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Found 26 results

  1. So I just got a 2016 Silverado (specs in sig.) and wanted to upgrade the audio and not bust the bank. So here is my list of parts prices links where I got it, and some pictures of the install. Sundown Audio SA-2.75FR 2.75" speakers for the front dash. $69.99 2 Pair Kicker 40CS674 6.75" 2 way coaxial speakers for front and rear doors. $99.99 Metra 82-3005 Speaker adapter for front doors. $12.00 Scosche SAGMHR634B Spekaer adapter for rear door $10.99 Noico 50 mil Sound deadening material $36.90 uxcell Car Sound Deadener Application Rolling Wheel $6.25 So far I have $236.12 in the upgrade and I am very happy so far. My future upgrade will be a sub. Here are the components I planned to use. Kicker 40CWRT101 CompRT 10" Sub $104.99 Kicker 43CXA3001 600 Watt amp $119.99 Kicker 43CXARC Bass Remote Control $20.98 Soudoffaudio Single Deep Sub Box Passenger Side in Cocoa Color $140 Which brings the Sub install to : $385.96 and a grand total of $622.08 That is a little more than the factor Bose upgrade but it is going to sound way better. IMHO Here is pictures of the factory dash speakers. Here is an up close picture of the back of the factory dash speaker. Here is a side-by-side of the factory and the Sundown replacement speakers Here is pictures of the Sundown speakers installed. Here is a picture of the front door completely stripped. Side-by-side of the factor front door speakers and the Kicker replacements. Picture of the sound deadening material installed and then one of the speaker installed. Here is a picture of the factory Rear door speaker installed. Here is picture of the rear door stripped with some of the sound deadening installed. Side-by-side of the factory rear door speaker and the kicker replacement. Here is a picture of the rear speakers installed.
  2. looking to see if its possible to upgrade ac module to a digital one. if its an easy switch with no extra work
  3. Hey all, we're a local Chevy dealer with a strong ecommerce presence. We have the lowest prices on the Kicker subwoofer package for the 2014+ Silverado & Sierra Crew & Double/Extended Cab sizes. Installation does not require dealer install. it is a plug and play package. We have guaranteed low prices that shouldn't be beat! GM offers a few versions of these units: -Double Cab and Crew Cab models have different parts numbers -GM offers just a sub upgrade, or the sub upgrade plus amplifier on the door speakers. *The standard Sub upgrade works with the Bose system. *The kit including Sub plus Amp on the door speakers will NOT work with Bose systems. For a price, please send us a message with your body style truck, and which kit you would be interested in plus your Zip Code for shipping. Everything is in stock ready to ship. Forum members will find that our prices on all GM accessories will be hard to beat. Please message me with any questions on this or any other accessory you may need for your truck. *** Currently running a little bit of a deeper discount on the crew cab models, with just the sub upgrade. Buy cheap, sell cheap is the name of the game ***
  4. For Members with Factory Rancho shocks on your K2, Do you still have them and Like/Love them or Have you ditched and upgraded to New Shocks?
  5. Hey all, I have a 2017 LT 5.3 Z71 that just turned over 10k miles. I've never had a truck under warranty so I haven't jumped into many mods yet (did an intake tube and hoping for an exhaust soon though). Trucks/jeeps I've had in the past I've upgraded the transmission pan to hold more fluid/cool better, on my Tahoe I did the same to the rear differential cover for toughness and cooling ability. I've never had a new truck but plan on holding onto it for a long time so my thoughts are longevity/preventative/bulletproofing the drivetrain. Anyone have thoughts/experience/opinions? Thanks!
  6. I just bought my first newish truck, being the 2014 Silverado 2wd z71 lt. It’s got the crew cab with 5.3l under the hood. I’m currently stationed at ft Stewart ga. Im just looking for some help or some advice on some upgrades I’d like to do to this truck and which products might be the best. - I’d like to change the headlights and fog lights from stock. - Put a leveling kit and some new (bigger) a/t tires on it and not sure what size being 2wd. - Change to an aftermarket air intake. - Do something about the shitty stock speakers (without Bose). Wether it be new door speakers and sub(s). Or be just subs and have a separate amp just for door speakers. Do I need a processor to hook up to stock 8” head unit. - How do I add any app or navigation to this stock 8” head unit - Exhaust? - How to get more performance from the truck. Anything would help, Thanks
  7. I have a 2016 Silverado LT2 and do have the new style projector bulbs and LED running light strips in the reworked front end vs the 2015 style... but I like LED lights more than bulbs. Anyone have the smarts to have looked into it to know if the LTZ lights would plug and play into an LT? The LTZ has LED front signal lights and tail lights where the LT has bulbs. Not saying I will do it, but it would be nice to know if it's possible so my truck would have the same look as an LTZ. Thanks
  8. Hey guys. So I just bought an 03 1500 LS and I hate the look of the steering wheel. My buddy has an extra wheel from his 08 1500 (which I much prefer). Is there anyway of swapping the second gen wheel into my first gen? Thanks for your time.
