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  1. Lift is 6in Pro Comp on 20x35x12.50 Nitto trails. Definitely doesn’t ride like stock but judging from what I’ve read, I think the Bilstein 5100’s are far superior to stock.
  2. I have the 2016 4wd Texas LT with 6in lift. At 35000mi there was noticeable bumps and knocks coming from the front end. The dealership replaced the front Struts/shocks but at 45000mi same issue. Ill be going with the Bilstein 5100’s all the way around.
  3. I’ve got CarPlay and it has limited apps but I use Tom Tom map, iHeart and Amazon everyday. My understanding is that this fall there will be a bunch more apps available.
  4. I drove a 2018 loaner with 8 miles on it last month. The infotainment system as well as the rest of the interior was identical to my 2016 as far as I could tell.
  5. 6in with 35’s, you be the judge.d
  6. See attached ,This may seem a simple fix but it has eleduded me so far. My 5 year old was playing in the front seat while I was cleaning the outside, now I can only get half a screen when in radio mode.
  7. Fine is a a relevant term. Over the last month my mpg has dropped from 15 to 13, I do have a 6in lift and 35’s so 15 IS average over the the 32,000mi since new. As a non paranoid happily driving Chevy truck dude, the transmission issue would not give me much though if we weren’t running up close to that warranty.
  8. Can’t I flip and tweak the question a bit? Over the last few weeks here in Texas the weathers been a bit nippy at times (lower teens). The 6sp transmission on my 16 is acting a little different. It does not seem to want to shift up into those 5th and 6th gears as smooth or easily as before. I want to blame it on the cold fluid temps but is this really a factor these days? Transmission temp this am was 64 on a short trip.
  9. Cooper Discoverer A/T3. Great look, a little road noise.
  10. I’m running 5.3/3.42 with a 6in lift and 35’s. A loose rule of thumb is for every 1in of lift you loose 1mpg. I now have 31,000 mi on my 2016 and bought it new with the lift and tires. My total average Mpg is 15.4 with 50/50 hwy/City. I have not done anything else to the truck but will consider a tune after 36,000 mi.
  11. I here Catskins are the best for leather.
  12. When plugged into the USB my iPhone drops calls repeatedly. I unplug and go Bluetooth and have 0 issues. I took it to the dealer, they did an update and it was dropping calls before I left the parking lot. I've registered my complaints and can only wait on another update at this point.
  13. Had an Undercover Classic on a Tacoma for 10yrs with no issues so that's what I went with. Solid, dry and looks good.
  14. My Silverado 4x4 crew cab Texas Addition, 6" Pro Comp lift, 3.42 and 35"s now has 4500 miles on it. I've been averaging 15mpg overall 50/50 hwy/city but the last few tanks have been getting better so I guess there is something to be said for a break in period. The only mod I've done is a K&N air filter. The configuration has plenty of power if you really need it but be ready to watch the fuel gage move.
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