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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I have a MacBook Air 11.6 that I am looking to sell. This was my first MacBook and I am just more of a PC guy. It will be cleared and returned to factory settings prior to sell. Everything works as it should, just want a PC (Windows) for my Masters program. Asking $600. Located in Saint Louis. Shipping would be around $20 I believe for USPS flat rate boxes. I will post some pictures later. Let me know if you have any questions. This is a link to the Mac details from Apple's website... http://www.apple.com/shop/product/FJVM2LL/A/refurbished-116-inch-macbook-air-16ghz-dual-core-intel-core-i5
  2. See a lot of questions asked about this and not a lot of set info on the upgrade. Hope this helps even anyone trying to set it up. **READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND WATCH ALL VIDEOS PRIOR TO ATTEMPTING PURCHASING OR INSTALLATION** Apple CarPlay / Android Auto functionality is not supported in any 2014-2015 (Many 2016) Silverado/Sierra’s. This is due to neither application being available from Google or Apple when these vehicles being built, therefore not an available option during these model years. The following instructions are designed to simplify the process as much as possible. Three things are required for this upgrade (ONE) Radio Module, (ONE) HMI Module, and (ONE) USB Hub 2016+. Search around for the modules, they are available for purchase from many different locations. EBay, totaled vehicles, junkyards, or other various websites to find them. AGAIN, if the part numbers are not listed below DO NOT purchase them. It is highly encouraged to not try and cut corners with purchasing part numbers of modules not listed as they cannot be flashed to work properly. **DISCONNECT THE BATTERY PRIOR TO INSTALLING FRESHLY UPDATED MODULES** TOOLS REQUIRED: Trim Removal tool 10 mm Socket 7 mm Socket PARTS REQUIRED USB HUB P/N 13519224 (BLACK) P/N 13509943 (WHITE) HMI Module USE ONE OF THE BELOW P/N’S IF YOUR TRUCK CAME FROM THE FACTORY WITH NAVIGATION. ONLY REQUIRED TO PURCHASE ONE P/N. 84006103 84048396 84096817 84156701 81431943 84296482 USE ONE OF THE BELOW P/N’S IF YOUR TRUCK CAME FROM THE FACTORY WITHOUT NAVIGATION. ONLY REQUIRED TO PURCHASE ONE P/N. 84096815 84156699 84131941 84296480 84004948 84048398 84131941 84296480 RADIO MODULE USE ONE OF THE BELOW P/N’S IF YOUR TRUCK CAME FROM THE FACTORY WITH BOSE. ONLY REQUIRED TO PURCHASE ONE P/N. 84062073 84293226 13506371 23402903 USE ONE OF THE BELOW P/N’S IF YOUR TRUCK CAME FROM THE FACTORY WITHOUT BOSE. ONLY REQUIRED TO PURCHASE ONE P/N. 13506387 23402909 84062056 84293243 Once acquiring the parts you can now send them to be flashed. These modules will be flashed to your VIN and will then be plug and play. Copy the link and follow the prompts. http://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=98&category_id=44&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=54 If you have followed all the directions up and to this point, select yes for hardware match. You can chose if you would like the maps updated on your NAV if you so choose. You will be emailed your order number from WAMS, this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. You will be required to ship your parts either FedEx or UPS, they will not accept packages from USPS. You will need to write your order number on the box to ensure your order is properly handled. Turn around is approximately one week from shipment to return. ONLY ship your (ONE) Radio Module and (ONE) HMI Module. Maintain your USB Hub. Once you have received your parts from WAMS you can begin installation. Disconnect your battery prior to installation. To install the radio module watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2MYuuyqLrs. For the purpose of this install start the video at 1:00. Stop the video at 2:04, the radio module is visible with a green connector on the far left. Simply begin disconnecting all of the connectors plugged into the module, once all are removed you can slide the module out of the dash. It is retained only by the tension of the cables plugged into it. Replace with your new module, you can now continue the video and finish putting the dash back together. Stop the video at 4:10. To install the HMI Module watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFe2gwlOsD4. Stop the video at 2:00. The module being described behind the crossbar is what you are replacing. Remove all connectors, the module is retained with a plastic clip on top. Installing the module along with the glove box, is self explanatory. Take note of the plastic tabs on the sides of the USB Hub you are preparing to install. Those tabs can be depressed with a dental pick and gradually removed out of place. Once removed, disconnect the harness and reconnect. Installation is now complete. You can now reconnect your battery and start your vehicle. Initial start up might take a few seconds to initialize, and temperature defaulting to 32 degrees is normal. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay require hardwire connection, so to test functionality it needs to be connected to the newly installed USB hub. MVI Inc (https://www.gm-navigation.com/) offers kits and other customization options if the above is not something you feel comfortable acquiring on your own. Hope this helps, should be pretty cut and dry. There might be other methods, but this was the cheapest I discovered. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.
