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Found 21 results

  1. I purchased my truck in February of 2016, and used Apple CarPlay from day one, and never had an issue. Fast forward two years to an Android phone. I plug in, expecting the same easy set up as my work truck (2018 Silverado), and nothing happens. I was confused, as I remember when I bought the truck it was advertised as supporting Apple Carplay/Android Auto. After checking through several forums and MyLink version numbers, I realized it needed an update. Called the dealer and set an appointment, but when I arrived, I was told this was a "customer pay" update, (if I remember correctly, as of Apri
  2. See a lot of questions asked about this and not a lot of set info on the upgrade. Hope this helps even anyone trying to set it up. **READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND WATCH ALL VIDEOS PRIOR TO ATTEMPTING PURCHASING OR INSTALLATION** Apple CarPlay / Android Auto functionality is not supported in any 2014-2015 (Many 2016) Silverado/Sierra’s. This is due to neither application being available from Google or Apple when these vehicles being built, therefore not an available option during these model years. The following instructions are designed to simplify the process as much as p
  3. We've been waiting a long time to announce this: we have finally started receiving the Linkswell GEN3 "T-Style" 12.1" tablet replacement radio for GM trucks (part number TS-GMPU12-1RR1)! Having seen a prototype version of this unit at the SEMA show last November, it's amazing to finally see the finished production piece: Read more about the unit: https://www.adcmobile.com/product/gen-iii-t-style-radio-for-gm-trucks/ To see the actual production unit and accessories, visit this gallery: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17lCS_GjFhwSnGHSWsvsu47Pa6Qm7joML To see screenshots o
  4. Alright... let me take a deep breath... I just bought a 2019 Chevy Silverado Custom Trail Boss. I am having an issue with my 2019 Chevy MyLink infotainment system and its integration with my Note 9 since the Android Pie update. The issue: When I receive a phone call through Bluetooth OR Android auto, I am able to answer the phone call but... The ringer will NOT stop ringing on my infotainment system. The only way I can talk to the person on the other line is by picking up my phone and disabling it from the infotainment system (this did not happen at all on the previous software
  5. I connected my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy 6) to my 2017 Sierra 1500 SLT without issues when I got the truck. Contacts sync'ed and other Bluetooth functions worked fine. A couple months ago, I factory-reset my phone. I deleted the phone on the truck's display an re-paired Bluetooth. Speakerphone and Bluetooth audio work fine but I noticed soon after that it would no longer let me use voice prompts to dial outbound calls via contact names. Turns out, the contacts won't sync. This worked fine before with the same truck and phone. The only thing that's changed is the phone is now e
  6. If you saw my comment in our Live Review of a 2014 Silverado over the last week, you know that I ran into some issues trying to listen to Bluetooth audio through my phone. I've since confirmed using some diagnostic apps that using multiple devices running Android 4.2.2 and 4.3, only the left channel is played through the MyLink system. What we can't figure out is... why?? Is there anyone else with these new trucks that has tried Bluetooth audio streaming? How is it working for you? Also, what device, OS, and OS version are you running? What version of MyLink is installed on your truck?
  7. I am very interested in Android Auto but I don't really care to purchase an after market stereo unit, I like the stock radio. That said could I trade out a 2017 stock radio in order to get Android Auto? Is there some other component that I would need to trade out also/instead of/in addition to?
  8. I have had the Pandora App on the MyLink work for me twice now but I cannot ever seem to figure out how or why (or replicate it). I am using an iPhone and I was under the impression that the app did not work with iPhone but I have gotten it to work twice now. I was just going to post and see if anyone else on here has figured out how. The only thing I remember from the two times that was the same is that I had closed and reopened the Pandora App on my phone. I cannot remember if I was plugged in or BT both times, I believe I was plugged in this last time.
  9. Brand new to this forum, but searched this topic with no luck. Just picked up a used 2015 Denali XL that was made in the early part of the 2015 model year. This one came without wireless charger on the console lid. Question is: I can purchase a New OEM takeoff console lid on ebay pretty reasonable. Is the wiring harness for the wireless charger already in place on this vehicle? Anybody know if there is a bridge/adapter harness to add this on? Buy a whole console harness? Is it even worth the effort to get the wireless charging? Thanks for any and all advise.
