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  1. Just call your dealer service department and they’ll know exactly what your issue is and they’ll change the tranny fluid. I just had my 2018 Denali with the 6.2 and 8 speed get a complete tranny fluid flush and change. I have 28000 miles on the truck and noticed the issue arising around 20k. I bought an AFM delete by Range and that seemed to help the problem between V4-V8 mode for a while and it progressed to get worse. I too had the rumble feeling primarily through the steering wheel and it also felt like the truck was not running smooth even on new pavement. I would say that the tranny fluid made all the difference and solved the issue with an exception. When I initially drove it off the dealer lot I did not plug in my AFM Range delete and got on the highway the rumbling still came into play in V4 mode. I was pissed. But then I pulled over and plugged in the Range. Problem solved so far. It’s running perfectly with smooth shifting, no clunking, no vibrations. I think the problem is a combination of the old tranny fluid and made worse by the V4 mode. Invest in a Range, sucks that you have to pay another $200 to get rid of the issue but V4 mode sucks anyway. And I did not notice any difference at all in fuel mileage running full time V8.
  2. I’m looking to go up a size in tire from the 285/45r22’s but I do not want/need an LT tire so choices are limited. I’m looking at Nitto’s and Hankook Dyna pros 305/45r22’s. I have a 2018 Denali Ultimate with a 2.25” level up front. Anyone running either tire on stock 22’s? Rubbing? Pics would be helpful as well.
  3. Well said. Trucks hold their value incredibly well. But You can get into a new one for not much more $’s when incentives are increased Thx, I am leaning towards the AFE I bought the Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating kit from Auto geek, Comes with everything you need to get the job done. I think I can get 3-4 cars finished with this kit https://www.autogeek.net/diamond-coating-kit.html
  4. Purchased last week. Clay bar , polish, and ceramic coated.
  5. Thank you! Borla claims 0 drone on website, I am assuming that is without the flaps? I had Corsa touring on my 17 and there was 0 drone $900 a month if you put $0 down for 72 months at their crazy 7.5% rate I was fortunate to be given an opportunity in the financial services industry 10 years ago and turned a sales territory from nothing to a significant business and I was rewarded for it. Capitalism at its best. 50k is a lot of $’s, However Each person is in a different financial condition. I hate debt and I don’t buy anything unless I know I can pay it off tomorrow. Thank you sir!
  6. Edited my post, OTD was 50,500 not 51,500, so the truck itself was at the 47k mark, then add TTL and add on options to get to 50,500 The catch was you have to finance through GM financial at a 7.5 APR Rate to maximize the cash allowance to get that low of a price. But I’m just going to turn it around and either pay it off or find a much better rate online to refi. That’s a ridiculous rate if anyone holds on to it.
  7. Thx everyone! I’m leaning towards Borla touring , Getting old LOL! Maga Ride is definitely smoother than standard Z71, felt like it cornered a little better as well, probably because of the 22’s. I’ll check out the Airaid MIT, Thx!
  8. Congrats ! Enjoy the new rig! You still got a great deal. I just picked an 18 Denali. Like you I prefer the 18 styling and I don’t feel like the new model is leaps and bounds better.
  9. Hey everyone, longtime member here and haven’t posted in awhile and I thought I’d share the trade I just made for a new ‘18 Denali Ultimate. This was a spur of the moment purchase that I wasn’t planning. I was bored on New Year’s Day and I was just surfing the net and was curious about the deals that my local Chevy/GMC dealer giving. They had 4 ‘18 Denali ultimates in stock all listed around 51K. I shot right over to the dealer with my ‘17 SLT. I bought my ‘17 SLT exactly 2 years ago during the Holidays when the were also running year end deals. It was the the SLT premium package that listed for around 55k and I got it for around 44k. I really wanted the Denali but they weren’t really discounting heavily at the time. They had a couple Denali 5.3’s in but couldn’t justify the premium. Even though I really liked the SLT I really didn’t LOVE IT (not Like the Chick in the GMC commercial). Anyway, always wanted the Denali with the 6.2. And I’m not a big fan of the new ‘19s. I think they are fugly So Here is the Deal I got: MSRP $64,395 OTD all in for Ultimate Denali $50,500, Price includes tax, tags, fees $1350 Bed Cover, $374 for mats and wheel locks, $770 for Enviroguard (BS paint protection) Trade in for the ‘17 SLT w/27xxx miles $35,000 No Brainer!!! It was 65 degrees this weekend so I did a wash, Clay, polished out all spots, and ceramic coating. Tomorrow going back to dealer for a level lift, Friday will be doing front window tint and Xpel film paint protection on front bumper/headlights, mirrors and front part of hood Future mods are Borla Exhaust, trying to decide between touring and S type Also looking to add CAI kit. Any feed back would be helpful. I checked out Black Bears website and the test results on CAIs. A couple of Pics to follow
  10. I started to get an annoying rattle in my '17 Sierra SLT over the last couple of weeks. It seems to get worse. I narrowed it down to this piece of plastic. When I hear the rattle I push down on it while driving, not the safest thing to do, but it suppressed the rattle. Has anyone else experienced rattles with this defective piece? I am thinking its the clips holding it loosened up. Not happy about it with only 13, 000 miles on clock.
  11. 285/55/20's +20 offset, sits flush with wheel well, I don't like when wheels pop out of wheel wells,, I have a 2" level but fairly certain this size tire and offset will fit without rubbing, 285's look so much better than 275's
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