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  1. 19' Silverado Double Cab

    Funny while I was out at lunch today I saw a tundra and man they really do look similar to them with the wheels wells and body lines.
  2. 19' Silverado Double Cab

    Thanks! Look pretty good for the gmc!
  3. Does anyone have any photos of the new double cab? The only ones I've seen are from the auto show of the blue colored model.
  4. Reg Cab 2019

    I can't wait to see the double cabs! Anyone know when they are hitting the lots? I've only seen those photos of the blue model from the car shows.
  5. Yeah I keep checking in to see if they have added this yet.
  6. Man it looks awesome with the lift!! I'm really getting excited about purchasing this truck! I still have yet to see one on the road. Going to try and make it over to a dealer soon. Thinking I will just do a level to start with, seems like the best for a daily driver.
  7. Her she is for reference, what a beaut huh? Can ya see the ole dent in back side of bed? Lol
  8. Funny I've been noticing in other threads your dislike for ram. I don't know much about the 19s, but I've had a 15' Ram Sport since it was new, and I was very hesitant on purchasing a dodge as I knew friends especially in the 90s who had Dodge Rams and they fell apart and had trannie issues before they even went out of warranty. All the while, they wished they had gone with chevys like I had. Then I had a neighbor who had the newer ram, I think his was a 12' model and he absolutely loved the truck. I ended up taking a chance and purchasing one when I sold my last gm truck, and I gotta say it's been one of the best trucks I've ever had! Now it's only got 35k miles, and yes there are little things here and there that seem cheap or have come apart all which the dealer fixed while it was under warranty except the side of bed dent, that was one thing that really pissed me off. I told them I'm rough with my truck and use it as a truck unloading junk and stuff, never had any of my chevys ever gotten dented when I leaned against the bed to take a load of stuff out. Corporate didn't seem to care and warranty denied it. Other than that it runs great, sounds great, rides great and man do I get lots of compliments on it as well! I think it really comes down to what one's preference is. Will I get another Ram? Maybe, although I will probably go with another chevy this time around as I just always been gm guy. My vette lets me still enjoy the gm excitement, but when it comes time and the deals seem right I might go get me a new silverado!
  9. Man congrats that's a gorgeous truck! I think all the 19' model haters are ones that have the previous model and realize how ugly those square wheel wells really look but they are stuck with it!
  10. 19' Silverado Black

    This looks awesome! I kinda think a little bit bigger wheel, maybe the 20s might fill the wheel well out a bit better, butt that still looks tough!
  11. Has anyone seen this photo of the 2019 Chevy Silverado in black? Pretty awesome looking, I can't wait till they hit the lots!
  12. I drove Chevy/GMC trucks for years, and bought a new 2015 RAM Sport couple years back and this truck has been a beast! I will say the interior definitely is on the cheaper side, and I don't like the fake leather with cloth inserts, you get these weird print marks on an pants except for jeans and girls get em on their legs when wearing skirts or booty shorts lol! The one thing I still can't stand about the new chevy/gmcs is those damn squared wheel wells! They use to look so much better! The power of the hemi paired with a nice exhaust really makes the RAM a blast to drive! I'm starting though to look around at trucks as I know I will be close to 36k before I know it, but to me the RAM, Sport models in particular just look so bad ass compared to any other trucks on the road, except maybe the 2500s, and to me seem the most comfortable. I will say I like the little front end changes and color matching chevy has done on their front ends so definitely gonna weigh my options if I decide not to extend my warranty on my RAM.
  13. Stallion225's 2014 Silverado Z71

    The toyos look great on there!
  14. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I just can't decide now between the GMC SLT or All Terrain, chrome front vs. painted front.. For some reason the painted front seems to make front of truck look smaller vs. the chrome grill.
  15. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Truck looks awesome! For some reason I've never been a big fan of fender flares, kinda liked your before look without em, but still looks good!

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