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  1. Yes it does and yes it is! Good to know! I'll keep the one you installed in storage to see if someone comes out with some sort of harness to plug it in. Something tells me the extra cable is probably for higher data speeds? It was just plug and play for me and I didn't have to do any splicing. If your truck has the port with just the one USB, you can plug in the existing plugs/cables into the one that has the USB type C, USB type B, and the SD card -- it's a direct replacement and you get the entire functionality of it. But if you want to plug the one in there with just the USB type C and USB type B ports without the SD card reader, you're going to have to do some digging and maybe contact someone that has that already in their truck and see where it leads to.
  2. Part: GM 13525431, Receptacle Assembly, Multi Media *Jet Black Just posting a thread on here if someone who has a 2019 Silverado with the one USB type B port, you can easily upgrade to a module that has a USB-C, USB-B, and an SD card port very quickly and easily in under 5 minutes. I bought mine from eBay and it ran me $27.19 plus shipping. I bought a trim removal kit on Amazon and used the one circled to pry it from the bottom and when the bottom popped out a bit, I pried it from the left side and it just popped out very quickly. After that, just unplug the old one and plug in the new one. FYI, I also bought the module that just has just the USB-C and USB-B ports (without the SD card port) and I don't believe that one would work since it needs an extra cable to be plugged into and I was searching around and didn't find one -- you probably need a different harness for that one. What I've noticed so far is that Apple CarPlay will pickup my iPhone a bit faster, skip through the songs a bit faster, and it charges my phone a bit faster, as well. I haven't tried the SD card functionality yet but I can hope that it may be a necessary requirement for people that have IOR radios to upgrade to the IOS ones with navigation.
  3. What part numbers are your steering wheels? My truck already has the correct trim/color for this specific steering wheel.
  4. I got the Sealight LEDs on it and it does give it a nice cut off line. I was surprised the stock housing works so well with LEDs. I also did aim them down to not be a dick. I drove behind my friend with a Charger for about two hours a couple weeks ago at night and I did ask him if they were super annoying and he didn’t notice my headlights and didn’t blind him. Whenever I’m parked in front of a wall at night time I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the lights to demonstrate the light cutoff. I’ll also note that I came from a KIA Rio and ‘upgraded’ to HIDs on it and that housing was NOT meant for HIDs or LEDs. After about a week of a ton of people flashing their brights at me I took them off and went back to regular bulbs. I haven’t had anyone flash their brights at me since I’ve installed them and adjusted the lights lower quite a bit. I don’t try to be a dick on purpose.
  5. They look awesome! Would definitely get them on my 19 if it’s compatible.
  6. I just got it today! But it didn't come with the fasteners/bolts.
  7. I think you'll also need to program the computer since that's what's needed to be done to add fog lights and cargo bed lights to the truck. But maybe you don't? I'd ask your local dealer and see if they can shed some light.
  8. Looks cool but looks like they'll block the bed cargo lights and the tie down points.
  9. Did you get it painted the right color or you ordered it already painted?
  10. I got my truck bed sprayed with Line-X Premium. Was in the shop all day yesterday from 8:30am to 2:00pm. But totally worth it. After a handful of scratches on the paint, it was long overdue.
  11. You think the dealer would do it if I provide them the parts? Don't want to mess anything up and if they do, it's on the dealer! ?
  12. Went to the dealer today and found out they’re having a wheel sale of 4 for $1,000. They said it’s because they ordered too many. Only one I think looks okay is the all black one.
  13. You can get/add OEM remote start. Just call your dealer up and they’ll set it up for you and give you a key fob that has the remote start button on it and they’ll program that as well.
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