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  1. would this be similar to the watch in Pulp Fiction?
  2. 2018 w/ 8 spd? if so trans could likely be issue. as could the torque converter. dealer should know the TSBs for them
  3. not able to lock that, besides it would be easy to break into being plastic. lots of options to replace that storage , but all the ones i see are a bit pricey. https://www.bossstrongbox.com/police-tahoe-rear-storage https://www.lockerdown.com/i-46-suvault-model-ld3003-2015-2020-escaladetahoe-yukon.html?ref=category:26 https://truckvault.com/vehicles/suv https://suvcargocaddy.com/ https://www.tuffyproducts.com/product/290/tactical-gear-security-drawers there are others, but guess i lost those bookmarks
  4. cool and ive been looking for a new custom driveshaft for mine, so i can get a better dyno run too
  5. i recall someone on another forum stating JRE ( Jannetty Racing ) had the new 5 bolt style pulleys might be worth a call/email
  6. doubt it, as they use AutoCal but never hurts to ask them
  7. shouldnt need range device now. SLP should tune out the V4 mode doubt that would mess things up, but might try removing 1 extra variable. & 350 rpm is too low for idle. really shouldnt go below 500 550 to 600 is better
  8. @wilshire37 thats an oil catch can on the firewall. sucks about SLP... what did they say when you talked to their support? as it sounds like could be tune type issue. also double check all connections that were removed during install. maybe something didnt seat or got pinched. how many miles are on your '14? any maintenance items need to be looked at? i.e.: plugs, plug wires (maybe loose) , fuel filter, etc check engine light? might be worth getting it scanned for codes. also curious.... what is your idle rpm? mine used to be 500 & at times it would be rough just sitting there, but fine driving. i got a BBP tune & had them bump it to 600. fixed my issue any local tuners close to you? might be worth stopping by.
  9. ^ true & a higher % of mustangs , lol most will be happy w/ stage 1 & 2 once one goes past that.... supporting mods/parts become more important
  10. thats by design so we dont destroy the beer can of a driveshaft & take out fuel lines, fuel tank, etc amongst other possible tolerance stacking issues that they havent fixed yet
  11. get S/C installed & get used to it Big Brake Kit (BBK) then, after you get used to it... Blackbear tune CAI smaller s/c pulley (guessing you have a 3.4...go 3.1) then when you want to get crazy: LT headers (& maybe a resonator - to quiet it down a hair) plug wires & 1 step colder plugs custom driveshaft even smaller s/c pulley (& new belt) throttle body retune injectors/fuel system cam/lifters (DOD delete) pistons meth torque converter etc... LOL
  12. will you be challenging the time soon?
  13. some group in UAE (i think) had a 9.6 ish run they were @ like 20 of 28#s on their run so plenty left to toy around with.
  14. FYI, the fan blowing is called - afterblow. GM enabled this to dry out the evaporator of the HVAC system... so it doesnt get a musty smell.
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