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  1. I have to go to the dealer to special order the rear view mirror wire cover for the auto dim one I put in and when I’m there, I’ll ask if it’s possible to buy and have that third camera installed. Would be neat!
  2. So I called my dealer to see if they can order that wire cover for me and I mentioned what those two other harnesses are for. He looked it up and said it’s for the windshield wiper and temperature sensor. So I guess there goes that rear view mirror camera thing.
  3. Is this only for people with IOS/IOT radios? I have an IOR radio.
  4. I got it installed on my truck. Basically, it adds the 'Trailer Lights' option, the 'Camera' option, and a rear backup line thing to assist in hooking up to a trailer. I forgot to take pictures of the 'Camera' icon but it just pretty much brings up the rear view camera on demand. If you're parked or stationary (ex: at a red light), it stays on until you close it. If you're moving or once you start moving, it immediately shuts off. If you bring it up while you're driving, it gives you a 10 second timer on the top right then it closes. Edit: I almost forgot. My dealer had to keep the truck overnight because they didn't know how to do it. It was the first time that the dealer I went to got anything from a customer from 1) the GM Accessories page since apparently I was the first ever customer to get something from there and they tried to double charge me for install/work because after about 2 hours of them trying to see where the money was sent to and saying I never paid, they finally found out the money was in another account (parts account I think is what they said) and 2) They never had to install this before at all oh and they didn't want to give me a loaner. So I was bumming off a ride to and from work from a co-worker. I hope your dealership experience with this would be better! And remember to save documentation from your bank that says you already paid for the parts/labor.
  5. I test drove a 5.3 v8 and a 4.3 v6 without knowing it was a 4.3 v6 and I couldn't tell the difference. Spoiler alert I got the 4.3 v6. This is my first truck ever, as well. I'm coming from a 1.6l 4 cylinder KIA Rio hahah So far, I'm in love with my truck! Can't ever go back to a car now.
  6. I took some pictures to maybe help some people! I saw that there are three plugs up there! One for the rear view mirror and two I don't know what for. I'm hoping it's for the rear view mirror camera option! Taking off that little console thing was easy. I got a little knife from my keychain and pried off the little tabs and they just popped off. Next, I used a T8 to unscrew the silver small screws then a T15 for the long black screws. I was popping off the main thing from the sides kinda prying it off again and it just popped off again -- too easy! I noticed two clips stayed on the frame and I think they're supposed to stay there since the 'female' and looks like it grabs on to them? The hardest part was screwing back those damn T15 screws. It took me like 30-45 minutes just trying to make them go in the center hole without being able to see. And theres a second hole on the inside corner where it was always getting stuck on. Patience and some beer made me not break the damn thing in anger. After that, the 2nd most hardest thing was peeling off the cable from the glue. I didn't want to use my knife in case I cut the cable so I was using a flat head to peel it off. This part took about 15 minutes. But all in all, an easy enough job! Hopefully the pictures I took can help someone recognize what those other two plugs are for! PS: If you want a specific picture in higher resolution, let me know! Edit: I’ve been thinking, I wonder if that big connector is for the homelink module. Would be cool to add the homelink module by plugging it in and just get the little plastic cover with the hole in it for the buttons to easily add homelink to the truck.
  7. My truck didn't come with those and neither did the rear view mirror. Do you know the part number for it by any chance? I finally replaced the rear view mirror with the auto-dim one and it just looks ugly with the cables out.
  8. Is there an instrument cluster that’s compatible with my super basic base one? I have an IOR 7” infotainment as well. And have the part number for it?
  9. Awesome! Thanks for the pictures. By the way, my truck doesn’t have that black cover piece. Where’s that from?
  10. From what I’ve seen here, anyone who’s done it has had the harness up there. With both the regular and custom trim.
  11. No, I have an actual key to start the truck.
  12. I’m planning on getting those bull rings. Apparently they’re better? Bull Ring 1001-9 Pack for 2007-2019 Silverado & Sierra / 2015-2019 Colorado & Canyon Retractable Truck Bed Side Wall Tie Down Anchors Fits in 9 Holes in Bed- 3 Down Each Side, 3 Across The Front https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TOUP7OQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_6TItDbA9YRVKM
  13. Or how much... something tells me they’re charging $200 for just one side.
  14. Oof I thought the harness being there was a guarantee
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