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  1. Had PIP5823b done on 4/8 and had a long crank no start on 4/12 in very rural N Georgia late night. Cranked 20 mins later. I’m going to pursue buyback or trade for similar RST V8 or a RAM diesel. I’m sick of the stress of a possible no start every time I push the button on a new $50k vehicle.
  2. Trying to decide whether to keep or trade this 2021 1500 RST Duramax that intermittently won’t start. Are any of you with the PIP5823b ECM update still having starting issues? I really appreciate your input.
  3. I tried several combos of starting with timing of button and brake, turning it off, open and close door, etc. I did figure out once it starts the long crank, double tap the start button and it will quit cranking. Hadn’t happened in almost 8 months. Such a weird gremlin.
  4. I didn’t go through all 34 pages, but are any of you having this start problem gas trucks? Seems to be a lot of diesels. I’m ready to switch. Paid too much for intermittent starts a long way from home.
  5. Happened yesterday at Atlanta racetrack 500 mi from home. Finally started after an hour and 25 tries. Battery low warning came on I tried it so many times. Beyond aggravating.
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