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  1. Does anyone have a side pic with either of the above size tire? Trying to see what they look like in the fender well before I decide on one of the two sizes. Sounds like the larger 285/65 tire rubs a bit in reverse at full lock and feel like it may be too big. Thank you!
  2. Would one of you guys with 285/65/20’s mind posting a picture from the side? Just trying to see what this size looks like in the fender well. Thanks! Jon
  3. I was looking at this light in particular: http://pro-lights.com/products/single-row/pro-sr35 It has the 5W LEDs like yours (150W total). Got a price of $299 with shipping included.
  4. Got any night pics with just the single bar you installed compared to lows and then the double bar you installed compared to lows? Wondering if I should go with the single row LED or the double row LED bar. I have the Z71 grille too and it seems like it would block a decent amount of the light if I got the double row like you did. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I'm getting one. Any pics with lows only, led bar only, etc.?
  6. How much light does the light bar throw out being behind the Z71 grille like that? I want to do the same thing, but wasn't sure how much that would affect the light output. I also have the '14 Z71 like yours and noticed the cross-members of the grille are a bit thicker (wasn't sure how well you could aim the beam through them). Got any pics of it at night? Also, the mounts you made look great, did you machine those or pick them up somewhere? Thanks - Jon
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