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    2015 GMC Sierra crew cab and 2016 GMC Sierra single cab
  1. That’s Fresno right? I have some you can have. I’m from Visalia. If you ever come this way. Pm me
  2. Welcome. I personally like mcgaughys. Coil overs I heard are a lot better but also a lot more expensive. Here’s my truck with Mcgaughys
  3. Here’s my 2015 Sierra with mcgaughys spindles and mcgaughys struts set at about 2.5 along with rear flip kit and underbed notch
  4. Hey all just got this 2016 Sierra waiting on final parts to lower it planning on going 5/8
  5. I just recently picked up a 2016 Sierra with the aluminum arms. I have a 2015 Sierra as well with the cast arms. I’m looking at drop spindles. I have Mcgaughys on the 2015 which they are about the same price as the bell tech spindles but for the 2016 they almost double. Are the mcgaughys that much better than belltechs for the newer spindles?
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