  3. If you saw my comment in our Live Review of a 2014 Silverado over the last week, you know that I ran into some issues trying to listen to Bluetooth audio through my phone. I've since confirmed using some diagnostic apps that using multiple devices running Android 4.2.2 and 4.3, only the left channel is played through the MyLink system. What we can't figure out is... why?? Is there anyone else with these new trucks that has tried Bluetooth audio streaming? How is it working for you? Also, what device, OS, and OS version are you running? What version of MyLink is installed on your truck? Here Devices we tried Galaxy S4 running Android 4.2.2 Nexus 7 running Android 4.3 This Silverado was running MyLink software "version" 23174395 and we only heard audio from the left channel Any one with other Android and Apple devices that can try this out and let us know what happens?
  4. The music sounds great as usual, but the connected party is complaining of my audio (crackling, raspy, choppy) when calling via my Apple iPhone X and connected to bluetooth. I didn't have this issue with my previous phone and other devices don't seem to have the same experience. Has anyone else experienced this with a new phone?
  5. I have a 2016 GMC Sierra capable of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and have been playing with CarPlay now for a little while. Yesterday I borrowed a friends used Android to test Android Auto. I'd be interested in your opinions and I will share my experience. I have had iPhones for years now. I am deep in the eco-system as my home and work computers are also OSX. Switching is a daunting thought considering my iCloud Contacts are well curated and my Google Contacts are like the wild wild west. I digress. Generally I have some gripes. CarPlay and Android both require USB and Bluetooth connection to the head unit which is confusing, is USB not enough? I doesn't seem like I could, for instance, connect a secondary Android device for Android Auto that is connected to WiFi via my phone or the car's 4G connect, and have my iPhone connected to the Bluetooth for Siri or even just for phone calls. I would be completely fine with sacrificing the Siri integration from the iPhone if I could get bluetooth audio for phone calls. Maybe I am not doing it right, if you have figured that out let me know. The touch screen is great for a truck head unit. I don't expect anything near what one would get on a new smartphone and I have heard the processor on this newer head unit is faster than the older models which is much appreciated when navigating interfaces. Also, the audio quality for phone calls is superb. Coming from a few year older GTI, people that don't even know I've upgraded don't ever notice I am on the road talking to them anymore. Spot on. After playing with CarPlay I can say that Apple Maps is much nicer to look at than the standard navigation. Apple hasn't convinced me that it's Maps application is ready for the prime time though. IMHO after reading countless articles and having iPhones back when Google Maps was default -- they never should have gotten into the Maps game. That is arguable, and should, theoretically, get better as they are in development of a car. Phone integration with Siri is fantastic as well. Spotify on CarPlay is a delight to look at. Again miles away from the Media interface on the IntelliLink. Android auto -- wow. Whereas it's obvious Apple too the iOS idea with big icons -- and it works on the head unit -- it looks like Google went from the ground up. They took their material design philosophy and applied it to the head unit interface. I have to say it is impressive. Overall the user interface is gorgeous to look at. Navigating around to the different areas, Music, Navigation is a breeze. Ok Google mic is always in the top right corner. Icons are clear. Minimal buttons when not needed. Intuitive controls. If it sounds like I am not giving Apple credit here, they have a system and it works. It's worked for years on my phone so I get that. This is my first intro into the new design of Google's apps and I have to say I am staggered. Google maps on the IntelliLink is a marvel. Incredibly smooth. Design refined over years of Google Maps owning (IMHO) the directions arena. My conundrum is with the whole USB/Bluetooth situation. Android Auto for certain does not work unless you have it connected via USB & bluetooth. Therefore it's not like I can keep an older Android without a cellular plan in the glove box just for Android Auto and still have any integration with the iPhone 6S. That is a huge bummer. I would have no issue buying even a used Android with a cracked screen since I don't need the screen. I'm in a touch position here because of how nested I am in the Apple world and how attractive having Google Maps on that 8" screen. I don't think there is anything else better to look at on that screen. What is your experience? Have I missed anything?
