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  1. Totally agree with you I'm tied to the brand.I just want people to speak up ,and not take what GM shoves down or throats.So they can put more money in share holders pockets.Didn't mean to upset anybody.I'm going back to the K2 side.But I will be back when the 2011 model comes out.
  2. All because someone on the line didn't make the connection between two connector at the firewall.Other than that the truck has been great.Listen I'm retired and I don't drive the truck that much,so I can afford to wait for a model I like.
  3. I've already told you I'm a loyal GM customer.You may ask why,my truck was in the dealership for 1 1/2 months because the lane departure camera was not working right.My dealership called GM and asked them to send a engineer.Because their technician couldn't figure it out.He came and fixed it one day.I don't think Dodge or Ford would do that.And I love my dealership.The difference between me and you guys is I'm not brain washed by GM.GM saids to you guys you can have black ,black or more black interior,also you can have cheap plastic everywhere.And also a cheap gear shift handle,and a small informant radio and no adjustable pedals.And you guys say okay.That's why I'm waiting for the update .Hit them in the pocket book.Remember just because you think your interior is great and I think it's ugly.It's all about sales.
  4. Don't believe everything you read on the internet.I have three buddies that have Ram trucks no problem with the big screen and also their ac works no problem.Boy you look inside their trucks and you go holly sh-t.You look inside the GM and say what a joke.I love all the cheap plastic.
  5. Don't worry I'm a Canadian we have a recall so they have to make sure it's fixed.
  6. Ya almost,I heard that your having hard time stopping the T1.Joke
  7. Get your facts right I have led headlights.La looks like a red storm trooper instead of a white one.
  8. I agree with you.I find it funny that not many complain about the 2016 to 18,because GM new that they had a winner.It's funny how many people are defending the T1.And rightfully so,you have alot money tied up in that truck,you don't want somebody keep telling you it's ugly.I bet the idiots that design it keep telling Barra don't worry the public is going to come around.I don't think so.Somebody did a drawing that tweak the front end and it looked great.That's what I'm saying just a tweak ,not a sledgehammer.
  9. I love the power pedals,my wife wouldn't be able to drive the truck without them.In a way that could be a good thing.I don't put any wood like you say.The reason I like them my wife wouldn't sit 10 inches from the steering wheel.And if you looked it up you would see that what you should be at.You can have all the greatest gadgets on your truck but it's still ugly.
  10. Go on YouTube look for Autotrader.ca review on Chevy and GMC, Ford, Ram 2019 review look who came in last.Before you guys jump on me,they all like the outside of the GMC and Chevy.One for you.
  11. I'ts funny look at the unveiling of 2019 Chevy in Texas,not once do they show the crowd once it's sitting on the platform.Smart move on their part,I bet the the people in the stadium are going what the f--k.Look at the comments underneath. I think you're wrong,sales count for everything.
  12. Hey I retired working in a jail for36 years. When you work in that environment you have a thick skin so no one I here will ever bother me.That's why I'm blunt and to the point.And I do tell people if I think their truck is ugly in their face.
  13. I totally agree.But the rest no.Especially the GMC clown face.
  14. Listen your side of your truck looks great,and the back of them look good to.I'ts the front end.That's why I think there going to change the front end.
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