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  1. ^ that, lol but you also dont have to leave jut b/c you dont have a truck any longer
  2. its pretty cool that it can enter competition mode automatically given certain driving conditions.
  3. lol, there is no way a PPV is getting up to 160 mph (heck, the charger & taurus SHO interceptors cant even go that fast) the driveshaft will give out well before that is reached. tires would have issues at that speed too 129-135 is more reasonable, thats still pushing it. i havent seen any upfitters upgrading the driveshaft
  4. prolly lookin for an insurance scam payout or jelly of your truck & wanted to ruin it
  5. yeah the "swipe foot" option seems like more of an annoyance to me. i am glad it wasnt avail on my '15
  6. i am not familiar, but i would assume no it doesnt (not by itself). As all the kits on tuner pages that i have seen clearly state they do not have CARB & not Cali legal. i think the only way for an LT4SC to work in Cali is to buy a whole crate engine w/ SC from GM
  7. might ask whipple, if they started modifying their superchargers to allow for the lt4 hpfp. if they did, could save a few bucks
  8. wireless charging and the swipe foot option to open the rear liftgate were avail on the 2015i (so like 6+ months after the first ones rolled out) you can always add the wireless charging & your burb looks good
  9. got to LUV the pencil pushers at GM hehe sure i'll get a pic & upload later today
  10. my '15 has no vibrations when using Auto or 4hi i also have not experienced any difference in fuel economy when driving in either 2wd or Auto also no noise in Auto on highway
  11. searched here but couldnt find threads. so from other forum https://www.tahoeyukonforum.com/threads/cargo-area-light-mod.100191/ above is eagle eye one https://www.tahoeyukonforum.com/threads/2016-yukon-denali-no-rear-cargo-overhead-light-there-is-now-diy-guide.85574/
  12. i dont have a Silverado, but i have a '15 burb i run 305/45r22 & im lowered 2" i upgrade rims to 22x10 +35 i rub on hard lock on sway bar barely touches my inner fender liner
  13. looks like Soler has something https://www.solerengineering.com/generalmotors/se8223-87-80
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