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  1. I'm Using xenon depots extreme 35w HID with 5000k bulbs, no problems. The reason I went with it is there is no need for a relayed harness even though its included you just need to add the PWM option to your kit. I'm also using there LED pro in my high beams for instant on. https://www.xenondepot.com/H11-HID-Kit-Xtreme-HID-XT-H11?quantity=1
  2. 4.5 inch zone with 2 inch bora spacers in rear. 18x9 305/65/18
  3. I have a zone 4.5 with 33s. Me and my brother installed it over a weekend. Have no issues so far rides nearly the same as stock maybe a tad stiffer. I have bora 2 inch spacers in rear looks identical to front looking down front of truck. Wheels are 18x9 -12 offset
  4. Up for sale a Xenon Depot Extreme HID system with PWM modules, as well as a Xenon Depot Extreme Pro LED system. HID bulbs are 5500k H11 (lowbeam). LED is set up for 6000k 9005 (highbeam). Ran these in my 2015 and worked flawlessly. The PWM eliminates any need for an extra heavy duty wiring harness with the HIDs. Both of these together cost aprox $310.00. Would like $150.00
  5. Stabilitrak light went away after alignment problem solved.
  6. My stabilitrak light is on after installing a zone 4.5 inch lift. It is scheduled for an alignment tomorrow and the truck is pulling pretty good toward the right and the steering wheel is pointed to the left, as I was expecting it to be off anyways from doing alot of work with the suspension and so on. Anyhow has anyone had there stabilitrak light come on and what was the reason for it? Is this something that will go away after the alignment? Also could it be something as simple as a dirty abs speed sensor that I can clean off myself? Thanks for any help.
  7. I have them on my 15 double cab they fit good and no issues so far at 3 months. Bought them off amazon as well as a small adhesion promoter pad.
  8. Set of 17 inch oem wheels and tires off 2015 silverado 1500. Wheels are in perfect condition. Tires are 265/70/17 and all have near 1/4 inch tread left. TPMS sensors and lug nuts go with wheels. Located in Kansas City Metro, local pick up asking 500.00
  9. That isn't a “ lift kit” its just a bunch of parts, hell it may even just be for a 2wd. Wouldn't take a chance to tear your truck apart only to find nothing fits.
  10. That's a slick looking truck man, those wheels are really unique and it all goes well with that lift.
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