  6. I don't know how many 2016 trucks are out there, but I was curious if anyone else was having issues with choppy audio playback from Apple Carplay. If I have my iPhone plugged in via Lightning cable, the audio playback is extremely choppy, and it doesn't get any better with time. Also, the CarPlay apps will take several seconds to respond to any touch, which effectively renders the feature unusable. Has anyone else experienced similar issues? I know the feature is brand new with the MyLink system, but I'm surprised at just how buggy it is. It's not a huge bugaboo for me, as the Bluetooth works fine, so I figured if I get nothing here, I'll bring it up at my first oil change. -I have the 40/20/40 bench, and I am utilizing the USB port in the flipdown console -Pandora plays just fine when connected through the same Lightning cable in the same port -Have tried multiple Apple and other certified Lightning cables -Currently running iOS 9.2 on my iPhone 5s -Have cleaned my Lightning port on the phone to no avail -Have 2.2GB free memory on the phone -The music I am attempting to play is stored on the phone I have yet to try another phone, but if anyone has any other ideas or similar experiences, I would appreciate the input. Thank you.
  7. So my truck is at the dealer to have the radiator replaced under warranty, in relation to a TSB. I always get a loaner vehicle from my dealer and this time they gave me a 2016 Sierra SLE All Terrain. Nice truck, not quite the SLT All Terrain like my 2014. Well this one has the updated Intellilink system with Apple CarPlay. So I have been testing it out and playing with it. Few reactions right off the bat: 1. The latest MMI system is SO much faster than my 2014. Going between menu's is so much quicker. With my 2014, there is a noticeable lag when pressing a screen option. GM must have upgraded the hardware to include a better processor. Should have been the case in 2014, but live and learn I guess. 2. Backup camera seems to be a lot crisper than my 2014. 3. Apple CarPlay add's some nice features, I would see myself using it. But when it interupts my music to read off a text message, I get annoyed. Hah And finally here is a short video I made of the new MMI system. Enjoy.
  8. Zane Merva Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com 3/30/2016 Radar detectors have been used by automotive enthusiasts for decades as a tool to prevent unintentional speeding (and tickets). With the rise of connected smartphones, internet connections everywhere, and cheaper full color displays, this consumer electronics segment has been ripe for innovation. I’ve personally driven with a radar detector for over two decades. I’ve seen crappy and expensive detectors alike and there’s a big difference between the two. So, when I had a chance to test drive the new high-tech Beltronics GT-7 Radar Detector and use it with Escort Live on my smartphone, I couldn’t wait to give it a go and compare it to the detectors I’ve used. Product: GT-7 radar detector & Escort Live / SmartCord Live Manufacturer: Beltronics & Escort Retail Price: $499.99 [GT-7] / $99.99 [smartCord Live] Product Website: Beltronics GT-7 / SmartCord Live GT-7 Features Long range radar detection with digital signal processing Smart Cord with remote mute button Magnetic windshield mount GPS learns and remembers false alerts along your route Internal and updatable database of red light and speed cameras Compatiable with Escort Live App [requipres SmartCord Live Purchase] SmartCord Live Features Direct Replacement for the GT-7's power cord Works with most Beltronics and Escort radar detectors Brings Bluetooth functionality to your Beltronics GT-7 Includes a full year of Escort Live Works with Apple and Android Features USB port for cell phone charging Auto false alert muting for traffic flow sensors and other non-threat alerts Unboxing the Beltronics GT-7 With a $499 MSRP, the GT-7 undoubtedly falls into the premium radar detector segment. In fact, it sits at the very top of the product range at Beltronics. And it’s for good reason. Sliding off the color sleeve and opening the box reveals a rugged zippered case. Under the case is the power cord and sticky windshield mount. Inside the case lies the GT-7. The included magnetic mount attaches very well and turned out to even be a hassle to remove sometimes. That’s a good thing and reassuring that your investment doesn’t fall off the front windshield. The included power cord includes a neat remote mute button and a long reach. It’s only partly wound to provide some stretch but not obscure too much of your view. However, we had the pleasure of using the Escort Live Bluetooth SmartCord with our GT-7, so we left the included cord in the carrying case. More on Escort Live later. The bright orange and blocky design of the GT-7 is modern but controversial. It’s important to note that just like the Silverado and Sierra are the same vehicle under the hood, the GT-7 shares the same electronics and features as the Escort Max2. The only major difference being the Max2 comes in a low key black and white color and with built in Escort Live. The Max2 is also more expensive as a result. Setup for the GT-7 was painless. It’s a simple as plugging the unit in, attaching the suction cup to the windshield, and sliding the detector into the magnetic mount. There’s no necessary setup and everything works from the moment you first plug it in. It’s entirely possible to plug and go, enjoying full