  9. Hi, I'm relatively new here so forgive me if this has been covered. Does anyone here know the items required and the part numbers to upgrade the OnStar Nav radio (IO5) to the full Nav (IO6) system? I've seen where it's only a cable and in other places you need to get a number of parts. If anyone has any experience with this mod I would really appreciate as much info as possible so I can go ahead with this mod. Thanks ahead of time for any help and info.
  10. Hi I’m looking to install an electric lock mechanism to the tailgate of my 2015 Silverado 1500. I know that I can purchase an aftermarket one that comes with a wiring harness that runs to a relay that gets added under the hood..... Does anyone know if there is already wiring at or near the tailgate, say at a plug under the bed for plug and play. Im thinking there might be one there from the factory. Or do they only run the wiring back on trucks that come with the lock from the factory? thanks Glen
  11. I have a 15 Sierra Denali. I recently changed the front and back door speakers to infinity kappa coaxials. I found out the rears are getting a full range signal from the Bose amp and the fronts are filtered along with the dash. Is there any way to get full range to my front doors without an external amp? I will also Change the dash to infinity 3.5 2ways.
  12. I have a '15 Sierra SLE Doublecab non bose and no nav. I'm going to use factory wiring for this setup as long as people seem to think it's acceptable. I listen to mostly country/rock/metal and some older rap stuff. Here is the hardware I have planned but not finalized if anyone has any suggestions. Amp: Pioneer GM-D9605 (75X4 @4 ohm + 1x350 @4 ohm(600 @2 ohm)) Front Door: Rockford Fosgate Punch P1692 6x9 Coaxial Dash Speakers: Stock Rear Door: Rockford Fosgate Punch P1650 6.5" Coaxial Sub: Pioneer TS-SWX2502 (Open to other suggestions, just the best performance to size and price I could find as the double cab doesn't have tons of free space) Front Door Adapter: Metra 82-3004 Rear Door Adapter: Scosche SAGMHR634B Also using factory replacement speaker connectors for simplicity. I plan on grabbing the Metra 71-2107 to go from the HU to my amp line level inputs which will also turn the amp on. Then using the Metra 70-2057 to go back to the factory speaker harness. This way whenever I eventually trade the truck in I can keep my amp. Does anyone know how long these cables are? Any recommendations or suggestions?
  13. Hey all, we're a local Chevy dealer with a strong ecommerce presence. We have the lowest prices on the Kicker subwoofer package for the 2014+ Silverado & Sierra Crew & Double/Extended Cab sizes. Installation does not require dealer install. it is a plug and play package. We have guaranteed low prices that shouldn't be beat! GM offers a few versions of these units: -Double Cab and Crew Cab models have different parts numbers -They offer just a sub upgrade, or they offer the sub upgrade plus amplifier on the door speakers. *The standard Sub upgrade works with the Bose system. *The kit including Sub plus Amp on the door speakers will NOT work with Bose systems. For a price, please send us a message with your body style truck, and which kit you would be interested in plus your Zip Code for shipping. Everything is in stock ready to ship. Forum members will find that our prices on all GM accessories will be hard to beat. Please message me with any questions on this or any other accessory you may need for your truck. *** Currently running a little bit of a deeper discount on the crew cab models, with just the sub upgrade. Buy cheap, sell cheap is the name of the game***
  14. I decided after a week of having the Crew that the factory non-Bose system really sucks. I will be installing an Audio Control LC6i to convert the factory signals over to RCA. I am running 2 Rockford amps, a Power T400-4 for the doors, and a Power T400-2 for the sub. The door speakers are Rockford P1675 3-ways in the front doors, and P165 2-ways in the rear doors. I am using a single 12" Rockford P3SD4 under the driver's side rear seat in a Subthump box. (http://subthump.com/product_info.php?cPath=1_72&products_id=457) The power and ground will be Lightning Audio 1/0 gauge to the back, and then 4 gauge to the amps. Running 12 gauge speaker wire to all. I'm going to try leaving the dash speakers hooked up to the factory outputs, just to have some fill in up front. Lots of install pics to come.
