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  1. Installed the Sealight ones on my truck as well. The top ones flicker on camera but the bottom ones don’t. Anyone else have the same thing going on? Attached a video. IMG_8981.MP4
  2. I got mine installed at the dealership If you want some pictures to see how they installed them, let me know!
  3. Best way to remove it is with a fishing line. ‘Floss’ it up away from the truck and it’ll come right off. Clean up the remaining residue with a little alcohol or some other cleaner and you’re good to go. But the one I have has little channels for the water and debris to escape to.
  4. You can definitely tell the difference in added wind noise. It can be taken off completely without opening the hood - tt's attached with the same material that the truck badges/decals are affixed with so there's no quick removing it. They provide you with alcohol wipes -- maybe it'll help with the ceramic coating? And thanks!
  5. Does anyone know the part number for the bed grab handle/assist handle? Would like to add it on my truck's bed. Can't seem to find it with my sub-par Google-fu.
  6. I got mine from the Chevy Accessories website. Took this picture when I swapped out my bow tie emblem to the black one. You can see the old one by the hood deflector so don’t think those little spikes are part of the molding. But I love mine! Looks awesome. Aeroskin II® Hood Protector in Textured Black by LUND® - Associated Accessories Part No.: 19417399 MSRP: $109.00 | Quantity: 1 | Delivery Method: Pickup at Dealer - No Additional cost https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/aeroskin-ii-hood-protector-in-textured-black-by-lund-associated-accessories-19417399?year=2019&make=Chevrolet&model=Silverado 1500
  7. Oh snap!! Definitely saving my money and not spending any of it until I see if this works. Looks like you’ll need the wire cover for it as well.
  8. I don't suppose you can verify with us to see what's connected to you harness here
  9. Plug #11 sure does look a lot like this one..
  10. I have the IOR radio and emailed the email address mentioned to see if somehow they could add it. About two days later I got a call from some service rep and I explained what I wanted to do because she didn’t know what I was talking about. She told me she was going to have someone else jump on the call so I can explain it to them. The lady looked up my truck with the VIN number I gave her and she said it supports it and she ‘enabled’ it or something but she said I’ll have to go to the dealership so they can load it up. I still haven’t gone but I’m due for my first oil change so I’ll definitely ask to see if they can load it up. I don’t have high hopes to be honest because the dealership I go to, they suck at anything to do with the trucks computer. They kept my truck over night twice because they couldn’t figure out how to flash the computer to add the fog lights and the other time was because they couldn’t figure out how to add the tow assist package to the computer. Maybe 3rd times the charm? They’ll probably have to keep my truck over night just to add the messaging app
  11. This!! I came from a super tiny 2013 KIA Rio sedan to my new 2019 Chevy Silverado and the bendy line feature is a god send. I park like a pro with those things on! I can’t imagine the embarrassment and overall crappy parking I would be doing without those. Especially having people wait for me in a parking lot until I figure it out. I’m always backing up to parking spaces because it’s easier to me than parking head on since I don’t have a front camera and don’t want to dent my front bumper trying to guesstimate my distance to pole or something.
  12. Following! I took pictures of the unused harnesses on top of the headliner when I put in an auto dim rear view mirror. If you can find out what plug the rear view camera uses, maybe we can figure out what those other unused plugs/harnesses are for.
  13. I just called them and they did the exact thing for me. An additional 1,500 points for the long wait and trouble.
  14. What rear view mirror is that? Are those homelink buttons on the bottom?
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