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  1. That isn't a “ lift kit” its just a bunch of parts, hell it may even just be for a 2wd. Wouldn't take a chance to tear your truck apart only to find nothing fits.
  2. That's a slick looking truck man, those wheels are really unique and it all goes well with that lift.
  3. Iirc you”ll want to use 1.75” spacer at least without having to cut your factory wheel studs. Quite a few people go with 2” just because you cant tell from naked eye and eliminates any cutting of factory stud. Bds is top of the line im sure you'll like it
  4. Damn that is bad they didn't give you longer bolts if i where you i would replace them with longer ones!
  5. This is the 4 inch lift I have https://fabtechmotorsports.com/product-category/chevy-gmc/4wd/k1500/2014-18-k1500/forged-steel-uca-w-factory-standard-shocks/4-inch-systems-forged-steel-uca-w-factory-standard-shocks/basic-systems-4-inch-systems-forged-steel-uca-w-factory-standard-shocks/
  6. Go on amazon they have all kinds of those, I bet you could get a dozen or so.
  7. Thats pretty sweet man, did you just make a template and cut with router and jigsaw?
  8. Anyone here have something similar to this with the adjustable support bars? Looking to keep stuff under my tonneau cover against cab for camping ect.
  9. That looks nice! What are your measurements from ground to top of wheel wells?
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