  15. Greetings, all. ​I'm still learning here and am wondering about something I ran across recently. (Sincere thanks to everyone on here who has already been a huge help to me thus far!) I understand that the increased-power/heavy duty alternator (part number 22949467) appears to have made its way into many 2015 CrewCab models and other models with the snow plow-prep package. It seems tied to RPO 5W4 (which, in several sources I've researched, ties back to "VEHICLE SPECIAL SERVICE, MUNICIPAL" - makes sense for a snow plow-prep package). ​I scored a fantastic deal on one of these units for my 2014 Silverado LTZ Z71 DoubleCab 4X4. Being an LTZ, my Silverado has most of the current-drawing goodies. It also is about to have the factory Kicker subwoofer upgrade kit, an on-board air compressor (Viair 40049) and a full front/rear dashcam set-up with active/passive monitoring. I've also just paired all of this with a brand new AC Delco AGM deep-cycle higher output battery (P/N 94RAGM). In other words, all of the further current-drawing goodies are here and ready to be installed when the weather here gets a bit warmer. Are my electrical upgrades going to be good enough to support an already high current use truck with an extra draw or three?
  16. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know what amperage the stock USB port puts out on the front dash of a Silverado? I used my Iphone 6 Plus for maps and spotify and the phone is pulling so hard that the stock charger can't keep up and the battery life actually goes down WHILE IT'S CHARGING.... Is there an upgrade usb port so the latest phones can pull additional power to stay charging while in use: Currently, a normal USB 2.0 port provides a 5V supply with at most 500mA per port, while USB 3.0 offers around the same voltage but with up to 900mA per port. Thanks! Adam
  17. On a 2004 Silverado C1500 WT, I’m adding mirror with temperature/compass trying to get as close to factory default installation as possible (aka no splicing/soldering). I saw the Chevy trailblazer forums and followed their advice, but I ran into a snag when installing the temperature sensor under the hood. The pins appear to be different from my donor vehicle (2004 Chevy Trailblazer) for the sensor under the hood. Does anyone have any photos of where the ambient temperature sensor connects to on a Silverado (I.e. Pin outs)? I’d like to make sure I’m not doing something stupid like looking at the wrong connector. In Pic 1, I circled the green and brown wires that go to the sensor. I’m not sure where to install them without a good reference point. Be kind, I'm new at this!!
  18. Hey yall, I am new to this forum so I am not exactly sure where to put this at... i have read and read on this topic and I just cannot make sense of anything. I have a 2005 gmc 1500 with factory bose system and on star with steering controls. I did the xm auxiliary mod and has kept me tied over for the last 2 months but I am getting tired of the system. I am wanting to install a double din that is compatible with my android phone. I am wanting to completely ditch the bose system and install a amp for the speakers and then have a separate amp for the sub. I have read that the chimes go through the bose amp, so what I can't understand is can i ditch the amp but somehow retain the factory interface. I am aware there are adapters and wiring kits buto I just see arguments over which one to get. What can I do to hopefully keep everything working? Any help is greataydon appreciated! Sorry if I missed the posts where this was talked about! Have a blessed night yall!
  19. I was wondering about upgrading my small cluster in my 2015 sierra WT to the multi-color/4.2 inch cluster. Is this something that is possible? The connectors are the same on the back so I guess all the wiring is there and its just a matter of getting the BCM programmed. Any info would be great!
