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  1. I have a 295/60/20 (Basically a 34") Nitto Ridge Grapplers on mine. I have since got rid of the 1.5 level and added the Eibach pro lift coils and shocks. I had to pin the inner fender well back a tad but had to trim nothing nor any scrubbing after doing so. I am running the OE RST wheels on mine.
  2. Thanks!! The springs give you 2" alone - the second groove is like .7" more. I am running with Nitto Ridge Grapplers 295/60/20
  3. It looks high in the front just because of the angle - it actually has a slight amount of rake still for when I am pulling my trailer.... I got it from Eibach
  4. Morning folks, I am considering on installing a hood deflector on my truck. I'm looking for suggestions.... what are you folks using?
  5. I just had mine installed Monday and am thoroughly happy with the results. I went with the second groove for the strut and installed a 2” block in the rear. Rides great!! Will get a better picture later.
  6. Morning/Afternoon all... I recently purchased the Eibach Pro Lift Stage 1 coil over package and I am going to need a block to raise it in the rear. What size are peeps using? 1" , 1.5" , 2". Would greatly appreciate some feedback. Kit will be here Thursday and I still need to get the block. Thanks in advance for your time.
  7. BUMP - anyone put a block in the rear? what size?
  8. Afternoon folks.... apologize in advance if this has been asked already but..... what size blocks are you guys using with the Eiback pro-lift stage 1 kit?
  9. I was wanting to add a 2" block on the rear.... Eibach states it is only useable with a 1" block. Can anyone confirm this?
  10. Here’s mine. 1.5”level 295/60/20 Ridge Grapplers on OE wheels. Debadged the Z71 and added it to the grill and Blacked out the RST and Silverado on the bed and added the Rough Country LEDs to the grill.
  11. I have a 1.5” level on mine and I have 295/60/20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on mine. No rubbing with OE wheels.
  12. My truck doesn’t have the lights in the mirrors. I am wanting to replace my headlight switch with one that operates the mirror lights and want to tie the light bar to that switch. Is this possible?
  13. I have 295/60/20 Ridge Grapplers on factory wheels with a 1.5” Motofab level on mine. I had to screw a bolt thru the middle of the inner fender liner and it fixed my rubbing.
  14. There should be an App Store in there... locate Waze there and download it to the screen
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