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  1. Got a LS3 in the Vette, 6.2 in the Silverado. Did 150 on I-85 in the Vette, 85 in the Silverado. All those horses and if I get caught doing 80 here in VA, it's reckless driving? Remember, if you build it, they will buy it!!! (still, that's a lot of horsepower? how much will be wasted?
  2. Will the Fuel Rewards card work at "All" Shell stations, or a select few. I have a Shell Card & the Rewards Card, however; the closest Shell that will accept it is 20 miles away! I must pass 2 other Shell's to save .05.... It's not worth it for me, so I'm stuck with Exxon. Tell me why download a "New" headache
  3. Watched him all the time as a kid with my mother! Heck, I'd take Columbo over Superbowl!
  4. Excuse me for not reading everything, I see the tire size, what brand? I'm thinking of going with a 305x50 and adding Bilstein 5100s on the corners. Wife doesn't like the idea of "new tires for a new truck" or the slight raise with the shocks however..... ?
  5. Like your almost as much as I do mine?! I see you kept the Redline Rims, did you change tires and if so what size/type did you go with? Are there any rubbing issues?
  6. Big in the back, Small in the front!!! It's not a woman, but hey... that's the set up for performance cars. In fact my Vette has 19 rears 18 fronts. You gotta do what makes you feel good, life is too short to sweat the small stuff. If you don't like it, you can always change it back.... I say Go For It!
  7. I never gave them my credit card #, and told them I wouldn't pay if they didn't turn it off! Now for you "hip kiddies" I don't have a "smart" or any other phone!(Use wife's to view forum) don't have a computer, thumb drive or none of the "modern" forms of music. I still play cassettes and regret not having a player in my 17. The last CD I purchased was in 2005. I have been known to listen to the same CD for a year or more. Don't know or listen to the "new artist" I don't even like navigation, I can read a map, plus I can purchase one at a truck stop. I guess I'm what one would call "out of touch", but I look at it as controlling one of the few things in life I can! Oh, what is "Talk Radio"??
  8. I'd get either a 2018 Cadillac Hearse or a Tow Truck! Everybody gets out of the way for a hearse and the tow truck could be used to haul all the fancy cars you people would buy as they break down! Naw, give me the hearse, Metalic Black, tinted windows, and a "kick ass" sound system? and yes it would be supercharged, black leather interior, and a Oak Coffin in the back converted to a bar. And if I couldn't get either of the 2, give me a H1 Hummer, with a slant back, sunroof, Recaro bucket seats with speakers in the headrest, fridge in the back, towing a 5x8 trailer loaded with..... Sorry, having "old head" flashback dreams?
  9. Treat for truck???? That's a tough choice for me? but then the VA says I'm "bipolar" and the wife says I'm selfish! So.... she gets the passenger seat, and I treat myself!!!? (Don't pay me no mind, got mental issues)
  10. Got a 88 Eldorado in Dec 87, by June 89, she had 3 "not my faults". The day she got behind wheel of 10 Corvette, told her I didn't care if she could drive a stick, if she moved it, I was gone! She has driven truck 1 time, although I was following her, I sweated of 10lbs? I might love her, but her driving is scary as hell... but, it's only a truck, don't sweat the small stuff, threaten to buy a new one if she hurts the present one.
  11. I don't care what others might say, but this is funny... Play Nice!
  12. Welcome, be ready to be amazed, if it can be done, somebody will/has done it!?
  13. I have a 17 Black CC Z71 6.2 with Standard Bed with 20x9 rims. Wife says it's perfect, my wallet says " a few mods won't hurt! I've been thinking of swapping out the Rancho's for Bilstein 5100s all around, but unlike most, I only want the fronts set on the 2nd notch. especially after reading in the level/lift section (of 383) how a few with 20's rubbed after a level. I want a larger tire with a slightly more aggressive look but I gotta be able to keep my rims,.and not hear the tires as i drive down the road plus i like the Black with Red stripe look as well as the letters on the body. I know based on the tire that my mileage will drop, but until Premium goes up to $5 a gallon, I Don't Care! I'll gladly take suggestions from those that have kept the Oem rims and not lifted, especially those that DON'T/NEVER rubbed after swapping tires.
  14. NO "guarantee" on how many times you can use it!
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