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  1. I'm happy for the most part with my 2021 SLT. One thing that flat out drives me crazy is my temperature knob. I love the knob and wouldn't have it any other way. BUT, remember the good old days when a have turn of the knob got you from full hot to full cold? Now it's like 30 individual "clicks" to get from high to low. Does anyone really need 1 degree increments? I have to go back for a new grip like 5 times to get to the other end. My vehicles are never in the middle. Either full hot or full cold. WHY?!?!?!
  2. Bet you a Sprite that overload information will get sent back to Ford. I'd rather the manufacturers not know what I'm doing, as much as I can help it.
  3. May not be as nice as you think. I've been teaching my daughter to drive lately. I didn't realize it but she programed one of the fobs to suit her. She is TINY. The seat goes all the way forward and all the way up. Now when I grab the wrong key fob and jump in the truck I get squished.
  4. Its always funny to me how people are so different. We tested a Ram 2500 first, but my kids hated the back seat. We've owned our GMC now for 4 months and no issues. I sit back there a lot now as my daughter is learning to drive and my wife still sits up front. That leave me in the back with the other two kids. I haven't been on any long trips back there, but I don't find it uncomfortable. It's also funny to hear people basically say their kids don't matter. They do! Unhappy kids in the back seat on a long drive can easily ruin a trip. Good luck man.
  5. The size of your wheel makes little difference when considering gearing. What size tire do you plan on running?
  6. Can you expound a bit on this HUGE mileage increase? How has your driving style changed before and after? What stage tune setting do you get this mileage increase, 1-5? I assume this is highway MPG? What speed do you run? Thanks.
  7. Chuck, I put my 2021 SLT (basically fully loaded, minus sun roof), 6.2 and Max tow on a scale on Saturday. Also, I had about 40 pounds of gear in the bed, and a nearly full tank of gas. Cab was empty while on the scale. Front Axle Weight: 3060 pounds Rear Axle Weight: 2580 pounds My Payload capacity on sticker is 1777 pounds. Curb weight on sticker is 5523 pounds. GAWR front on sticker: 3800 pounds GAWR rear on sticker: 4150 pounds. I then hooked my boat/trailer up. My tongue weight was 780 pounds. This leaves me with 1000 pounds f
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