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  1. 2.5 HMI Video in Motion!

    Ok, I want the custom programming. Please email me with the details to obtain it. Looking forward to hearing from you!
  2. 2.5 HMI Video in Motion!

    I sent a PM and am looking forward to a plug & play kit. Will it also work on my wife's 2017 Tahoe?
  3. Here’s mine with medium gray. Could not do the back doors. Seams were EXTREMELY tight; was afraid I would damage the material.
  4. Update: The torque converter was bad from all the metal shavings found during the flush. They dropped the transmission and found metal shavings, too. Unfortunately the transmission had to be replaced but again, fortunately for me, my extended warranty took care of the bill. I've had it back for a few days now and so far it's smooth as silk. No more hard shift changes from first to second and from second down to first. And no more shuddering between 15-45 mph. And, I've got a new transmission with a 3 year, 100,000 mile warranty. My GM dealer was absolutely fantastic during the entire ordeal.
  5. So how did you do this, please? I like it. I like it a lot.
  6. Took my 2017 in for scheduled maintenance (oil, filter, etc) and asked them to perform the shudder test. Sure enough, my truck “qualified” for the new flush. However, now as it turns out, the torque converter is bad, too, at 64,000 miles. Of course the drive train warranty is up at 60,000. Good thing I bought the extended warranty which covers me right up to 115,000 miles. Been at the shop for 4 days now. They provided me with a loaner. A Chevy Equinox. I sure do miss my Sierra SLT!
  7. This IS gonna happen!
  8. Update #2: After the dealer cleared the codes and finding nothing, I drove the truck to a local tire dealer to rotate the tires and fix a tire with a nail in it. Soon as I pulled out of the driveway of the tire shop, on comes the check engine light. I stopped and bought a can of MAF cleaner & decided to install a new air filter. Drove it on another short trip and the check engine light stayed on. Drove it to church the next morning and the check engine light went off. Drove it on another short trip Sunday afternoon and the check engine light came back on. Got in it on Monday morning to go to work and the check engine light went off and has been off all week. I'm hoping it takes a while for the MAF to calibrate/reset or whatever after cleaning the MAF and/or changing the air filter. I'm just glad it's finally off but I'm not confident that it will stay off. Oh, and checking the gas mileage the old fashion way and not accepting what the truck gauge said, I got 21.9 MPG on my last tank full.
  9. Update. I checked & blew out (cleaned) air filter. Disconnected and cleaned the maf. Check engine light still on. Called my local dealer and they checked it out per the codes and found nothing. Everything was functioning as it was supposed to be. They cleared the codes and after $57, sent me on my way. I will say I drove almost a tank full of gas with the check engine light on and my mpg went from around 22-23 up to 25-26. Of course that was per my truck gauge but I’m going to check it the old fashioned way on my next tank full to verify.
  10. Service engine light came on my 2017 GMC Sierra SLT 5.2. OnStar diagnostics sent me the codes P0112 & P0114 and said to service truck within 7 days. Googled the codes a bit and came up with anything from a dirty air filter to a bad air temperature sensor. Did find a bird in my radiator grill when I did a tad bit of investigating. Removed the poor bird and thought that might take care of the situation. But the service engine light is still on. I've got over 60,000 miles on the truck but I do have an extended warranty up to about 120,000 miles. I'll change the air filter out myself but was hoping some of you have already had the unfortunate experience (sorry) and can tell me whether to fool with having to take it to the shop for a couple of days (inconvenience) to get the air temperature sensor replaced or if I should just drop by Advance Auto and pick one up for $15.00, install, and be done with it. I called myself searching this site for this problem already (P0112 & P0114 codes) but nothing came up. Thanks in advance! Cujo
  11. I bought the Sylvania 921 White Zevo LED bulbs from Advance Auto Parts (2017 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT 4X4). Changing them out was much easier than I thought it would be - all of about 10 minutes for both sides. That included getting the tool (only need a torx 15) and putting it up. I wasn't so sure if it was going to be worth $20 or not. The difference is unbelievable and well worth it. My only problem now is that I wasn't going to change out the cargo and center brake light BUT, I have to with the difference in brightness. The license plate bulbs and the cargo lights now look dingy yellow. So, in the very near future, I will be changing all of the bulbs on the rear of my truck to LED's. It's a no brainer. Sorry I didn't post pictures but I haven't gotten that far along with posting.

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