protection right out of the box. However, Beltronics also has included a lot of customization into the GT-7. You can pick the display’s color theme, which radar bands you want to monitor(X/K/Ka/Laser/Pop), the types of sound alerts you hear, along with quite a bit more. The most noticeable and flashy feature of the GT-7 is the color LCD display. Radar detectors have typically used as few indicators as possible and even other high end units still use dot matrix style displays. However, Beltronics has fitted a simple color display into the GT-7. The first day we used the detector we admit, the display seemed like overkill. However, as time passed we grew accustomed to the display and grew to love it. The GT-7 also has built in GPS. That allows for a digital speedometer on the display and a built in updatable database of false alerts, traffic cameras, speed traps, and more. The longer you own your GT-7, the more accurate and less false alerts you’ll have. Once the detector is exposed to successive alerts in the same area, it will automatically block the source from triggering an alert. The system works automatically in the background or you can manually mark locations where you consistently get false alerts. I’ve been using this built-in GPS database with my “old” Escort 9500ix. It’s a truly valuable feature that gives the detector’s owner a clearer picture of possible radar alerts. When the alarms go off, you know there’s something ahead of you that isn’t normally there and you should pay attention. This feature is independent of the social threat reporting features of Escort Live and works as a standard feature of the GT-7. Escort Live We were impressed how far away our GT-7 can detect radar hits. We consistently received warnings before we saw the issue on the road ahead. However, even in the best of conditions, a radar detector's ability to work will always be limited by physics. To alert drivers of issues miles beyond the capabilities of any radar detector Beltronics is leveraging the power of the smartphone and the internet. With an easy to replace swap of the power cord, the GT-7 becomes compatible with Escort Live, a social threat sharing network. The Escort Live network is added to any GT-7 with a simple extra Escort Smart Cord Live. The cord looks very similar to the GT-7’s standard power cord but has more features. Like the standard cord, the Smart Cord features a report mute button but also includes a remote Report button and a USB charging port for your smart phone. The cord also allows for a Bluetooth connection between your smartphone and the detector. Once you’ve downloaded the Escort Live app and activated your subscription to Escort Live Premium (free for a year with purchase and $50/year after that), the true power of a socially connected radar detector emerge. The app works with the detector to provide voice and visual warnings of radar alerts ahead of you that have been reported by other users (or even other Beltronics or Escort radar detectors). You can set the distance that you would be like to alerted at, up to 1.5 miles ahead of you. It allows you to get a heads up before your detector's radar sensor can alert you to anything. In addition to live radar hits being automatically reported and mapped, Escort Live users can manually report non-radar using Police, mobile speed cameras, red light cameras, and speed traps and other types of alerts to other users. Another feature of the Escort Live app is that it allows you to fully configure and customize your detector right on your smartphone. You can change alerts, tones, and other settings inside the app. But does it work? I’ve been using radar detectors for a long time. .In all of those years, these devices have paid for themselves again and again by preventing me from accidentally going over the speed limit. The GT-7 takes my past good experience of driving with a radar detector to the next level. At first I thought using my smartphone and an app with a simple device for my car must be a very big gimmick. However, the more I use the combination of the GT-7 and Escort Live the more I was sold on how well it worked. In the few months that I’ve been using this setup I’ve experienced a surprisingly number of times where the Escort Live network alerted me to an issue ahead on the road long before the detector started alerting to active radar. Now it doesn’t hurt that I’m also an avid user of Waze. So, the idea of powering up an app everytime I get in the car was an easy prospect to swallow. For others’ that might not be something they can get used to and that’s alright. The GT-7 is an amazing device in it’s own right and without Escort Live. For those who can and will use Escort Live every single day, it offers huge benefits. The app offers a heads up of any reported police activity around you. As long as the app is running and connected, any alarm is automatically sent to Escort Live to warn other users. From speed traps to flying police aircraft, Escort Live allows users to give others a heads up to potential issues on the road ahead. Conclusion Are you a technology buff that wants protection against unintended speeding tickets or maybe just an average guy who just wants a heads up if there’s a speed trap ahead? Either way or for both, the GT-7 is right up your alley. The GT-7 is truly a tool that can help anyone who spends significant time behind the wheel. This product was provided in loan for our objective and unbiased review.
