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  1. 8 speed transmission ?

    I just baby it when I start off first thing in the morning.Then it runs great the rest of the day.43,000 km. No shudder or shakes.Also with me if you push it also runs even better.
  2. Nice looking truck,better looking than the 2019 trucks.
  3. I was at the game,the people around me started laughing.Do you think these people know it was an update.They just know that it didn't start.GM find someone who knows how to drive the truck.Don't forget this happened in front of thousands of people.Not in your driveway.
  4. Did you see at the Red Wing game a2019 Trail boss conk out on the ice,the zamboni had pull it off the ice.What a joke
  5. Sorry Doug,but your truck is ugly.I will keep my 2016.
  6. Gm is going to have a new infotainment radio by 2020.They say you will get your updates over the air,I would guess from onstar.
  7. I'm going to test drive the new Ram.If I buy gm I will wait for 2020 when they have the new screen.
  8. I use Chemical Guys products never let me down.And I have tried alot of products.
  9. Butt ugly,the only good looking truck gm has is the Denali for 2019.I pirdic they will do some twickin in 2020 because sales will be down.
  10. Now I like the look of it.Thats funny the Chevy is better looking,the front end on the Chevy is butt ugly.
  11. I'm right with you.This 8speed transmission is a different breed.I'm waiting for the 2019 gmc truck on March 1 it better be sharp looking,because Chevy is ugly .Will see because I will switch to the Ram.
  12. The chevy is a ugly truck,they better do a better job on the Serria,or I'm buying a Ram.
  13. 2019 Ram

    I like the Ram sorry GM you've been out classed inside and outside.
  14. I agree with you,I cringe every time my wife takes the truck which isn't too often.

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