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  1. 5100's are adjustable too, but give a different ride height than that 6112s. Which one give the firmer ride and less bottoming out?
  2. So the 6112 is only for the lifted trucks? My 2021 SLT is stock ride height. I hit a bump in the road and am still bouncing up and down a mile later. Like I have no shocks at all. Driving me nuts. The 6112 is the better option for that vs the 5100's? I've used 5100's many times before on other vehicles and was happy.
  3. Blew up, as in the case came apart too? Seems strange to me. I wonder if something outside the transmission caused the damage? How's transfer case? Are your driveshafts still intact?
  4. What is the distance from the outside of the frame rail to the inside of the tire on each side of the truck? If that number is the same, the bed is off. If the number is different then they are putting the axle spring perches in the wrong spot. A measurement from the brake backing plate to the center of the spring will confirm that, just a bit more difficult to measure. elcamino, you should see the tow boat industry. Master Craft, Malibu, Supra, Tige, etc.... craftsmanship flaws everywhere, and we just put up with it! The majority of brand new boats leave the dealerships onl
  5. Mine is set up the exact same way. I don't get the antenna whistle everyday. Has to be above 75mph with head wind. Might happen without headwind if I sped up more. Haven't tried. I also have a rattle coming from the back seat passenger side when no in sitting back there.
  6. For me it's wind noise coming from the antenna at higher speeds or a strong headwind. It becomes a very loud lower pitched whistle. Never heard anything like it before. I need to try one of those smaller antennas.
  7. My 2021 6.2 definitely has a rough idle at a stop light. Almost a little lope to it. I assume it is just DFM doing its thing. Haven't noticed any issues with low RPM while coming to a stop though.
  8. How much stuff did you put in there? We have 4 bedrooms with the usual stuff, a nice dining set, some cabinets. We will dump the couches and chairs that are in the living rooms. I have a few tool boxes, welder, plasma cutter, steel work benches, bolt bins...lots in the garage. I wonder if I could get by with a smaller trailer? I'm not so concerned about fuel. A Uhaul would be just as bad, if not worse.
  9. I'm considering a 3000 mile move and wondering what my options are. I first looked at Uhaul. They want $8000 for a one way rental. So my next thought was buying a 24' enclosed trailer making the move with my 2021 GMC 1500. It has the 6.2, Max tow package, 7300 GVW, frame to axle air bags. I got this one because it was set up for the heaviest towing ability. I have towed a 9000 boat several times, before I sold it, and it did fine. I don't believe boats have the same towing effect as an enclosed trailer might have though. The trailers all seem to be 10k gvw with about 7k in load weight capacity
  10. Can anyone explain to me how these t-cases work so that they are still able to engage or disengage 4wd while under a full throttle load at, say, a drag strip by simply pushing the button when you feel like it? Can anyone confirm that it actually does in fact go from 4wd to 2wd under full throttle acceleration and not just turns the light off and waits for the load to be removed? Or that putting it in 4wd auto will engage the front axle while the front and rear tires are turning at different speeds? This all seems like a great way to scatter a T-case across a drag strip.
  11. After a 3/4 to full throttle run through a few gears, my 2021 SLT 6.2 seems to want to hold a gear after letting off the throttle. Sometimes it will downshift through each gear as I cost down the road, dropping RPMs each time. Sometimes it will just hold the gear and sit at maybe 4000 rpms, even as it slows down. Tapping the brake will cause the down shift, or at least the rpms to drop to under 2000. This is with the truck running in "normal" mode. Is this normal? I would normally expect the RPMs to drop right as I let me foot off the pedal. Thanks.
  12. It's a safety feature. If you see double, you're too drunk to drive.
  13. You need 10-15% tongue weight. What do you have? I always take my trailers to a three axle scale at a truck stop near my house and get my trailers dialed in. It's worth the $12 to get it right. Makes my towing so much nicer.
  14. I'm happy for the most part with my 2021 SLT. One thing that flat out drives me crazy is my temperature knob. I love the knob and wouldn't have it any other way. BUT, remember the good old days when a have turn of the knob got you from full hot to full cold? Now it's like 30 individual "clicks" to get from high to low. Does anyone really need 1 degree increments? I have to go back for a new grip like 5 times to get to the other end. My vehicles are never in the middle. Either full hot or full cold. WHY?!?!?!
  15. Bet you a Sprite that overload information will get sent back to Ford. I'd rather the manufacturers not know what I'm doing, as much as I can help it.
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