  9. As I'm sure many of you folks are aware, they're adding a "projection" option to the 2016 Silverados and Sierras within Mylink/Intellilink. Do any of you know if it would be possible to add these features to a 2014-15 Silverado via a software flash, HMI swap (as some people already do to upgrade to nav), or other means? Any info or insight would be appreciated. I don't care much for factory navigation, but having Google Maps on my truck's display would be awesome.
  10. Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto is software that allows certain functions and apps from a driver's smartphone to be projected and controlled from a vehicle's in dash infotainment system. Both of Chevrolet's infotainment systems will work with CarPlay and Android Auto for 2016. The 7-inch system will work with both standards at the start of production while Chevrolet will offer owners of the 8-inch systems the ability to upgrade later in the year. The 8-inch system will only be compatible with CarPlay at the start of production and will gain Android Auto compatibility with the update. Unfortunately for current owners, 2015 and earlier system cannot be upgraded and will never work with CarPlay and Android Auto. That said, don't worry. We'd have to imagine that aftermarket upgrade options will be in hot demand for this new bit of tech. We also expect a similar announcement from GMC in the near future. Stay tuned! 2016 Chevrolet Models that will be compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto 7-inch MyLink Spark Cruze Malibu Camaro Silverado Silverado HD 8-inch MyLink Cruze Malibu Impala Volt Camaro Corvette Colorado Silverado Silverado HD Tahoe Suburban
  11. Zane Merva Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com 5/28/2015 Chevrolet has announced that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto comparability will be coming to 14 models for the 2016 model year. 2016 Silverado, Silverado HD, Colorado, Tahoe, and Suburban owners will all be able to take advantage of the screen sharing features by the end of the model year. Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto is software that allows certain functions and apps from a driver's smartphone to be projected and controlled from a vehicle's in dash infotainment system. Both of Chevrolet's infotainment systems will work with CarPlay and Android Auto for 2016. The 7-inch system will work with both standards at the start of production while Chevrolet will offer owners of the 8-inch systems the ability to upgrade later in the year. The 8-inch system will only be compatible with CarPlay at the start of production and will gain Android Auto compatibility with the update. Unfortunately for current owners, 2015 and earlier system cannot be upgraded and will never work with CarPlay and Android Auto. That said, don't worry. We'd have to imagine that aftermarket upgrade options will be in hot demand for this new bit of tech. We also expect a similar announcement from GMC in the near future. Stay tuned! 2016 Chevrolet Models that will be compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto 7-inch MyLink Spark Cruze Malibu Camaro Silverado Silverado HD 8-inch MyLink Cruze Malibu Impala Volt Camaro Corvette Colorado Silverado Silverado HD Tahoe Suburban
  12. Ok, lets get the new technology forum off to a good start... Tell us what smart phone OS you have, and what you're planning to upgrade to. Comment and tell us why you chose it, what you upgraded from, if you are brand loyal, etc. I'll start it off.. I have a Droid 3. Before that a BlackBerry tour. I like the Droid but it's disappointing to not be able to upgrade to IceCream sandwich.
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