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  1. Not directly answering your question but I put the metric equivalent of a 35/11.50r20 they are 295/65R20 on without lift or level and don’t rub one bit
  2. They don’t work. From the digging I did a few months ago it is possible to add but will require a new dash harness, gauge cluster, stereo head unit, clock spring and the steering wheel. After you’ve swapped everything over the dealer will need to reprogram the bcm.
  3. For the comparison here’s the stock exhaust on a 6.0 63968706218__8D481BE4-A3D1-4E2D-96EC-C58011F11B4E.MOV
  4. Yes, the Borla exhaust from GM parts. There are times I wish it was not so loud but all in all I’m happy with it.
  5. I get worse fuel economy because I like to hear the exhaust 63968621542__9C102A4A-1B71-4699-A815-438D252B7A82.MOV
  6. I bought the GM Borla system because it doesn’t void any warranty, It bolted on and used the factory hangers, there was no welding needed and came with its own million mile warranty. I’ve done the exhaust shop thing more times than I’d like to admit and it seems like it never lasts more than a couple years if you’re lucky.
  7. No I don’t have an sd reader. My truck is a Custom so it doesn’t support one. As of right now the usb chargers and console interior light are dead. I’m waiting for a harness to become available to retrofit my model truck with the center console wiring.
  8. I bought the Borla exhaust through GM accessories in January. It shipped next day and had it 3 days after purchase.
  9. Any of the next gen center consoles will work 1500-3500 trucks GMC or Chevy. Only difference is the options that come in the console.
  10. The steering wheel was new. Center console I have no idea. It was an eBay purchase
  11. Borla Exhaust upgrade. Wish I could upload video because it sounds great?
  12. Swapped the jump seat for a full console. Waiting for the matching trim pieces to show up still
  13. Swapped the original Customs rubber coated foam steering wheel for leather.
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