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  1. I have 2019 Shadow Grey Metallic Crewcab with Standard bed... not short bed. I really want the rough country 3.5 inch lift but they say it's only for crewcab short bed models only. What options do I have for my truck? I don't want a 6 inch lift. Thanks.
  2. I have a crew cab with standard bed and it won't fit mine. They told me driveline issues. I would say that is the reason for the double cab not working with it also.
  3. Just my opinion...the Trail Boss wheels look better than the AT4 wheels.
  4. Someone on fourms my know pin #. Sorry I couldn't be anymore help.
  5. I really dont known what pin # they are. In the above pic it is in the top ledt corner of the brown plug jumped over to top row second from the left of the pink plug.
  6. Im all new to this. I was looking at my plug wrong I didn't know that the 1st pic above was the plug with no wires. Looking for better pics of where to place the diode I came across an older post on the fourm from 2014 I believe posted by El Conqistador. Plug the diode in and then the cargo lights come on when you put it in reverse. I hope this helps.
  7. I finally figured it out after some research. I also did the diode mod for the cargo light on with the reverse lights. I like it.
  8. I would like to do this but my plug looks different. I have 2019 new body style. I am assuming this plug is under dash above your left foot. This is the plug in my truck. Thanks for any help.
  9. Search this fourm for auto dim rearview mirror. It will tell you how to do it.
  10. There was a post awhile back someone said they ordered one to do the swap but I don't remember seeing anything else about it.
  11. I have been looking into this also. Please dont quote me on any of this. I have a 2019 with IOR (no xm). I want to upgrade it to an IOS would be a pain because anything above an IOR is a bose sound system which requires bose amp. All the wires are different as far as I can tell. But the 2020 base radio has xm without bose system. I dont know what wiring the 2020 has. Not trying to hijack your post. This is info I have come across. Once again please dont quote me.
  12. I bought a 2019 RST crew cab standard bed in Shadow Grey Metallic back in July. One thing that bugs me is there is no seat memory. I borrowed this pic from SatinSilvy...THX. Can I add the interior door handle bezel to my truck and add seat memory? To anyone that has had the door panel off. Is there another wire back there to connect to it? Can I add or buy harness to connect it? Will it work? Any info would be great ... part numbers ect. Thanks.
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