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  1. LOL “youcantkeepup!” doesn’t need to fluff himself, you do it for him. Maybe someone who isn’t the second do-it-himselfer can chime in with meaningful information.
  2. I almost took your troll bait but then me and everyone else on here would have to listen to you spout off your bs resume and self fluffing. Keep this topic informative.
  3. I just got the ECM update today. Any potential issues with premature wear with the longer crank time?
  4. My dealer thought it was one of the relays so they replaced it. Unsurprisingly, I had a no start recently.
  5. I have one of the trucks that had the above mentioned relay replaced. Just for poops and laughs I removed that relay and tried starting the truck… it still started. I’m not convinced that relay has anything to do with it. nvm I had pulled the wrong one. It didn’t start.
  6. The guys at the dealership seemed pretty confident the problem was a bad relay. The invoice said the factory relay was tested and found to be “sticking”. Time will tell I guess.
  7. I finally got the invoice from my dealer. It says that they replaced the “run/crank relay” PART#: 13500114 Maybe this is related to the part shortage that caused GM to temporarily stop production of this motor.
  8. That’s interesting. My advisor didn’t email my ticket so I can’t verify what they actually did to mine. I’ll reach out to them later this morning.
  9. Keep us updated. I just got back from the dealer with the alleged fix but their printer wasn’t working or something. Guy said he would email the work order to me tonight but he said they replaced a relay. I’ll update when I see the paperwork.
  10. Go trade in your AT4. Plenty of Tundra owners would love to have it. I personally will take the fuel mileage and torque with an intermittent no start event over one all day.
  11. I couldnt find a reference to this bulletin on the google. Where did you find it?
  12. The link didn’t work! If this is actually the fix, I almost feel bad for the guys trading these trucks in for Tundras
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