  20. Original Post from earlier in the week: I just ordered mine for my 2014 Sierra CC (Non-Bose) and I can't WAIT for the UPS man to get here today!!! People can talk all they want about the price vs. aftermarket and bla bla bla. I ended up getting mine at Shopgmcparts.com for $847 on sale. Will try to post pics this weekend as well as give an updated eval for the new body style system. For anyone with a 2014 and up truck, you know that you basically run your entire vehicle from the steering wheel. I wasn't interested in messing with that and the head unit to get a little better audio sound. I'm sure I will swap out the speakers for something a little more crisp further down the road but for now, I'm stoked about having a little more boom in my Hip Hop and Rock!! So to update, I just had my system installed yesterday. Yes...I paid someone because I can't manage to pull apart interior panels without breaking all of the clips in the process so the $100 was worth the frustration to me (we can't all be master DIY mechanics!!) I have nothing but love for this system so far! It is so well balanced that it is ridiculous! I'm in my mid 30's and am not looking to turn my truck into a pressurized chamber any more so if that is what you are looking, look elsewhere. What it DID do is make it louder, more crisp, and enough bass to enjoy some electronic music, hip hop, rap, and rock the way the Sweet Baby Jesus intended! I listen to a very wide variety of music (really...not the typical "I listen to everything" knee-jerk answer that most people say) and I put the system to the test with quite a few different genres of music in the next two hours of cruising after picking my truck up from the shop. Not one time did it splat, bottom out, crack...NOTHING! I think that is one of the upsides to buying an all-inclusive package that is designed to go together. It knows its own limits and, within reason, won't let you push past them. I have no regrets on spending the money on it. And when it comes to space and appearance, the pictures they show online for the product is exactly what you get. You can see the sub box under the back seat on the passenger side but the front of the truck looks exactly the same as it did prior to installation. That was one of the huge upsides for me was that I wanted to keep it looking as factory as possible. I know it was a bit wordy but I hope this helps anyone who is sitting on the fence about whether or not to pull the trigger like I was. And come on critics, bring all your worst about how much it costs and how you can get a custom system for the same price and...whatever. I bought it on Tuesday night for $850 brand new from ShopGMCparts.com, had it on Thursday, and had it in the truck for another $100 before lunch on Saturday. Take it from a true music lover (NOT a car stereo critic,) this thing was worth every cent and I believe will not let you down! Cheers
  21. So I've been pretty un-happy with the factory brake feel for a while now. I don't like the initial bite and I think they require allot of heat to really get good feed-back from them. So I decided to upgrade to Hawk HPS Front and Rear pads along with the Hawk HUS8657 Quiet Slot Front Rotors. I've used Hawk pads previously in my Auto X car and have nothing but good things to say about them, hopefully these will also be the case. Normally I would of left the O.E rotors but Hawk advertises improved initial bite and Amazon is selling these at pretty much 50% off. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004D2UKPG?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00 I'll be installing these in a few days and I'll give a good comparison of the new setup.
  22. Hi there Everyone! I REALLY need some help here and I am Not finding the solution anywhere. Because the current factory headlights SUCK! I purchased a HID Kit from xenonpro.com for my 2014 GMC Sierra All Terrain. The first purchase was from ebay and they only sold single beams. Where as this company had the Dual Beam Xenon. They claim 100% German Made. (So What) and it cost total $122.45 with free dilevery. Approx $22.00 was in upgrades. I received the following: in the Upgrade System 2 Xenon Bulbs (9012) 2 Wiring Harnesses (no inline fuse) 55watt Ballast (upgrade from 35 watt, $11.00 upgrade) 2 Capacitors(suggested upgrade at $9.99) Mounting brackets FULL LIFETIME WARR...yada...yada yeah! Problem:Wiring is simple Right? IT is suppose to be Plug and Play? All polarity is matched up and rechecked. All connectors fit with no forcing Power source-(old lamp connect)-Capacitors-Ballast-Wiring Harness-HID Lamp. Drill factory lamp covers 25mm, then insert line and mount. Tested before mounting Works fine. I only installed the Easy/Left side. Truck starts, Lights go on, Both Beams Hi/Lo work. I drive five minute and pull in and see NO LIGHTS ON ANYWHERE! Trouble shoot to Parking Lamp Fuse (10a) was burned out. I replaced factory bulb and all lights work! Should I have received a relay-wiring Harness to power off battery? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? signed Steve
  23. Hey everyone, looking for some suggestions on replacing engine in my 1998 K1500. Not looking for serious power increase, mainly just better driveability. I love the truck and dont want to get rid of it. It's all stock, 305, manual transmission, regular cab, manual lever transfer case, air conditioning, and SWB. The engine has over 250k miles and currently suffering from an fuel/ignition problem that has me considering replacing instead of fixing. Any good ideas out there? I would like to drop in a 5.3, but considering the rerouting of the AC system, ECM, and probably mounting issues leaves me thinking the same generation small block would be best. Not worried about emmisions either, no testing in our state.

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