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  1. The service writer mentioned to me something about losing cam signal prior to the flash
  2. I had the pip5823b done about 300 miles ago. So far so good. As everyone who has had it done states, it cranks over a hair longer then it used to but it has started every time. I don't even second guess or think about it not starting anymore
  3. I had the same issue on my 21 Sierra. They had to replace the Airbag, the harness and a coil? it was something about seeing too much resistance. They diagnosed and re assembled and i drove it until the new parts came in. They told me the same, a few weeks. The parts came in within a week though
  4. It depends on your state. In NY you can refi at any time, some law we have that actually makes sense.. possibly the only one
  5. i just got 39K... yes $39,000 for a 2018 crew cab LT Z71 with 33k on the clock on trade for a diesel elevation. Was able to get 5600 off the elevation with rebates and supplier pricing. The best part of the whole deal, i bought the 18 in jan of 19 so it was the outgoing model for 32,500 (17500 in rebates). Its literally batshit crazy, how can they pay these prices for used trucks? with that said im not complaining haha
  6. Sorry to bring back an old thread. Can the UD1 be added to an truck that was ordered with out it?
  7. Hello, I am trading in my silverado so i'm going to remove the Denali Dash. it is in like new condition and i would be happy to ship it directly to WAMS to the buyer if required. $350 I can text pictures if anyone is interested with it in the truck and removed. Thanks!
  8. That doesn't really answer the question, thats referring to an unlock. A stock 2019 has the option to turn on the rear camera while driving, do you get this with the 3.0 or will an unlock and harness still be required?
  9. Is the back up camera accessible in motion with this upgrade the same way it is on a stock 2019?
  10. If the cluster says GMC on the initial start up screen it can have the pickup. If it says Chevrolet on the start up screen it has to have the SUV. Chevy never had the cluster in anything but the tahoe where gmc has it in the Yukon and the Denali pick up
  11. I really like the K2 seats, the T1 seats blow, they feel like they are from a 2002 civic as far as plushness
  12. I have been on this forum for like 10+ years and nothing would make me happier on here to find out when this guy takes it to the alignment shop to find out its incorrectly installed
  13. Do you have running boards? A friend of mine had this happen on his 16, the one running board had loosened up just a hair
  14. I wouldnt complain about the halogen headlights. I currently have an 18 but had a 19 custom and RST as loaners. The low beams are better on the 18 and the RST but the old school halogen high beams cant be beat!
  15. Did you ever take it in or find a solution? I have the exact same gas pedal feedback as you, its driving me nuts. I have had a 14, a 16 and now the 18' all the same configs, CCSB. The 14 and 16 were flawless.
  16. any one have an up date? mine still does it but i have found it to be related to hitting a bump. Will be 100% fine no ticking, hit a pothole or cross bumpy RR tracks (not like a maniac just general everyday bumps) and then the ticking starts.. might stop if you hit another bump .. might just randomly stop.. may continue until it sits overnight. there is def not a major power loss when its ticking but it also doesn't feel like it is running as good as when its not. My 2 guesses and they are purely guesses at this point since i am getting no codes is the core of the converter on the driver side
  17. WTB 2014+ Silverado/Sierra Summit White Door Handles
  18. no, this is not the injectors, the previous few posts are confusing noises, this sounds like a leaky exhaust manifold tick... not the injectors
  19. someone on ebay does powder coating with a wheel exchange so no down time
  20. thats good yours does it 100% of the time though, then it can be fixed, its the intermittent that driving me nuts. i dont care there is the issue, things happen i just want to be able to get it fixed
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