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  1. It wasn’t bad. Just time consuming. If you want to change up the lights it would be really easy the way the set up is. You would have no problem. Once the project was done I went to test it out and the opposite side would deploy. This was frustrating but I switched the signal wires around and everything worked out fine after. The wires I am referring to are the ones that go to your obd2 port. They are a purple wire and a purple with black stripe. I matched them how the instructions said but I guess that was a mistake on their harness. Not a big deal to switch. If you get them and have any questions on the install I can help. It’s all fresh in my mind since I just them.
  2. They are supposed to be white but they look blue to me as well. They are also pretty dim.
  3. I hear you. I took a while to decide. I originally was thinking about the RBP power steps because of the dual motors in them and then these new amp Xtreme steps came out. Supposedly these are the answer to the previous failures in that they have dual motors to power through being frozen but time will tell I’ll keep you posted.
  4. Just installed the new amp xtreme steps. I’m happy with them.
  5. Where is the part number? This sounds like the way to go.
  6. How did the fury tires work out so far? I am about to order the fury r/t on the arkon Lincoln’s.
  7. Did it workout with the speed turtle? I’m interested in purchasing one.
  8. I’m from Texas never wear a cowboy hat. Wear a ball cap all the time, no problem with riding in my truck.
  9. Thanks for the feedback I think I’m leaning towards the m/t now.
  10. Anyone have any good luck with the Toto r/t? I hear mixed reviews. Once I burn down my stock tires I want something with an aggressive side wall and I’m just wondering if I should just suck it up and get the Toto m/t.
  11. I have a gap on the top of mine and was wondering if I can take a heat gun to it and try to close it up a little. Any thoughts? Of course I would remove it first and go by trial and error. Is it even worth it?
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