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  1. Not that familiar with the intricacies of transmissions, but if you can delete the transmission thermostat then why did GM include it? What is its purpose? I would think its job is to keep the the tranny cool but that seems to be the opposite of what it does. Just trying to learn about this so any info is appreciated.
  2. Santa was good to me & the truck this year. Got somethings to install when I get some time.
  3. The part number is the correct part number though for the 14-18 year trucks. I used it to check the large number of GM OEM Parts online stores and almost all of them had the tip in the $153-$165 range. The cheapest was at: https://www.getoemparts.com/oem-parts/gm-extension-kit-84521819
  4. If you find one let me know where you got it. I have a Victory Red Rally and would love to have the black tip to go with the rest of the scheme.
  5. They are the 3" drops, not part of the lower and upper kit.
  6. I'm not using them and don't plan to so $25 plus shipping. That work for you?
  7. I highly recommend the Twisted Metalworkz Uppers. They are fantastic and given the lack of confidence in the IHC kit it would be worth the $475. They include the ball joint. link: https://www.twistedmetalworkz.com/collections/control-arms/products/2008-2018-silverado-sierra-camber-correction-control-arms?variant=11703967285295
  8. Thanks. The 2/4 drop gives the truck a great feel without being so low turning radius and potholes are a regular problem. My truck was initially down 3.5/6 and the look was nice but it was too much. I have been lucky and not had any issues with vibrations so I never had to add any shims.
  9. Went 2-4 drop on my 2wd. I love the look. 1SLOW1500 has the right of it. McG or Belltech. I have Belltech drop spindles on the front and flip kit on the rear on 22" rims.
  10. Here are pictures of my front wheels. Damn near centered. Very happy with the new arms.
  11. Washed her up pretty this morning then passed 55,000 on my way to Tampa for Slamfest.
  12. Rally, baby. Black is too much work to keep clean. Not to mention in the hot state of Florida black would be that much hotter.
  13. Ever since having my girl lowered the front wheels shifted back in the wheel well and I have had rubbing on anything more than moderate turns. Since I enjoy the drive-thru lifestyle the rubbing has been annoying. My mechanic that aligns the truck said I would need new non-stock upper control arms to move the wheels forward any further. Based on Nasty's recommendation I bought a pair of Twisted Metal Workz Camber Correction Control Arms. Got them installed today and the rubbing is almost gone. Only have an issue just before full lock. It was too dark when I picked her up to get any pictures of the truck or the wheels tonight but I will take some in the next couple of days and post them. Drive-thrus beware! Twisted Metal Workz Camber Correction Control Arms: https://www.twistedmetalworkz.com/collections/control-arms/products/2008-2018-silverado-sierra-camber-correction-control-arms?variant=11703967285295
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