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  1. I'm looking at doing the same with mine. Just got a pair of CST coilovers I'm having installed. Everything I'm hearing is anything larger then 33" x 11.5" will require some trimming on Sierra 1500.
  2. CST guys said it wouldn't be an issue as long as I add the UCA's if I go to 3" in the front. I'll see what it looks like with just the coil-overs around 2" and decide from there. Still trying to decide on wheels and tires.
  3. Looks to me like the factory AT4/Trail Boss has the rear lifted also. Anyone know what the actual suspension differences?
  4. Hello, new to the forum. Recently purchased a 2019 Sierra 1500 SLT and I'm enjoying seeing everyone's trucks on here. Trying to figure out what to do with mine. I would like to go a little higher than just leveling but still fit in parking garages. I have the front 2.5 coil-overs arriving this week to level it. My understanding is that I could raise the front up to 3" with these coil-overs and add new UCAs and new rear blocks to get a 3" lift. Anyone running a CST setup like this on a Sierra? if so, would like to know wheel and tire setups.
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