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  1. The technician checks contacts to see if there a problem .They look for burnt contacts .They will change contacts , replace the fuse and reprogram the computer. If it is burnt they will also replace the rear window in addition to the contacts. The service advisor said only 2/150 had to replace rear window.
  2. Good for you on having a pension.I bet many people on this sight are in debt up to their eyeballs.
  3. Get the facts right,I said cheap interior.And they are cheap compared to Ram.
  4. I still like the look of the K2 is better,the only thing I don't like about the T1 is the front end and the cheap inside.If the 2021 has a great inside,which I think it will I will buy one .
  5. Totally agree with you.I just don't like someone calling me a liar,which I have nothing to gain from lying.
  6. Yes I did $64,000 cash.I retired at 59 with a great government pension.Unlike most Americans that don't have company pension,I bet your one of them.Look at the facts 80 percent Americans don't have a company pensions.
  7. Nice try bud,I paid cash for my truck.I bet you have payments coming out of your butt.
  8. I just own a K2,but my buddy has a T1 and I drove it many times.The inside is cheap cheap and again I would say cheap crap.
  9. Should have waited till 2021 when the interior design will look alot better,but I like the colour.
  10. Did you get the flush done.I just had it done, I would never think that changing fluid would make that much of difference.My shift points are great now,no more clunking.
  11. Thank's to realize this not T1 against K2 but don't shove down my throat that the T1 is better.The truck is still ugly both the GMC and the Chevy only in the front end.Boy since I got the fluid changed in my transmission I would never change my truck for a T1.
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