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  1. Did you ever get these on/did it fix your high speed shake?
  2. Has anyone tried the Flowmaster 40 series muffler with the resonator and flapper still on?
  3. Strongly considering just a muffler swap. Do you know what magnaflow muffler you are going to be getting for your 15? Also, did you only take the muffler out and swap it or did you take out the resonator and flapper valve as well?
  4. Understood. I may have to put that into consideration. May just save up the cash for the full system.
  5. So all you did was a muffler swap as well? Cut the old one out weld the new one in and new piping after that?
  6. I’m guessing that’s the same system but for the 6.2L? Would you say it’s worth it to go with a full exhaust system than just a muffler swap?
  7. Awesome thanks for the info man. Was the reason you didn’t go with a full system just because of the cost? Just curious
  8. Did the shop literally just chop off the stock muffler/valve and weld in the new magnaflow muffler you got? They didnt have to bend any new pipe for it to match up with the new muffler did they? Also, if i were to just leave the flapper valve on and just chop off the muffler would it change anything?
  9. Hey everyone, I'm looking into getting a exhaust system and have heard good things about the MagnaFlow 15267 Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System. Is anyone running there system on there 2014 an up Silverado 1500? Is there any bad drone when kicked into V4 mode? I'm wanting just a nice deep rumble and an exhaust that you can tell its a V8 when punched on. Does this exhaust do this? Thanks guys.
  10. What do you retorque? And do you think I could away with making the 1000 mile trip without retorque? But you think I should be good overall.
  11. Hey everyone, So tomorrow I will be getting my truck lifted with the 4.5 inch Zone lift on my 2014 Silverado. The tires are basically 32s. Next week my family and I plan on taking the truck on a road trip for Thanksgiving (approximately 1000 miles). I was wondering if this was ok to do with a newly lifted truck and all? Just want to be sure we will be safe on such a long road trip. Is there anything that I should keep in mind or be sure to do during the drive or after we get to our destination? Will we be ok to drive all the way there without having to re-torque anything? Thanks guys
  12. Hey everyone I’m trying to get a PreRunner look on my 14 Silverado. Has anyone just removed the front bumper and leave the cow? Wondering if that would just look bad or if i should put on a skid plate too. I just don’t want to be spending $1000 for a PreRunner bumper right now. Saving up for a 4inch bds.
  13. Do they strip the chrome off too? Or did they just paint over the chrome? If so how long do you think the paint will last and not peel if they just painted over it.
  14. Do you think the quote you got of $400 dollars would match Macco's anywhere? I'm trying to get my bumpers and grille color matched. I've gotten quotes for $750 for vinyl and $850 for paint from a local auto paint shop. That is a little out of my budget, but I like the $400 quote you got. Just wondering.
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