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  1. the blue one needs diff rims the orange one is much better, might look little better w/ some white accents on grille
  2. do what Frankie did... or if you are ok spending funds of that amount... just get long tube headers & high flow cats for about the same
  3. gat0r


    NY & NJ account for like 1/2 of all of the US cases have to wonder if they are counting things properly or splitting hairs for politics
  4. there is also a TSB for the condenser. id take it in
  5. gat0r

    Scumbag GM

    OP dont forget that we paid GM 3 different bailouts. & they had the balls after the 2nd one to take out a TV commercial stating they paid the 1st one off early. too bad they used funds from 2nd bailout to play shell games about the 1st bailout. LOL they were morons for doing that.
  6. gat0r

    Scumbag GM

    too bad that is not what the guy took but media doesnt care about that the dumbass took chloroquine phosphate ...not even close to the same thing
  7. any tunnels close by for an additional , windows down recording?
  8. if you think about it, id like to see pics of the new exhaust manifolds installed before they get covered up w/ all the rest of the system eta: i'd luv to do a compound boost setup, but need to build up drivetrain to support that... so need to win the lotto
  9. looks good did you have to add spacers to rims? someone else posted new silverado rims rubbed on calipers w/o spacers
  10. very nice seen those kits for a while... i like their soccer mom tahoe will be a fun truck when you get done. should be real fun on 1/8 or 1/4 mile track too something to tangle w/ the homemade lightnings
  11. & it wasnt missed by the delivery team they didnt want to do paperwork, so they probably tried to blameshift to dealer
  12. first scratch is out of the way... after dealer fixes it, you can enjoy it & not worry so much & you should get a nice discount...or maybe have dealer add some extras
  13. fyi, 20s vs 22s dont make a diff on the buffeting sound issue & EXSlider400 GM & dealer know its not a normal issue, as there are TSBs for all kinds of possible fixes. (which most dont work) i believe it to be more of a tolerance stacking issue, along w/ mon/fri build tied in.
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