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  1. First question is will the center caps and lug nuts from my snowflakes fit those wheels? I figure the lug nuts will, not sure about the center caps. I hope they do because I like the red logo. The other thing is I’m looking at 305/45 22 which equals a 32.8” tire. I have a 1.5” front lift with the factory mud flaps/splash guards. Do you think I will have any rubbing with that size tire?
  2. I went with an undercover because of prior use of one. New design really needs two people to take off. On the flip side I know it will last longer. At least I hope. If you want a trifold I would look at a lomax. I really came close to getting it but went the other route. The soft covers tend to leak according to the couple people I’ve talked to that had one. I’m sure some are better than others
  3. If you take off the e and add a few letters. He’s just torn between the 2 sizes because just like all of us he loves his truck.
  4. If your going up in the back do the 2.5. It will look better. I would be willing to bet you will like it.
  5. Nice touch. Did you use some of the excess material from the rears.
  6. I see what you mean. That’s a really good idea. Unfortunately my wrapping skills are pretty weak. I tried the back door piece yesterday because it seems to be the hardest. It didn’t go very well. I tried it on and off the truck. The front ones aren’t as difficult since they don’t have the same contour.
  7. I tried today at a local vinyl shop. They didn’t have a match. Everything they offered from Avery Dennison didn’t match. I got something close but it’s a brighter shade.
  8. I didn’t consider that. The thing is I was really like the brushed look around the vents and steering wheel. Just kinda wanted everything uniform.
  9. Well no luck at the vinyl shop either. I got one that’s close. I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and buy from gm one day
  10. I’ve searched and haven’t found my answer. Hoping someone can help. I want to wrap my wood trim pieces in my Sierra to match the dash and steering wheel. I believe the synthesis kit gm sells matches it. (Please let me know one way or the other). It is costly for a few trim pieces. So I wanted to try a cheaper route to keep the wife happy since I just bought a bed cover and exhaust in the past month. 3m makes a brushed aluminum and titanium. I’m hoping one of those will match. If I can’t find an answer here I guess I’ll go to a sign shop and use some color samples if they have one. Thanks
  11. The front plate is what does it for me. Two thumbs up. The grill looks good also.
  12. I just wanted to thank everyone on this post who shared insight on their install. I successfully put one in today. It took a while but it works. I’ll have to clean it up later. Just happy to fill in the missing piece. I had an amp and sub just sitting in the garage. So why not.
  13. I recently put a top mount 1.5 spacer on my 17. It feels lighter in steering wheel to me. You aren’t alone. I like the look but not the feel.
  14. Here’s mine. Got it around Labor Day. 1st pic is after it’s first wash. 2nd is after tint. I have wanted a blue one for about 3 years and I finally got one. Only thing I wish it had is the nice ck157 chrome 22’s. 3 grand is a little steep from the dealer. Maybe I’ll pick up a set from someone one day.
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