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  1. Sent my harness’s out to Phil last Thursday and receive them back in today. It took me longer to find my keys and to make sure it all work perfectly. Which I did. Thanks again Phil.
  2. I must suck because, I tried to get the crome caps off the mirrors that are going on the truck and broke 1/2 the clips. it did worse on the secound mirror! FML
  3. posi rear end

    Thanks for the info! I may try to hold out a little longer. There are enough of these trucks that we should have more than 2 options. Would really love a wave lock or a Detroit Locker that doesn’t have to be a “custom” install.
  4. posi rear end

    Agreed but I don't think there is a Detroit Locker option for the 9.5 yet.
  5. Thinking about changing my boost and A/F gauges so maybe something to match. Not sure what gauges yet. I do really like the ones below.
  6. Any up-date? Very curious to the out come.
  7. Those are sweet! I may need an upgrade!!!!!!
  8. Well, I updated the tune and took it for a test drive 12.6 PSI on the data log. Pulls hard when it gets traction!
  9. Has anyone done this is a regular cab? I have almost all of my parts to do it, need to order a harness and a few more pieces.

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