  10. Hey guys I'm having a bit of trouble connecting my Nexus 5x phone to my factory radio for Android Auto. I've chatted with Chevy via their online chat and they said the truck was compatible and available for the Android Auto update In an un-related case I had the truck in at a local GMC dealer who replaced the radio buttons due to the "radio" button sticking when I bought the truck and asked them to make sure the radio was up-to-date so I can use Android Auto. After getting the truck back the dealership said the radio was already up-to-date. When I plug in my phone to the USB in the cen
  11. DISCLAIMER: This is a repost of the post I just submitted in the Technology Sub-Forum. I wasn't sure which to post to, so I submitted to both. MODS: Please feel free to delete/move either one. Greetings everyone, First off, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Chris, and I'm what you would call a "tinkerer", "hacker", "maker", or "enthusiast". I'm also recently returned to the GM/Chevy Stock after taking a 12+ year detour into the world of AMC (Jeeps), and Volkswagen. I'm a father of three, and I work in the Industrial Automation Industry (I teach it). In my spare time I build
  12. Zane Merva Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com 3/30/2016 Radar detectors have been used by automotive enthusiasts for decades as a tool to prevent unintentional speeding (and tickets). With the rise of connected smartphones, internet connections everywhere, and cheaper full color displays, this consumer electronics segment has been ripe for innovation. I’ve personally driven with a radar detector for over two decades. I’ve seen crappy and expensive detectors alike and there’s a big difference between the two. So, when I had a chance to test drive the new high-tech Beltronics GT-7 Rada
  13. 2015 ltz z71, normally the truck will read or display text from my phone just fine, but when I get group messages or media, it will read through all of the coding of the message, for 5 minutes. Does anyone else have this problem? I have an android phone, maybe I need a new text app?
  14. As I'm sure many of you folks are aware, they're adding a "projection" option to the 2016 Silverados and Sierras within Mylink/Intellilink. Do any of you know if it would be possible to add these features to a 2014-15 Silverado via a software flash, HMI swap (as some people already do to upgrade to nav), or other means? Any info or insight would be appreciated. I don't care much for factory navigation, but having Google Maps on my truck's display would be awesome.
  15. Greetings everyone, First off, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Chris, and I'm what you would call a "tinkerer", "hacker", "maker", or "enthusiast". I'm also recently returned to the GM/Chevy Stock after taking a 12+ year detour into the world of AMC (Jeeps), and Volkswagen. I'm a father of three, and I work in the Industrial Automation Industry (I teach it). In my spare time I build or "fix" things. After repairing my 2011 Golf TDI for the "nTH" time in a year (only 60K on it and had to spend close to $8K worth in repairs, in one year, due to poor mechanical designs (A/C Fail
  16. Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto is software that allows certain functions and apps from a driver's smartphone to be projected and controlled from a vehicle's in dash infotainment system. Both of Chevrolet's infotainment systems will work with CarPlay and Android Auto for 2016. The 7-inch system will work with both standards at the start of production while Chevrolet will offer owners of the 8-inch systems the ability to upgrade later in the year. The 8-inch system will only be compatible with CarPlay at the start of production and will gain Android Auto compatibility with the updat
  17. Zane Merva Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com 5/28/2015 Chevrolet has announced that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto comparability will be coming to 14 models for the 2016 model year. 2016 Silverado, Silverado HD, Colorado, Tahoe, and Suburban owners will all be able to take advantage of the screen sharing features by the end of the model year. Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto is software that allows certain functions and apps from a driver's smartphone to be projected and controlled from a vehicle's in dash infotainment system. Both of Chevrolet's infotainment systems wil
  18. Ok, lets get the new technology forum off to a good start... Tell us what smart phone OS you have, and what you're planning to upgrade to. Comment and tell us why you chose it, what you upgraded from, if you are brand loyal, etc. I'll start it off.. I have a Droid 3. Before that a BlackBerry tour. I like the Droid but it's disappointing to not be able to upgrade to IceCream sandwich.
  19. Hello everyone, I have created an android app for dealer technicians. Being a TAC Consultant I thought this would give techs some tools for interacting with Technical Assistance. If you have any questions feel free to message me of post on the tech forums under the TAC-DROID thread. The app is free and has no ads. TAC-DROID
  20. Anyone else here have Google Glass? I received an invite a few months back and picked up a pair... Overall, it's pretty neat technology. I don't wear it all the time and would hardly consider myself a Glasshole... but I'm also from an area that seems more interested and intrigued by it than annoyed with it. A shot of me and the kiddo claiming to be the first Glass in Centralia, PA. I've since added a pair of their frames, so make them look a little more normal.
  21. I'm in the midst of a Nexus-7 - replace - factory - radio for a 2011 Silverado project. I've scanned through the archives, but am not sure on one thing. I have US8 radio, UE1 bluetooth/onstar option, UQ3 option. (VIN 1GCRKSE36BZxxxxx) I have gone through the 2011 upfitters guide, and it shows: X1: pin 4 "Voice Recognition Audio SIgnal (UUL or UUK with UE1)" pin 4 "Cellular Telephone Voice Signal (UUL or UUK without UE1)" ok, i don't have UUL or UUK, so i assume this is No-Connect. X2: pin 7: "Cellular Telephone Voice Signal (UE1)" pin 15: "Low Reference (UE1)" Now
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