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  1. That would be perfect... I thank you very much.. Mike They told me that they didn't put one in the Reg cab. So they didn't have a part number. Wanted me to find a truck or the extented cab and get the vin number. My truck is black with jet black interior with white stitches. So I guess I'll have to find one that is the right color.. What color is yours?lol.. Mike
  2. Hello My name is Mike Harding here in charlotte Nc. I have a 2015 Silverado REG Cab. I wont to get a console for it. I went to my dealer today to order it and they said that the reg cab never had a  part number. So I'm was wondering  if the console would even fit. Most everybodys got the extended cab.I have a black truck with Jet black interior.  He said the reg cab never had the console opton. can you please help me. thanks

  3. Hello my name is Mike. I have a 2015 Silverado REG cab. I wont to get a console for it, I have a jump seat there now. went to my dealer today to order one. they said they didn't have it in the reg cab. so I'm wondering if it will even fit and how do I get it? My truck is black my interior is Jet black.. I also want to get the plug and play harness. Can someone please help me. I would greatly appreciate it. Not even sure if I'm in the right forum topic.

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