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  1. All can say is Wow they have a lot of problems over there.I haven't been on their site for awhile.All I'm saying is change up two things ,a minor inside change and tweak the front end.
  2. Who said I was trading my truck in?I will bet you that they change something on the front end.And the inside can only get better,than what's their now.Listen I think the Tundra is ugly but the T1 is even more ugly than the Tundra.
  3. Your right I'm one of the biggest whiners,squeakey wheel always gets the grease.Your just upset when the new truck comes out,you never be able to get rid of the 2019 you own.Because it's ugly inside and outside.
  4. Well it looks like I'm waiting till 2022 to buy a new truck.Thanks for listening GM.And they going to some changes to the exterior,great.
  5. I'm glad you love your truck.A very bright man once said ."In life there's not many things you own that you love ."Elon Musk.When you talk to people that own a Tesla they love them.I feel people that own a K2 love them.The people I talk to that own a K1,usually say they like it but don't love it.Like I said before we're two years in production and were still talking about how ugly they are.
  6. Well has anybody take a picture of your truck?Holy crap any you guys with the T1 can answer,and please don't lie about it.And yes give GM credit for trying some different but it didn't work.So now fire the designers and start over.
  7. No I don't think so.I'm saying theirs nobody is taken a picture of the T1 truck.It's funny how these guys always say we're jealous and can't afford the T1 truck.No that's not the case there just plain ugly,and we don't waist are money on them.
  8. What kills me two years later and were still talking about how ugly they are,and it's just not a couple of people.I don't think it's a insecure statement at all.I can't believe a total stranger took a picture of my truck.Listen I'm a old man and owned many nice looking vehicles.But never had a stranger take a picture of any of them.Tell me how many strangers have taken a picture of a T1.I already know the answer and it's a no.
  9. Somebody on this forum said the K2 was considered ugly when it started out?Show me where people were saying that.I just find it funny that two years in the model year,were still saying that the T1 truck is still ugly.
  10. Do you think somebody is going to take a picture of your truck like mine.Unless it's yourself taking a picture of your truck,no stranger is going to take a picture of your truck.Like someone said we are all truck owners, and as long your proud to own that truck that's all that counts.Because If your not proud of the vehicle you own you never take care of it.
  11. Totally agree with you that the 2016-18 are the sexiest truck.I will tell you what happened to me at the grocery store today.I was putting the buggy back in the coral and my wife was ahead of me.Their this older gentleman taking pictures of my truck with his phone,my wife says can I help you.His reply was is this your truck,my wife says no it's my husband truck.The guy says that is a beautiful truck and I'm just taking a picture of it.My wife says thank you,and the guy left.I promise you that nobody is taking pictures of your 2019-20 truck.
  12. The technician checks contacts to see if there a problem .They look for burnt contacts .They will change contacts , replace the fuse and reprogram the computer. If it is burnt they will also replace the rear window in addition to the contacts. The service advisor said only 2/150 had to replace rear window.
  13. Good for you on having a pension.I bet many people on this sight are in debt up to their eyeballs.
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