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  1. Mine have been squeaking lately, 2017 silverado, only 22,500 miles.
  2. Sorry for the delayed response, haven't been on here much. I'm running 20x10 -12s with 35x12.50 Toyo Mt and 6 inch lift. I do get a slight scrub in the front when hard turning to the right, but other than that its perfect!
  3. I'm sure this dude has sold his truck by now and went and bought a beemer, sounds like that's what he belongs in!
  4. Had the front camera installed for a week now, really haven't used it much parking, tried it a few times, kinda hard to just the distance with the camera as I thought I was really close to a car looking at the camera then I got out and still had a decent amount of space. Will have to do some testing with an orange cone to figure out exactly the spot. Otherwise though it looks clear and it's kinda cool to turn on as I'm getting close to a small parking area in case I need it.
  5. Sorry for the delay, had the camera sitting in the box, just got it installed at dealer while it is in there for warranty work, will let ya know how it is when I pick it up later!
  6. My truck is currently at the dealership getting rear leaf springs replaced as mine have been squeaking like an old horse and buggy it's embarrassing! Now mine has the add a leaf with the lift kit, and the dealer said apparently they were misaligned or something. Hope the squeak goes away!
  7. I just ordered the front camera kit today with that 5% discount, excited to get this on as it will help a lot with parking in tight spots in the city for sure!
  8. Yeah I was having them check a couple other items so figured I would check the speaker vibration, they said it was from having the bass up too much. Oh well, will try it how they set it for a bit.
  9. I just started a thread and didn't see this one on the speaker rattle. The dealership told me it's because I had the bass button all the way up. That's how I've always had it on almost every truck/vehicle I've owned and they never did this unless blown out or something in the door panel was loose. I will ask them to try checking the door panel.
  10. I've read on here where people have had vibrating or buzzing with the front left Bose speakers and it ended up being the door parts were rattling. Well mine is at dealer getting a few things looked at and the service person said it was doing that because I had the bass all the way up, however I've always kept the bass up full and never had issues with other trucks/vehicles. Does that sound about right or you think they are trying to avoid taking the door panel off?
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