranking. The heat generated in the starter. So now lets figure out approx how much of a delta T we see on a 60 deg day on a 3.5 s crank and how much additional heat is caused by the 3/4 of a second of continued cranking....... On a quick calculation using some estimates im seeing a change of less then 0.5 deg F
  8. 'I just got the ECM update today. Any potential issues with premature wear with the longer crank time?" My brain actually hurts this question is so stupid
  9. The service writer mentioned to me something about losing cam signal prior to the flash
  10. I had the pip5823b done about 300 miles ago. So far so good. As everyone who has had it done states, it cranks over a hair longer then it used to but it has started every time. I don't even second guess or think about it not starting anymore
  11. I had the same issue on my 21 Sierra. They had to replace the Airbag, the harness and a coil? it was something about seeing too much resistance. They diagnosed and re assembled and i drove it until the new parts came in. They told me the same, a few weeks. The parts came in within a week though
  12. It depends on your state. In NY you can refi at any time, some law we have that actually makes sense.. possibly the only one
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