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  1. Thought on this Mr Phil? Also will the digital climate control work on a LT trim truck? on a side note took the truck to a local car show and several people noticed the mirrors and console. They were all amazed that it all worked. Turned them onto the forum.
  2. FYI my return was canceled yesterday. I called and spoke to my guy there and he said that part number 84288042 is on back order with no eta from GM. Julio is going to check with the distributior and keep my return open. Julio has been great to work with.
  3. I spoke Julio who is a manager in the RMA department about 1:30 today. Before 2:00 I received an email with a new sales order for a new console to be shipped to me a shipping label to return the old damaged unit.
  4. So I copied this from one of Phil's posts on page 36.....I think. This is what I used to order my parts. You want black and Synthesis, then get a harness from Phil. I Make sure you inspect your console good, mine was cracked and I am trying to get it worked out but GMPartsGiant.com is not being very helpful. I am going to dispute the CC charge today and see if that gets there attention. 84288042 - Console (Black with Synthesis Trim) - $411.32 Pick one upper tray: 84092079 - Upper Tray (Reverse Tartan) - $144.64 84092080 - Upper Tray (Synthesis) - 138.86 Pick side trim color of choice: 23467516 - Side Trim (Black) - $24.01 23467517 - Side Trim (Cocoa) - $23.54 22817347 - Side Trim (Black) - $52.27 22817348 - Side Trim (Cocoa) - $52.27 22776807- Bracket - $14.92 11609982 - Bolts (qty. 2) - $5.96 USB Cables 84022315 - $24.80 (Green to Grey) 84022323 - $22.32 (Black to Brown) 19119050 - $22.90 (Black to Grey)
  5. I spoke to someone and he said they would issue an RMA for it and I should hear from the "Returns Department" in 24 hours or so. Is a lot of work to pull the seat out (completely , seat belt and all) to re install this thing....... FYI, I did my mirrors as well and that went perfect as well. What about digital climate controls....................

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