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  1. roadforce balance has helped a lot of people in past lug nuts have proper torque? what tire pressure do you keep? & what tires? brand & size there any noise coming from rear bearing? or weird tire wear (on current or prior tires)
  2. what kind of power you putting down? any vids?
  3. looks nice & shiny build it up to spank a camaro
  4. they just started calling it "Premier" package maybe GM figured if they use more letters, they can charge more LOL
  5. if there arent many options for 18's... what about 20's? id think 17" & 20" should have plenty of options 18" & 19" can be a bit odd depending on location
  6. id look into one of these... Vibrant Ultra Quiet Resonator these are also popular to add to system.... venom, carven, aero muffler they are all fairly small, should be easy to add before/after your muffler
  7. i was thinking contact BTR for specs on their custom cam.... so you can compare w/ TSP ones & see if its worth getting their cam over the TSP.
  8. be careful of using cheap gas stations. i use higher octane b/c i am boosted, so i stick w/ 93 the last time i had a loaner, i filled it the 1st time w/ 87... it didnt like that. next time i filled w/ 89 & no issues.
  9. def. need a BBK (Wilwood & Stoptech are GTG) a really good driveshafts ;) what intake & TB will you use? check w/ Brian Tooley on cam.. they did one for Tahakum motorsports & it ran a 9.6 sec 1/4 gauges might need meth kit too prolly want oversized intercooler as well
  10. he did... LOL if you still dont get it... watch Pulp Fiction., the scene w/ christopher walken hahaha
  11. would this be similar to the watch in Pulp Fiction?
  12. 2018 w/ 8 spd? if so trans could likely be issue. as could the torque converter. dealer should know the TSBs for them
  13. not able to lock that, besides it would be easy to break into being plastic. lots of options to replace that storage , but all the ones i see are a bit pricey. https://www.bossstrongbox.com/police-tahoe-rear-storage https://www.lockerdown.com/i-46-suvault-model-ld3003-2015-2020-escaladetahoe-yukon.html?ref=category:26 https://truckvault.com/vehicles/suv https://suvcargocaddy.com/ https://www.tuffyproducts.com/product/290/tactical-gear-security-drawers there are others, but guess i lost those bookmarks
  14. cool and ive been looking for a new custom driveshaft for mine, so i can get a better dyno run too
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