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  1. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Posing on the beach today!
  2. GM certified front camera

    I just ordered the front camera kit today with that 5% discount, excited to get this on as it will help a lot with parking in tight spots in the city for sure!
  3. Yeah I was having them check a couple other items so figured I would check the speaker vibration, they said it was from having the bass up too much. Oh well, will try it how they set it for a bit.
  4. 2017 Silverado Speaker Rattle

    I just started a thread and didn't see this one on the speaker rattle. The dealership told me it's because I had the bass button all the way up. That's how I've always had it on almost every truck/vehicle I've owned and they never did this unless blown out or something in the door panel was loose. I will ask them to try checking the door panel.
  5. I've read on here where people have had vibrating or buzzing with the front left Bose speakers and it ended up being the door parts were rattling. Well mine is at dealer getting a few things looked at and the service person said it was doing that because I had the bass all the way up, however I've always kept the bass up full and never had issues with other trucks/vehicles. Does that sound about right or you think they are trying to avoid taking the door panel off?
  6. Cab lights done

    Man yall are tempting me to add some to my truck now lol! Question though, can you still add them if you have the factory sunroof?
  7. Best Exhaust

    I've got the flowmaster super 40, it was pretty dang quiet even with the rear resonators removed, so I deleted the flapper valve and it has a pretty good rumble now. Still wouldn't mind it being a bit louder so maybe this muffler would work for ya.
  8. Has anyone vinyl wrapped, painted or plasti dipped the front chrome lip on their 2014-18 silverados? I searched on here, but couldn't find anything. I'm looking at painting or wrapping just that little front lip to match the rest of the colored front end of my LTZ truck. Would love to see photos preferably in black if you've done this!
  9. Amp Research Steps

    Love your dog in the photo! Looks like he/she is in their happy place!
  10. I paid $1399, had em installed about two weeks ago. I think that's about the going price for them online, at least for the plug n play set.
  11. Loving the amp steps if anyone is thinking of getting these, nice clean look! Install is free at 4wheel parts right now as well.
  12. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    It's 6 inch pro comp, although not sure why the stock ranchos would be on here, not as bad as when I put the RCX on my old gmc sierra, but I still think there must be a additional spacer or something cause yes it does look a bit steep.
  13. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    The sun is finally out today, so I was looking around under my truck. Does this look like the rancho leveling shocks? I've only ran the Bilstein 5100s and regular leveling kits in the past but this kinda looks like it. Well maybe they are the regular rancho stocks, kinda looked like the leveling ones from a certain angle, but I looked again think they are just the stocks.

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