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  1. Where is the part number? This sounds like the way to go.
  2. How did the fury tires work out so far? I am about to order the fury r/t on the arkon Lincoln’s.
  3. Did it workout with the speed turtle? I’m interested in purchasing one.
  4. I’m from Texas never wear a cowboy hat. Wear a ball cap all the time, no problem with riding in my truck.
  5. Thanks for the feedback I think I’m leaning towards the m/t now.
  6. Anyone have any good luck with the Toto r/t? I hear mixed reviews. Once I burn down my stock tires I want something with an aggressive side wall and I’m just wondering if I should just suck it up and get the Toto m/t.
  7. I have a gap on the top of mine and was wondering if I can take a heat gun to it and try to close it up a little. Any thoughts? Of course I would remove it first and go by trial and error. Is it even worth it?
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