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  1. 19' Silverado Double Cab

    Yeah the silverado double cab definitely wins out over the sierra, these wheel well trim looks strange on them!
  2. 19' Silverado Double Cab

    Yeah good move, man I can't stop looking at them! So glad the squared wheel wells are gone, I saw a chevy the other day and still just cant get past those hideous looking boxy wheel wells lol!
  3. 19' Silverado Double Cab

    Yeah that looks awesome! I think I'm going to go with one of these! I also like it without the dual square exhaust tips so we can add our own if we want.
  4. 19' Silverado Double Cab

    Yeah or those cheap pep boys wheels!
  5. 19' Silverado Double Cab

    It's weird when I went to a couple dealer websites from cars.com it showed photos of the 2018 trucks, maybe they hadnt taken a photo of the new truck yet. Will keep looking!
  6. OH oh ohhhhhhhhh!! I just saw an AT4 Sierra in dark grey with tinted windows I actually turned around and went back to look at it omg that thing looked so awesome!! It had a new tag applied for so somebody just bought it but man that grey color looked so nice!! Sorry just had to post that, but the guy was looking back at my truck maybe he had a ram before not sure.
  7. 19' Silverado Double Cab

    This grill for the custom truck looks pretty cool! I noticed a couple dealers here in GA say they have double cabs in their inventory now but no photos. I may drive to one of them and see if they really are on the lot.
  8. Its too bad they couldnt have kept the front and rear end of the current model and done just the rounded wheel wells, bet that would look really good!
  9. I did a 2019 double cab RST Z71 build with the 20inch wheels!
  10. New Silverado Commercial

    Man I was just building a 19 on the chevy website, did a trail boss in double cab looks awesome!
  11. HC pearl

    Truck looks awesome! Did ya buy from good ole Woody Folsom? That looks like their logo on it, weird they put the dealer decal right there! I would say throw some larger tires on, tint the windows and your good to go!
  12. So I just got back from dealer (again lol), I went yesterday evening to another dealer on the other side of town and drove a 18' crew cab Z71 LT that was leveled with 295 Trail Graps, now maybe I'm use to my Ram on 295 Toyo Mts, but man that thing drove like sheeot! It had the 18 inch wheels I guess it was, or maybe they were 17s. It looked awesome, just didn't drive smooth and I really had to focus on keeping the steering wheel straight. Then today I went and drove an 18' double cab Z71 LT, which I really liked, it was nice, but as we are driving off I had spoken to this older gentleman who had just purchased a 19' in the maroon color, sure enough he goes driving off and man I gotta say the 19' looked awesome driving down the road! This also had chrome bumpers but still looked much better driving then I thought since I wasn't crazy about the rear of the truck as much as the rest of it. It's funny that I'm kinda interested now in the 18s, for the longest time I couldn't stand the square wheel wells, maybe I'm just use to them now. Still thinking I may wait till the 19s start getting rebates next year. Oh and here is another photo of a 19' Z71 that was I think leveled, but it had 35x11.50s on it, looked pretty good!
  13. So I just saw the first 19' GMC on the road yesterday morning, and it was weird I had to do a double take I thought it was a nissan titan! I still have yet to see a 19' silverado driving on the road yet, hoping too soon as I am really thinking this will be my next truck! Yall keep the photos coming they all look awesome!
  14. I just got back from Chevy dealer, I sat and stared at the black 19’ RST, man I love this truck! It really does drive smooth and I think the seats are actually more comfortable than my current Ram sport!
  15. 19' Silverado Double Cab

    Funny you posted that I just found an article earlier that had that same vehicle, looks cool! Maybe different wheels though.

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