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  1. Is this engine specific? Were there any noticeable improvements once you added this? Noticeably louder intake noise? Does this require the engine tune that GM does for its own CAI? Thanks.
  2. I put up a very similar question a few weeks ago and have been playing with the system. I haven't figured out how to make any adjustments to the remote start feature. Blows my mind that they didn't allow adjustments for guys like you in the warmer areas vs guys like me that wake up to frost/snow right now.
  3. I have used Blackstone for analysis many times before when I had an Ecodiesel. I like the way the kind of dumb down the report for us non technical users. I used 1/4" water line PCV tube from home depot to stick down my dip stick tube. I assume it will work with this truck too. It takes a few rounds of dipping, putting your finger over the end and pulling it out, letting it run into their bottle to get it full. Not bad. Unless you have a specific reason to get it sampled I'm not sure I'd waste money on these engines. The few issues they have wont show up on an OA.
  4. It does not matter what speed I have the fan set to when I get out of the truck at night. When I remote start the next morning the fan is blowing at a medium speed when I get in. After I get in and press start it then jumps right to the speed I had it set at when I got out the night before. If you ask me, it should be the opposite. It should run at high speed during a remote start no matter what. Either in the winter to get the most warm to hot air or in the summer to get the max cold air. The truck does not need to warm up in the summer to get the A/C blowing cold. Starts doing that right away. So set the fan to high speed.
  5. Hmmmm. Not to tell anyone how to drive or anything...... The idea of needing to switch into 4x4 because otherwise you would loose traction to the rear end in your heavy throttle take off seems absurd. I've owned my 6.2 for almost a year. Have never had to even consider loss of traction when pulling out into traffic. Maybe wait and let that car pass then pull out when you have more time. Because of your set up you may have time to avoid a collision, but does the driver of the car you pulled out in front of know that? Consider the effect your action has on that driver. Flame on...
  6. Didn't work. I only have an auto fan speed option, based on how loud I want the cab to be. Not sure why that would matter. When most people do a remote start to warm up, they are not in the truck?!?!?
  7. I assume I have the automatic controls, although I never intentionally let the truck control it. I set the temp and either high or low and control the fan speed myself. The truck showed 36F* this morning with a thin layer of ice on the windshield from the rain overnight. That's fine with me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the air blowing on the windshield only needs to be 33F* to start melting ice off it. And seeing as how it was melting ice, and blowing warm air into the cab, I'm sure it was hot enough. Thank you for the simple answer. I'll look for that after work today.
  8. Is there a way to turn the fan speed up to full blast when doing a remote start? It drives me nuts that when I do a remote start in the morning then head out to the truck that the windshield is only clear about 1/4 of the way up and the fan speed is maybe on medium speed. It's putting out warm air, just not enough of it. Steering wheel and seat are nice and warm though. It doesn't matter if I leave the speed on high the night before or not. It always just defaults to a low/medium speed. Once I get in and push the start button the fan instantly jumps up to where I left it the night before. It did this in the summer too with the A/C. It would be blowing nice and cold, but with so little air output it didn't really make the inside of the truck cooler. There must be a way to tell it to blow at high speed. Thanks.
  9. 5100's are adjustable too, but give a different ride height than that 6112s. Which one give the firmer ride and less bottoming out?
  10. So the 6112 is only for the lifted trucks? My 2021 SLT is stock ride height. I hit a bump in the road and am still bouncing up and down a mile later. Like I have no shocks at all. Driving me nuts. The 6112 is the better option for that vs the 5100's? I've used 5100's many times before on other vehicles and was happy.
  11. Blew up, as in the case came apart too? Seems strange to me. I wonder if something outside the transmission caused the damage? How's transfer case? Are your driveshafts still intact?
  12. What is the distance from the outside of the frame rail to the inside of the tire on each side of the truck? If that number is the same, the bed is off. If the number is different then they are putting the axle spring perches in the wrong spot. A measurement from the brake backing plate to the center of the spring will confirm that, just a bit more difficult to measure. elcamino, you should see the tow boat industry. Master Craft, Malibu, Supra, Tige, etc.... craftsmanship flaws everywhere, and we just put up with it! The majority of brand new boats leave the dealerships only to return a few engine hours later with needed repairs due to the factory installation of parts. These are boats that cost $150k - 300k. Blows my mind.
  13. Mine is set up the exact same way. I don't get the antenna whistle everyday. Has to be above 75mph with head wind. Might happen without headwind if I sped up more. Haven't tried. I also have a rattle coming from the back seat passenger side when no in sitting back there.
  14. For me it's wind noise coming from the antenna at higher speeds or a strong headwind. It becomes a very loud lower pitched whistle. Never heard anything like it before. I need to try one of those smaller antennas.
  15. My 2021 6.2 definitely has a rough idle at a stop light. Almost a little lope to it. I assume it is just DFM doing its thing. Haven't noticed any issues with low RPM while coming to a stop though.
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