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  1. How many of you duramax guys plug your truck up on cold nights? And what temperature do you utilize it?First winter owning a diesel, just looking for tips or ideas.
  2. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that 3/8 was recommended. I know I was pretty sad about not being able to swap my ck157’s over when I traded trucks. I just didn’t want to run spacers so I let them go.
  3. Over the past few weeks I have made some upgrades. The biggest things were a polished T-Rex billet grille and air design oe style fender flares. A few tips for the grille, don’t over tighten the nuts because it will distort the plastic on the grille. Tighten until you see the plastic widen up them back it off just a little bit. Start in the center but don’t tighten all the way, just start the nut, then push on the ends and tighten gradually. When slightly snug, center the bars. Then continue with the outsides and finish in the center. The bottom one was the hardest, but not bad. Just a little more narrow for the fasteners. The air design fender flares are completely adhesive. You will need help. Follow the directions. When you are ready to install and pull off the cover from the 3m tape and apply the tube of adhesive on the flare. Before applying spread the adhesion promoter on all 4 fenders. I wish they gave 2 applicators, but they only give you 1. Be quick covering where you apply it. Then one person is on the front side and the other at the rear and press them on. Make sure you press up on the inner fender to get a good fit. Once you push it against the fender it sticks. Hopefully this might help someone.
  4. That makes sense, but the other phones didn’t have to connect to the WiFi in order to work. They just connected thru the Bluetooth and CarPlay worked for them. I did try it again this morning on my way to work. I had to connect to the WiFi in order to activate CarPlay. Which is fine, at least I can utilize it if I need it. I just never connected to the WiFi because I had no intention of using or purchasing the data plan.
  5. It says wireless CarPlay in the standard options list. I actually got it to hook up today. The thing I was missing I guess 1) I had Siri turned off on my phone and 2) I never connected to the trucks built in WiFi. The trial for the data has already expired and it still worked. So I assume it’s good.
  6. I got a 21 about a month ago. When I was setting up my phone with the salesman he told me I didn’t have wireless car play. I thought ok, maybe it had something to do with the chip shortage. A couple weeks ago my wife wanted to hook her phone to it. Well it connected wirelessly for hers. So I made the truck forget my phone and forgot the truck from my phone. Repaired to the truck, still nothing. So I thought her phone is older than mine and may not have the newest update, maybe that’s the case, which it was. I then double checked my window sticker and it said I have wireless CarPlay. So today I had someone else in the truck with me. I had them try to connect their phone to see if the wireless CarPlay would work and it did. So I asked what version of the software are the using. They had the latest update just like me. I contacted OnStar and they said it shows that I don’t have it. I’m confused. Are there specific settings on my phone restricting it? It takes me thru the steps like it wants to connect but fails every time. Any help is appreciated.
  7. I used it once back in 2015 on my z71 I had then. It took me forever to figure out the 15 mph thing also. Had to refer to the manual. My wife greatly appreciated it. We were in Moab at the arches national park when we tried it out. She was thought she was scared for her life driving that road. Then we went to pikes peak a few days later. . Needless to say that wasn’t any better for her. She literally laid back her seat and closed her eyes. She couldn’t handle it. Ahh the memories.
  8. I thought about something like that but my truck has chrome running boards and I’m a little older and like chrome. There is such thing as too much though. If had ordered the truck it would have gotten those on it.
  9. I might look into that. I do my best to remember to turn it off every time I get in the truck.
  10. While searching for various smaller lifts and levels, I have noticed diff spacers are not in a lot of these kits. Yet, the gm trail boss kit gives you longer cv axles, but others don’t. Also gm flashes the pcm to help out the eps system. Does anyone know why? Should or would the dealer flash for an aftermarket kit?
  11. It’s plastidip. I couldn’t take the 2 different shades of red on top of one another. I’m going to take on the rst emblem another day. What were some of your first mods?
  12. Thanks for that offer. My RST only has the smart keys up front. I doubt the wiring is there for the back.
  13. I appreciate the info. I saw that the installation changed which lead me to believe that the shape/size of the handle changed as well. I guess I was just wishful thinking that the outer dimensions might have stayed the same in order for gm to save costs.
  14. I’ve been searching and can’t find an answer. Are the door handles the same size/shape from 14-18 on the 19-21’s? They seem like they are but does anyone have an answer or experience from the aftermarket world? what I’m trying to do is get some of those chrome accents that wrap around the outer part of the handle. I just don’t want to deal with the hassle if they don’t fit. Any help appreciated.
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