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  1. Any info would be appreciated! So far all I see as my only option would be $1000 coilovers
  2. Hello! So I am looking for a little bit of help here. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra 5.3 v8 4x4 and currently running a Rough Country 6" GM Suspension Lift Kit (Part#22635) While the kit does everything I want it to do and more I am looking to upgrade the front end and get rid of the "puck" that raises the front. Trying to find out if there is any 6 inch Strut Replacements out there potentially? Rough Country themselves has a 5 inch and a 7 inch but I feel like the 5 inch would give me too much front "rake" and the 7 inch would make the CV angles horrendous (unless I am mistaken). They dont make a 6 inch strut sadly so I am unsure. Also been told to look into the Bilstein but all I have found is their shocks and no actual strut replacements. Current Setup 6 Inch "Puck" RCX Lift - Mayhem Warrior 20x10's Wrapped in 35x12.5r20 Venom powers
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